steves leds

  1. Jaredandres

    Steve’s LED HurricaneX controller

    Just upgraded my biocube 32 from a stock light to Steve’s LED with iridescent booster with hurricane x controller. Having a hard time figuring out how to set up the lighting schedule on the controller. Can anybody help? Also if anybody could drop their lighting schedule when they installed their...
  2. Arricefe

    Texas Steve’s LED’s with BioCube Lid. BioCube LEDS

    Mounted on BioCube lid with Hurricane X controller. $190 shipped to lower 48. I have the exact same ones in my 32 BioCube they work great, i have mostly Zoa but I have a Dunkin and 2 Acans and they are both doing great. If you have any questions HMU.
  3. Ruttigerhawk

    Steves LEDs Biocube32 light upgrade

    I just received the Steve LEDs upgrade for my Biocube32. I've emailed the company but haven't heard back yet. The instructions weren't very clear when it came to the wiring and I'm hoping someone may have some insight. There is a wire to plug into Channels 1 and 2, however no wire for Channels 3...
  4. Bpoff123

    Steves led with hurricane X

    I have just installed steves led with the hurricane X controller. Lights come on manually, but when I go through the setting and set it up how I like it will not work. I go through and adjust the settings and at the end where is says exit, when I hit exit it just turns the lights to night mode...
  5. hds4216

    Upgrading Biocube to Steve's LEDs, should I get the violet iridescence boosters?

    Upgrading my biocube to Steve's. Thinking about getting the purple iridesence boosters. Steve says this about them: I'm a bit hesitant because I don't like the purple look, it's extra money, they're hotter, and it's more maintenance. But I do like the black light effect, and better growth...
  6. Reefin87

    My Tank, your thoughts

    Hi, I’ve been in and out of the hobby for years. Recently jumped back in a little over a year ago but keeping it small with a biocube 32. We have had all types of fish and inverts in the past ranging from: blue ring octopus, mimic octopus, cuddle fish, Nautaliss, puffers, Hawaiian eel...
  7. Reefin87

    Steve’s leds will not dim

    I just finished installing Steve’s leds with the upgraded irredecent light and the bluefish mini gen 2 controller on my coralife biocube 32. I don’t know what’s wrong with it but I cannot did the lights... is this normal? I mean I can see a slight difference but not much. I’ve tried setting my...
  8. Xyloxo

    Hello New to reefing, but not to salt! Biocube 32 intro...

    Greetings everyone! Long time lurker to the forums though I’ve just recently just begun to give any input/make posts as all of my questions have been answered by you guys/gals in previous posts. Anyway, a little about myself. I’m new to the reef keeping, but not to being a saltwater marine...