1. W

    Need help with scape

    Need help with scape I like the left side but I think the ride side needs some help
  2. Carebearsss.x

    Fairy new to Saltwater, setting up 75gallon

    Hello everyone!!! How’s your quarantine going??? My names Caroline & my boyfriend and I are setting up a 75Gallon tank. We were wondering if there are any kind of Tang that we could put in the 75? I know that most of them require 100+Gallons .. but I really want one!! Also any other...
  3. T

    210 Gallon Stocking Suggestions??

    Hello, I have been doing a lot of research and planning for a future 210 gallon tank. I just wanted to receive some stocking suggestions. Currently on my list: x2 Ocellaris Clowns x1 Scopas Tang x1 Yellow Tang x1 Tomini Tang x1 Blue Hippo Tang x1 Blue Throat Trigger x 1 Aptasia Eating File...
  4. D

    Small fish suggestion for 210 gallon tank

    Hey this is my first post here, i have a 210 gallon fish only tank with an emperor angel, a regal angel, a Naso tang, banner fish, a damsel i got from a friend, and an anthias. I am thinking of getting one more tang, but im not sure how much fish would be overstocking the tank. I also want some...
  5. AquaHobby31

    In Detroit on business...searching for LFS

    hi guys what is the best lfs in the Detroit metro area that is worth visiting and actually buying something? Who has the best prices? Anyone have good rock Flower Anemone?
  6. Peach02

    Suggestions on a 33g active swimmer

    basically I’m looking to add a active swimmer to my 33g tank 120L I’ve thought of a coral beauty but there is various tank sizes that people say they need some smaller some bigger than my tank?
  7. KMench

    Nipping or too much flow?

    I've had a 2" Maxima I purchased off divers den for about ten days now. I had initially placed it on the rockwork and it opened up. A few hours after I noticed it was not open as much. Ever since then it hasn't fully extended its mantle. I do have a yellow longnose butterfly, but have not seen...
  8. Johnson

    The Right Way To Return???

    I am in the middle of figuring out plumbing returns and over flows and I can't figure out how to set up my returns for a sleek look. I'm building a custom 450 gal. I am running a hammerhead/ barracuda reeflo from my basement. I know the outlet is inch and a half. I was debating on using loc line...
  9. Johnson

    Custom corner drop off tank diy

    Hello everyone Ive been in the hobby for about 2 years now and have been contemplating a custom tank build. I have 2 150 gallon tanks now one a 150 tall and a 150 half moon. I have some larger tangs that are starting to out grow the 150 half moon . So I was thinking about doing a 450 gallon L...
  10. DragonNamedPuff

    Sugegestions please :)

    I'm brand new to the hobby, I have a 55 gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump that I bought from a friend. Running an AquaIllumination Hydra LED and a VorTech MP10w. So I would like a bunch of suggestions for what to stock my tank with!? Inverts, fish, and coral? You could say I have a blank...