1. GamerDadof4

    Does my tang have Ich?

    I am not sure if I am being paranoid or not so I figured I would ask the experts. Tang is not showing any labored breathing, normal eating, no scratching. Seems to be about 5 small bumps under his skin on his side, small but noticeable because I look at him everyday. And like 4 white dots on...
  2. Wen

    White tail gram positive infection?

    Good morning fish disease experts, Here’s whats happening: Divers den fish bought 4 yrs ago Been through ttm, CP, prazipro. Occasionally (3x year for few days to 1 wk), I will see a spot on its pectoral fin or dorsal fin. Never on the body but close to. I’ve chalked it up to Lympho because no...
  3. D

    Why is our Tang hanging out so close to our Firefish?

    Blurry photo attached. I really need to get a phone with a better camera. Our yellow Tang has been hanging out in the corner of the tank with both of our firefish for a few minutes. Is he harassing them? Are they all hiding from the current? Is the Tang confused and thinking he is a firefish?
  4. E

    Help identifying tang

    Hi, we recently did a deal where we bought all of the residents of a tank which was being broken down for sale. Mostly coral but a few fish as well. 1 Green Mandarin Goby 2 clowns 1 “dwarf” tang I don’t think something called a dwarf tang really exists and am confident they didn’t know what...
  5. J.selfmade

    Eye-stripe Tang sick

    Is anyone familiar with this disease (watch video)? I fed a lot less over the last two weeks n now this.
  6. AquaLocker

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  7. William Spak

    Purple Tang HLLE

    Hey all, So a few moths ago, I posted a thread about my tangs HLLE getting worse, and people told me to change my power outlet (as stray voltage was in the tank), and also to dose my seaweed with vitamins, and I now do that with a product called VitaChem. I also feed my tang spirulina, and...
  8. P

    90gal Tang Suggestions

    Ok...so this is my first post and I know I am running the risk of the Tang Police getting on my case, but here goes. I’m three months into my new 90gal reef adventure. I went for the RedSea 350 and currently have: Yellow Damsel (inherited and also a pain in the rear) Clownfish Royal gramma...
  9. Wen

    Suggestions on treating DD Caribbean Blue

    Felt sorry for this little guy, it looks rough. Opinions on where to begin? 1. Into 30 gal observation tank with live rock, macro algae, sand and pair of small clowns? Fatten it up and observe for 30+ days. 2. Right into ttm? 3. Set up 5 gal qt tank and begin other treatment? It will end up...
  10. 85A0B671-A6C3-40D9-B38F-D56BD2D5AAC7.jpeg


    Pair of Paracanthurus hepatus Names: Dory and Yrod
  11. the.introvertebrate

    Tang warfare

    Hi Guys/Girls, My tank is a 130.4 Waterbox, all paramaters are fine (I check regularly) and fish/corals are all for the most part healthy and happy. The issue i'm having is to do with my tangs and aggression towards one another. I started with: 1 yellow tang, 2 clowns and a bunch of anthias...
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  14. Perpetual Novice

    Tang stung by nem? What do I do?

    I have a magnificent anemone that decided to take a walk into my gyre pump last night. I think it may recover but a bunch of it’s tentacles tore off before I noticed. I think one of them must have stung by hippo tang because it is breathing heavy, has its muscles cramped and flexed to the side...
  15. G

    Truly bizarre tang aggression

    Tonight I ran into, without question, one of the strangest things I ever have in all my days keeping fish. I recently finished adding my fish back to the DT after a long fallow period for ich. They’ve been back about two weeks, and tonight I cut the lights off a little early to acclimate a new...
  16. Jessicaray94

    Tang has cloudy eyes, white specks all over & has white stringy poop

    Help!!! My zebra tang has white stringy poop that looks like worms, has cloudy eyes & has white specks all over its body, almost looks like a film is covering his body. Anyone know what kind of sickness/parasite he could have? & how can I treat him & possibly the entire tank? Attached is a...
  17. Perpetual Novice

    Something is wrong with my tangs eye. Please help!

    I have no idea what to make if this. I tried to take a photo but I couldn’t get anything usable so I took a video. here is the video. I have no idea what happened or what to do about it. The fish was added just over a week ago and there has been no signs of aggression in the tank whatsoever.
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  21. S

    Scopas Tang - Changing Colors!!

    Hey Everyone! The last couple of nights I've gotten home from work pretty late and the lights are off in the tank (not completely, at 1% so its not pitch black.) I've noticed that my Scopas Tang is a different color pattern at night! during the day his front half is yellow/blue ish and is back...
  22. Perpetual Novice

    Missing Blue Hippo Tang

    I have had a tiny hippo tang just under 2 inches for about 7 months now. She got ich and pulled through in the first couple weeks and has been clean since. Occasionally I've seen her pick up some cuts and scratches that heal and I thought nothing of it. Recently she had several of them and her...
  23. AquaLocker

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    Yellow Tang

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