1. C

    Best pellets for Tangs

    Hi, I have a Tomini Tang and I want to start using pellets to get the tang used to pellet food when I go on vacation in 2 weeks. What pellet foods do you recommend? I've been feeding "new life spectrum thera a small" to my tank, but my tang won't even bother to eat it (maybe because it's small...
  2. Temok747

    Hello Hello from Chicago!!

    Hi everyone, Wanted to say hello and show off my tank a little. I run a 90 gallon tank with a sps and lps mixed reef. My favorite fish is my yellow tang. My fiancé named him bubbles. We also have 2 blue hippo tangs and 1 scopas tang in there. And no there is no aggression they each have...
  3. T

    Length of time a Tang can be in Sump

    Due to some aggression in my tank I am in need of rehoming a Scopas Tang. Huge bummer as it's a beautiful fish. I currently have the scopas in the empty refugium section of my sump where it can also enter into the skimmer section (skimmer is off) and uses the skimmer to hide behind. The tang is...
  4. Nutramar Foods

    The Blue Tang of Many Names

    Paracanthurus hepatus is a fish of many (common) names. It is frequently called Blue Tang, a name that causes some confusion as it shares this moniker with a Caribbean surgeonfish from another genus. It's also called Palette Tang because its pattern looks something like the palette an artist...
  5. B

    EMERGENCY Qt help

    I purchased 2 tangs from my LFS yesterday they were both in the same tank and doing beyond well in said tank. They’d been quarantined in the store for a month and I had gone to see them a few times this past week deciding on the purchase and every time I went in the tangs and tank looked...
  6. F

    Florida Live Goods Fish for sale in Tampa fl

    Purple dotty back-10 Lineatus wrasse super male-250$ Fire angel-75$ Blue star leopard wrasse-75$ Purple tang-150$ Mandarin goby that eats mysis shrimp-50$ These are currently the fish I have for sale I do not have many good pictures of them but they are all in good health They must all be...
  7. M

    Quarantine Tank Size

    I currently have a 20g (not a long), and am thinking about upgrading to a 180 and using my current one as a quarantine tank since I already have it. I'd like to get a Tang or two, but I'm not sure if you can keep them in a QT tank that small for the 30+ days required to medicate them.
  8. MooreTankMoreProblems

    Tang Re-introduction suggestions after Fallow period.

    Greetings everyone, So by the title, you already know we’re currently in a fallow… (80 day mark is set for 12/21) So hopefully I can start re-adding back my fish from QT and no more issues pop up again… First tank background, I have a 96”x36”x30” main display and a plumbed in 6ft/140g ish frag...
  9. Afkomjorgen

    Tang Id ?

    What kind of tang is this? It came in on a shipment with no name I was guessing maybe a bristletooth of some sort or maybe a juvenile yellowfin tang? Thanks!
  10. A

    California Live Goods Achilles Tang 3 1/2" - 4" $200 (Sacramento)

    Super healthy, originally purchased quarantined, eats great, never shown any signs of disease, and doesn't harass other fish. Changed my mind and I'm now open to shipping. I just shipped my Goldflake Angel, and it was a good outcome for fish, buyer, and me. Sacramento Area Mike 916-990-4398
  11. BE6946C8-D82C-4DCE-85D1-4FB641DC4D14.jpeg


    Orange fin tomani tang
  12. joe_sharkk

    Majestic Angel + Powder Brown Tang

    Hello, I have a 300 gallon FOWLR. It has baby horn shark (it’ll be moved to a 500 gallon in a year or 2), a 5 inch miniatus grouper, a Niger trigger, a powder brown tang, a blue ribbon eel, a clown that came with the tank who holds his own well, and a 4 inch hi fin snapper. Everyone’s been...
  13. SCH14

    Should I try an Achilles tang?

