1. Davar93

    Hippo Tang in QT

    Hey everyone! I got a hippo tang in qt in copper. Wondering anyone advise against that? I heard of some of these guys getting HLLE from it? It’s eating well and lot of Nori, also swimming around too. Also I plan to do freshwater and Methylene blue dips.
  2. L

    Water Box 105.04 Stocking Ideas

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had stocking ideas for the Waterbox FRAG 105.04? The tank is 47.2"×23.6"×16.1". As of right now all that I am certain on is the basic pair of Ocellaris Clowns. I'm quite interested in the idea of getting a tang as well -- obviously w/ a 4ft tank my options are...
  3. CakeOrCrayons

    Blue Hippo Tang Flukes or?

    I have a couple blue hippo tangs and cleaner wrasse currently in QT with 60mg/gal CP. I know these fish are known not to tolerate CP well, but I have had success when titrating the dose and ensuring they are eating before beginning treatment. The larger blue hippo tang showed signs of ich, but...
  4. G

    2 Dead Fish + 0 nitrates/ .46ppm nitrates

    75gal display with 40 breeder DIY sump. Tank has been running since January, first fish (clowns) added in February Stocking: 2 very small clowns 1 3" bicolor blenny 1 half dollar size Blue Tang 1 cleaner shrimp 60 assorted snails (tiny) 5 hermit crabs 1 DEAD 3" Golden Head Goby 1 DEAD 3" Fire...
  5. R

    Bristle Tooth tang acting weird

    I woke up today and my bristle tooth tang has mostly just been hanging out on the bottom. This is really unusual and I’m worried he might be sick. What do y’all think?
  6. R

    Bristle Tooth Tang acting weird

    I woke up today and my bristle tooth tang has mostly just been hanging out on the bottom. This is really unusual and I’m worried he might be sick. What do y’all think?
  7. Edub

    EMERGENCY Yellow tang appears to have black ich

    So the yellow tang I got 4 days ago appears to have black ich, they are very small. I will get a picture later, however I heard this can be treated with prazipro and applied some one the 2nd and 3rd day and I still se them, there’s not a ton but there’s quite a few. Please share your thoughts...
  8. Edub

    New yellow tang

    So I got the small yellow tang and he his doing great. Eating and acting normal, I will observe him until Sunday which he then will enter the DT. I recorded i video to see if you guys notice anything, thanks (in the video he’s only in that small tank for the video)
  9. Edub

    EMERGENCY Tiny Yellow Tang

    So there is Tiny yellow tang that I want to get and I mean 1/2-3/4 inches. I really want him but don’t know how hardy he is and wanna make sure he’s healthy. Please send thoughts if he would be okay!
  10. HD_Reefer

    HELP - 2 Spot Bristletooth Tang Stopped Eatin

    So the tang went through quarantine perfectly, was added to the DT about 2 weeks ago and has been doing perfectly until 2 days ago. Out of nowhere, she just stopped eating. Before, she was constantly grazing and feed normally during feeding twice a day. There's no spots, markings or any signs...
  11. F

    Mimic Tang care. What is the actual minimum sized tank?

    Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with these tangs (Mimic/Chocolate tang). I've gotten multiple different answers on whether I can keep one in my 90g reef. Some say a minimum size of 125g, others 90 and there were even a few 75g. I already feed nori strips to my one spot...
  12. S

    Scopas Tang Dark Spot

    I recently purchased a Scopas Tang from my LFS and it has been developing a dark spot just above his head at the base of his dorsal fin (see pictures). Has anyone experienced something similar to this? If so, what could be the cause? Thanks!
  13. D

    EMERGENCY Hippo tang disease?

    Hi I recently bought this hippo tang.I’ve had it now for about a week now and since I’ve had it it has got some sort of disease I think and also hides at the back of the tank howveer I can’t diagnose it because I can’t find anything similar,I’ve attached some photos.If anyone has any ideas it...
  14. musaabi

    Bristol tooth tang sick?

