sunkist bounce

  1. jtonephilthy

    Top shelf aquatics order came in today

    Some ofmy new chalice corals Jason fox bounce shroom Tsa bounce shroom Sunkist bounce Jf burnin banana Tsa raspberry rainbow chalice Tsa mardi grass bounce Jf gold Meister chalice Tsa chemical warfare favites Tsa smoothie king chalice Tsa raspberry rainbow chalice x2 Cc cloudberry...
  2. Evan28395950

    Wisconsin Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

    Around 1.5” $95 Local pick only near Johnson creek, WI
  3. michaelmessinaglass

    Injured sunkist bounce mushroom color morph

    Has anyone out there ever seen a mushroom morph their colors after being injured?? I have a sunkist mushroom that had about 10 orange bounces when I got it. It did great for weeks and then mysteriously starting suffering and shrinking to almost nothing. I wasn’t sure if it was my parameters or...
  4. __Jreef__

    Florida FS- 4 Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

    Hello guys, I have 4 Sunkist Mushrooms available for adoption, natural split and they're mounted on a 2x2" plate for size reference. They're nice size and I always get compliments about them. 1 is a little bigger then the other 3 but overall around 1.5" The big one is $150 the others are $125 -...
  5. Chipper1978

    Sunkist Bounce Splitting?

    I am not very experienced with mushrooms. This Sunkist Bounce was given to me a couple months ago. It has grown a decent amount, but last week it appeared to have a tear in the middle. The tear is getting larger and I’m just wondering if it is splitting (not sure if they even do that) or if it...
  6. Evan28395950

    Wisconsin Sunkist Bounce

    1” $90 Pickup only, Johnson Creek, WI area
  7. Coralick

    Florida Wwc Sunkist bounce mushroom 120$

    Bubbly and bouncy wwc sunkist bounce mushroom 120$ local pickup at Hallandale FL 33009, thanks for looking
  8. rastafan

    California Zoa mini colonies pack and Shrooms

    Hi there, clearing up some space. Standard DOA applies, i can ship this week via Fedex Overnight. All items are WYSIWYG. Feel free to message me for questions Zoa pack $300 shipped! Shrooms Pack $500 shipped
  9. diverdown

    Michigan LOWER PRICES Frankenstein, Ghost, OG, Sunkist Bounce, Magic Carpet / Fire, Gumdrop Mushroom, Bozo's Birthday other Zoas, Rainbow Dynamite Chalice

    Lower Prices from original posting - listed in pictures. Trying to adjust for the current market with all the disruptions going on. Mushrooms include OG Bounce, Frankenstein Bounce, Ghost Bounce, Sunkist Bounce, Magic Carpet/Fire, and Gumdrop. Zoa colonies include Bozo's Birthday, Pikachus...
  10. Tucker64

    Ohio WTB bounce mushrooms

    Looking to get back into the hobby after my tank crashed a year ago. I’m looking for the following: - OG bounce - Neptune Bounce - Raunchy Red - Sunkissed Bounce - Frank Bounce Will also consider good deals on any other bounces including no names. PM me Thank you!!
  11. ygon

    Florida Reefkoi Huge Bubbles

    Check out the bubbles on this beauty. Asking $225 shipped. Mother for reference:
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