    Have a 310 gallon 96 x 31 x 25 Current stock is 4x reef chomis I’d like to hear stories of everyone keeping their Achilles tangs. I’ve read tons of posts/articles and watched hours of videos and talked to a few LFS. Can’t decide if I want to take my chances- seems even the most expert level...
  14. iwnltom

    Tang Gem Feeding Update!

    Thank you to everyone who commented on the last post where I was asking about feeding regiment. I’m now not just feeding the frozen shrimp LSR but now using Nori on a clip. I heard a lot of people saying they feed nori up to 5 times a day.. but my friend who’s very experienced says not to feed...
  15. Tomorrow's Waters

    Biota Yellow Tang - DOA

    Just a PSA to anyone out there that might be looking for feedback/reviews before purchasing from Biota. I recently purchased a single Yellow Tang from Biota. Tang was packaged and shipped in October (time of this post) to the Midwest. Package arrived on time, but upon opening, the fish looked...
  16. Tomorrow's Waters

    Not so known websites to buy fish??

    Hey Reefers! I am looking to add 3 tangs to my tank all at once to hopefully cut down on the aggression that typically comes with adding tangs individually. One of the tangs I plan to add is a Biota yellow tang which typically arrive very young and small. I would like to make sure the two other...
  17. F

    White tail tang

    I’m wanting to get a white tail tang. There one at my lfs been there a while. They run copper and uv in there systems. They’re having a sale in 3 weeks and thinking of getting it. I’m wondering if I should qt him/her? I’ve heard some people just go ahead and put them in the tank. I do run uv on...
  18. SCH14

    Missouri WTB Looking for an XL Blue Spine Unicorn Tang. STL or shipped

    Looking for an XL Blue Spine Unicorn Tang. STL or shipped
  19. enlighten

    210g Tang Tank - Stocking Suggestions

    What tangs work well together in this setup? How does one introduce them and what are the best practices to reduce aggression and truly setup them up for year to come! Goal is quality over quantity and thriving conditions. Additonally, Clowns and Ritteri/Sebae nems, maybe up to 3-4 pairs. Tank...
  20. enlighten

    300 gallon Build - Rock work for Tangs and Nems

    Going to follownthe BRS guide and work with broken down marco rock but interested in learning about your aquascape journey! What did you build for your tangs, do you have before and after photos? What about for nems? Any ideas or resources are greatly appreciated ❤️
  21. Gman6766

    California Live Goods Aprox 6.5" Achilles X Whitecheek Hybrid. $700

    I have an approx 6.5" Achilles Hybrid Tang for sale. He eats everything I offer. Looking to find him a good home. Local pick up only at this time. I am willing to meet up I am in the Los Angeles area. $700
  22. P

    Florida Live Goods {SOLD} Large (5-6in) Blue Hippo Tang

    I currently have a large blue hippo tang in my 300g tank and she is being aggressive to her tank mates, especially my new additions. She’s been a little territorial to her existing tank mates, but now she’s attacking the newest addition. She is a large, healthy fish that is very active and...
  23. Z

    Stocking help for a 75 gallon

    Need feedback for stocking a 75. 4’ long, 100+ gallons total including sump. Already in the picture is a pair of clowns, pearly jaw, hectors goby, two cleaner shrimp and remaining CUC. Definitely want a tomini tang or another Ctenochaetus tang. Definitely want a couple wrasses (maybe melanarus...
  24. shawnriv

    Whitetail Bristletooth Tang or Tomini Tang? (Poll)

    hello all, i’m looking to add a tang to my 130G four foot tank. I’m interested in a whitetail bristletooth tang or a tomini tang. please let me know your experiences. thanks!
  25. Lbrdsoxfan

    California Live Goods 4.5 - 5" Sailfin Tang (Velifer)

    My fat pig of a sailfin has gotten a bit too big and aggro for my 120g to the point that the trio of yellows and purple arent doing as well due to stress thus he has to go. It will be caught and sumped over the next few days until a new home is found. Healthy, eats it all (frozen, flake...