1. BighohoReef

    HLLE on my Tang?

    Reading, comparing, treating... I went to FishMD and am self-diagnosing my Kole which I think has HLLE (Head and Lateral Line Erosion disease) He has patches on the underside near the left side flipper. I started treating him with beta glucan I can't keep him still long enough to take a...
  2. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Yellow Tang Hiding

    I put this in the newbie section since it's probably a stupid newbie question. I just finished my QT period. Matched salinity and temperature of the QT to my DT, and added my yellow tang directly in. He looked a bit distressed upon entry to the DT and has no gone into hiding in the rocks. Is...
  3. T

    Shy Tomini Tang

    I've recently gotten a shy new tomini tang from diver's den. I have a 29 gallon quarantine tank but there had been an incident with my pair of captive bred mandarins. I had gotten a pair about a week or so before but my male was missing his right pectoral fin and was very small and thin ( I...
  4. shawnriv

    Thin Yellow Tang (Video)

    Hello All - About a year ago I had to move out of my home and put my 90G in storage. In the meantime, I set up a holding tank for my yellow tang and corals. The yellow tang has never really been on the fat, heavy side but always ate anything I put in the tank. The tang is not large and has been...
  5. Rijodan

    Whats wrong with this Yellow tang?

    Hey just trying to help my younger brother out today, hes recently joined the hobby when another brother quit and gave up his tank. Hes learning quickly but also super excited and his dad took him to petco today and bought the roughest yellow tang I have ever seen that wasnt already dead...
  6. Purple Tang

    Purple Tang

  7. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Is this Ich, Flukes or something else?

    I've been recently posting about my yellow tang in QT who has been stressed out for the last week or so. I just did a 10% water change (temp and salinity match). Following the guidance of some helpful members on this forum, his stress has gone down. I've kept all lights off, added more Nori to...
  8. HomeSlizzice

    H2O2 vs Ich, via nightly dosing in display experiment.

    H2O2 vs Ich, via nightly dosing in display experiment. I recently bought some fish and snails from Harry’s Marine Life in LA. My fish went into my H2O2/TTM hybrid QT set up. The snails I basically dumped right in my display. I know I shouldn’t have done, but I was rushing. I usually do some...
  9. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Spontaneous Stress in QT

    I'm in the final stages of my QT for my Yellow Tang and Lyretail Anthias. They have been readily eating medicated food (GC+Focus+Mysis and Brine Shrimp Mix+Garlic) with ample appetites. I keep a pvc pipe with nori attached to it since my Tang isn't particularly good at finding nori on a veggie...
  10. keefzreefz

    Stocking list for 75 gallons

    I am looking to see everyone stocking list. I currently have 2 mocha clowns that have been in the tank for 3 weeks and the system now seem stable with no algae blooms for 2 months now. I think it is time to start slowly stocking other fish. Has anyone experienced having multiple wrasses in the...
  11. A

    Tang nutrition??

    Well I’ve had my sailfin tang for about 6 months now. And he seems happy swimming about pecking the rock eatin’ good and all that.( eats formula two and some formula one pellets as well as he eats the brine shrimp I dump in the tank) I feed pellets twice a day and a cube of shrimp every other...
  12. Carebearsss.x

    Fairy new to Saltwater, setting up 75gallon

    Hello everyone!!! How’s your quarantine going??? My names Caroline & my boyfriend and I are setting up a 75Gallon tank. We were wondering if there are any kind of Tang that we could put in the 75? I know that most of them require 100+Gallons .. but I really want one!! Also any other...
  13. D

    Is there anything tangs wont eat?

    Our bellus angel just pooped and the two tangs followed her gobbling it up. I've seen them eat GHA, cyano, diatoms, any meat or veggies, and now, angel poop. What wont they eat?
  14. Spydersweb

    Help! Single black spot on fish’s cheek

    Hello, I’m wondering if someone could help me. So I’m doing the tank transfer method for my fish because I’m 99% sure that it got into my saltwater tank. I know it wasn’t velvet, and I know it wasn’t Brook, And they were white spots. I did a freshwater dip and didn’t see anything. This is the...
  15. Pluteaz

    Diagnosis Please, What's This Patch on my Tang?

    I've had this guy in quarantine for about a week and noticed this developing a couple days ago. Any clue as to what it is and how to treat? He is eating fine, but every now and then he kinda flex curls to that side, so I think it's agitating him more.
  16. Drew Halliday

    Tangs, Prionurus Genus

    I love tangs and I would love to have one of every genus eventually. I am wondering what experience people have with the Prionurus genus. I am specifically interested in P. Biafraensis and P. Chrysirus because they are tropical species and smaller. Pictures welcomed!
  17. Spydersweb

    Weird tang behavior

    So I got a Kole tang about a week ago. Plump, eating well, zipping around the qt and seems very healthy. He does this weird thing though. Once in awhile, he’ll do this little scoot backwards once or twice, then go back to zipping around. It seems like he only does this when he knows I’m looking...
  18. Cmarez93

    Help identifying disease

    Hello, I have had this Gold Rim & Trigger in my tank for a little over a month now. The tang appeared to show ice spots but that seems to have gone away, but now is showing this symptom as well as my trigger. Both are eating, and not scratching on anything in the tank. I was thinking maybe some...
  19. BeaverLakeAndy

    Powder Brown Tang Will Not Eat - Need Suggestions

    I've had a 4-5 inch Powder Brown Tang in my 125 for almost a week now, it's the only tang, and largest fish in the tank. It appears happy and healthy, but it literally will not eat. I've tried frozen LRS Fish Frenzy, three different freeze dried foods, two different pellet foods, and nori...
  20. GamerDadof4

    Does my tang have Ich?

    I am not sure if I am being paranoid or not so I figured I would ask the experts. Tang is not showing any labored breathing, normal eating, no scratching. Seems to be about 5 small bumps under his skin on his side, small but noticeable because I look at him everyday. And like 4 white dots on...
  21. Wen

    White tail gram positive infection?

    Good morning fish disease experts, Here’s whats happening: Divers den fish bought 4 yrs ago Been through ttm, CP, prazipro. Occasionally (3x year for few days to 1 wk), I will see a spot on its pectoral fin or dorsal fin. Never on the body but close to. I’ve chalked it up to Lympho because no...
  22. D

    Why is our Tang hanging out so close to our Firefish?

    Blurry photo attached. I really need to get a phone with a better camera. Our yellow Tang has been hanging out in the corner of the tank with both of our firefish for a few minutes. Is he harassing them? Are they all hiding from the current? Is the Tang confused and thinking he is a firefish?
  23. E

    Help identifying tang

    Hi, we recently did a deal where we bought all of the residents of a tank which was being broken down for sale. Mostly coral but a few fish as well. 1 Green Mandarin Goby 2 clowns 1 “dwarf” tang I don’t think something called a dwarf tang really exists and am confident they didn’t know what...
  24. J.selfmade

    Eye-stripe Tang sick

    Is anyone familiar with this disease (watch video)? I fed a lot less over the last two weeks n now this.