    So my white bristle tooth tang had white spots on its body that looked rather large to look like ich. I figured it might be due to abrasions since he loves to swim into all the crevices or maybe a sting from my rbta as he seems daring. He does visit my skunk shrimp quiet often for cleaning and...
  15. E

    Purple Tang for sale - $135

    Location NJ For Sale is a happy, healthy and hungry Purple Tang. I bought my friends 44 gallon tank a month ago that included this tang. In resserzching, I learned it's not ideal to have a purple tang in such a small tank. Size estimate is about 3-3.5 inches Cost $135 I'm located in North...
  16. D

    Can pellets be too small?

    Can pellets be too small? I am quarantining a very large sailfin (when the seller said large didnt think it would be too large) very confident fish, never hiding, always swimming around. The pellets might be too small for him though. - new life spectrum 1-2.5 - ocean nutrition small Im worried...
  17. LAreefdude

    What is this gray spot on my Timin Tang

    Hi All, I bought a Tomini Tang on Monday Feb 22nd. This is my first Tang. It is in 10 gallon QT (No Medication) QT for observation purposes. After couple days I noticed a gray, darkish spot on the side near the paddle fin. I have attached a pic. It doesn’t seem to be a raised spot like flukes...
  18. K

    Algae eater utilitarian fish instead of tang

    I'm about to set up my first reef tank. I have a Red Sea max e 170, which is 45 gallons. I've been watching the BRS videos and they emphasize adding utilitarian fish early to keep algae and other pests from being an issue. They usually mention clownfish as the first hardy fish to add to ensure...
  19. G

    Yellow Tang Companion in a 120g

    I'm looking for Stocking advice for a 120 gallon tank. I'm interested in having 2 herbivorous fish to pick at my rocks and help manage algae preventatively. My wife loves the look of yellow tangs and wants one for the tank. I've been looking at adding a blue eyed kole tang, but I want them to...
  20. D

    EMERGENCY Is this Ich or Velvet?

    My tang came down with this about 10 days ago and it spread to my blue jaw trigger, royal gramma, and both clowns. The gramma has since passed. The fish are clearly distressed but still take food.
  21. Scp

    Michigan Misc reef equipment for sale

    Waterford, MI LOCAL PICKUP AND SHIPPING AVAILABLE AT BUYERS EXPENSE . Miscellaneous Saltwater equipment JBJ Rimless flat panel 65 gallon aquarium ***8220;mint like new condition***8221; . Less than six months old $800 2 AI Prime 16 HD's less than 6 months old $165 each (one is pending) 3 Ai...
  22. G

    HELP me with my scopa tang

    Hi everyone, So I bought this fish a week ago and today I noticed that their eyes got some cloudiness with it. I have a new tank and everything in it started from scratch. I am not sure if my tang had a little battle with my clownfish because one of my clownfish's tail had a little scratch...
  23. R

    Newly acquired Achilles tang and the game plan

    What’s up everyone, I just purchased a 3-4 inch Achilles tang which is currently in quarantine. Any long term Achilles tang owners out there? I’ve got 3 tangs that are 100% quarantined with prazi and copper and have been sitting in my 75 gallon holding tank along with 3 wrasses waiting for my...
  24. fox0521

    Too much rock??

    Hey folks! I’ve got a 55 gallon set up as a peninsula. The tank is about 4 months old, and my question today is: can you have too much rock? I am worried that my tank won’t allow enough swimming room for additional fish, as I’ve already seen some minor aggression (territorial, clowns chase goby...
  25. D

    Question, what kind of Kole Tang do I have?

    I bought this “Blue Eyed” Kole Tang at my LFS and apon bringing him home he has a lot of red in him, not a bad red a coloration of red, I was thinking it’s a Chevron Tang but that would be way too good to be true considering I only paid 40$ for the fish. Let me know, thanks.