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Bounce Mushrooms, GMK, Exosphere, Long Polyp Leathers & More. Will Ship!

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$15 - $300
YES shipping is available


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Sep 21, 2019
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Selling Terms Of Service
  1. YES I have read the terms and agree to them

Minimum order to ship (before shipping) is $100. Will include a free frags of my choice and maybe even some live brine ship if you're interested.

Shipping is $50 via UPS overnight by 12 pm local time where available. I am an experienced shipper.

Standard DOA policy. A competent person must be present to receive the coral upon first delivery attempt. I am not responsible for delays. In the event of DOA, pics of the dead coral in container within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. If the coral is dead, I cannot refund shipping nor do I have unlimited supplies, but I aim to please so we will work something out.
  1. Flaming Fireballs (10p) - $30
  2. Exosphere (3p) - $165
  3. GMK (1p) - $60
  4. Bam Bam (6p) - $15
  5. GMK (1p) - $60
  6. Awesome Blossom (8p) - $50
  7. Utter Chaos (maybe?) (4p) - SOLD
  8. GMK (1p) - SOLD
  9. Fruit Loops (3p) - $15
*I did my best to count all of the polyps. There may be more or less.

10. Awesome Blossom (11p) - $65
11. Scrambled Eggs (15+p) - SOLD
12. Pink Zipper (7p) - $30
13. Purple Hearts (4p) - $20
14. Psychosis (2p) - $50 (second polyp on backside)
15. Psychosis (2p) - $50 (second polyp on backside)

*I did my best to count all of the polyps. There may be more or less.

16. Sunkist Bounce (5p) - SOLD
17. Sunkist Bounce (2p) - SOLD
18. Sunkist Bounce (1p) - $100
19. Sunkist Bounce (3p) - $235
20. Sunkist Bounce (2p) - SOLD (large and bubbly)
*Price is based on the size and qty of polyps. I did my best to count all of the polyps. There may be more or less.


21 - 26. Long Polyp Neon Green Toadstool Leather. 6 frags available. ALL SOLD

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