1. W

    Washington, D.C. Livestock Trade Tri color koi tang ready to new home

    Please serious buyer only. This only one koi tank Tri color. Blue face White/yellow forehead Orange top fin White tail. If I cant find him a good home, I will waffle it. So please put your name on my page if you are interested in.
  2. J

    Tomini Tang Sickness

    Hello, My tomini tang has had marks on him for over a week now. Had to go away for a trip and it looks much worse. Have not been able to identify what it has. He is eating but is hiding a lot. He obviously looks more white than normal, had holes in the head, and appears to have a rust like...
  3. Freakmachine01

    Build Thread Mikey's Dream 120 gal mixed reef.

    Hello my name is Mikey and I decided to give a build thread a go. I actually started this tank just a little over 1 year ago but since then I have made many upgrades and have been very fortunate. Over the past year I have started with nothing and have added over $10,000 worth of coral and fish...
  4. I

    Adding a yellow tang

    Hi all! Happy Weekend! currently I have a Purple Tang and a Foxface. They get on completely fine but like brothers sometimes do want there own space. I was thinking about adding another yellow tang. would a third calm aggression or would it spike some more trouble? currently a 200 litre tank...
  5. V

    EMERGENCY Sailfin Tang not swimming

    Sailfin tang I picked up about a week ago, was doing fine at first and now it’s been laying down on the bottom and hiding, only other fish I have is a small clown fish. Got my water tested and everything was perfect. Has not been wanted to eat also picked up the nori pack and hung it on the side...
  6. Mrnono2

    Selling Yellow Tang

    Hello, Located in Chicago. Looking to sell my yellow tang, clown trigger, and emperor angelfish. All are health and well fed! Noah
  7. Gonj

    HLLE in yellow tang?

    Picked him up yesterday, and today I notice he’s got this silver around his eyes, could this be HLLE, if so what should I do? To preface I do not and have never run carbon in this tank.
  8. Z

    Purple tang in 3x2x22

    Hey all! I’m currently downsizing from my 260 gal reef to a 3 foot water box. I’ve got the following in the 260 gal 1 Klein’s butterfly (4 inches) 1 desjardini tang (5-6 inches) 1 purple (2-3 inches) 1 blue face angel (2-3 inches) 1 coopers anthias (3 inches) I’m essentially planning to rehome...
  9. New2Reefn

    Tang vs Clam

    My tang is "surfing" one of my clams. Should I be worried or is he just playing? I have 3 clams and this is the only one the tang has an interest in. This is happening daily and the tang and the banghai seem to fight over the territory.
  10. Kyle Soto

    WHAT to do with Blue Tang in 65 gallon tank

    I recently purchased a 65 gallon Red Sea tank on Offerup. The owner was including all of his livestock along with the tank. One of the fish included was a fairly large blue tang (about 6-7 inches). I understand that he is likely too large for this tank but I had no choice but to take him. What...
  11. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Tang Dead, Microscope Autopsy. Help ID.

    Are there anything in these findings that would've killed my tang? He was breathing kinda fast starting yesterday or the day before...He died this morning. If you have suggestions I could go back and try to get a better picture of something. @vetteguy53081 Let me know if I should take...
  12. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    EMERGENCY Sailfin Tang breathing fast and pale.

    What do I do? I've been dosing prazi pro. Done 3 doses already so I doubt it is flukes or worms. I haven't seen him scrape or anything. He's not swimming too much, he seems lethargic. The video is right after most of the food was gone. He ate some but not as much as normal. Ill try and do a...
  13. W

    New type of hybrid Bristletooth tang ?

    I am open to any fish expert on this type of tang. I expect 1/2 is bristletooth type and other 1/2 like kole.
  14. JAAngelo

    Blue Tang Tank Size

    Hi: This is my first post. I am also new to reefing. I have a 55g tank and have 2 mocha clowns, a fire fish, and a lawnmower blenny. I also have a torch, montiporas, and favia. Along with a long tentacle anemone. My daughter wants me to get Dory. I understand that after a while, I will need to...
  15. adittam

    80 gallon lagoon upgrade - stocking plan

    Hi all - So my current tank is a 46 gallon bowfront (take a look by clicking on my build thread badge!), and I’ll be upgrading soon to an 80 gallon 48” long x 24” wide x 16” tall tank. My plan is to have it aquascaped a little more open than my current tank so there is more open swimming room...
  16. M

    Tomini tang in QT - prophylactic treatment?

    Hi all, I have a little 2-inch Tomini tang in QT right now, he has been there for about 2 weeks. We haven't done any medication yet because he wasn't eating at first and we didn't want to stress him further. He is eating just fine now, and has become more active (still a complete scaredy cat...
  17. AquariumDomain

    Build Thread 600 gallon DIY Reef Slope Aquarium Build

    I had been using my 600 gallon aquarium to grow out Shaks / Rays / Groupers for my 1800 gallon Predator Bay tank. Now that all the fish are moved over, that leaves the 600 gallon ready to be made into its own thing, a Reef Slope aquarium. Aquarium Specs: - 600 gallon DIY aquarium 72" x 48" x...
  18. oneilwiz

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Salfin Tang for Sale

    Salfin Tang for sale, local pick up Only. Eats seaweed, regular algae etc. asking price $40 location: Northern Virginia
  19. J

    Help Diagnose? White spot on Tang dorsal fin.

    Tang is healthy and fine, normal behavior, just unaware what that small white spot is... Want to be able to treat if something serious.
  20. H

    Sailfin Tang Rapid Breathing

    Hi all, I'm really struggling to diagnose what's wrong with my sailfin tang. Video here, for reference. https://photos.app.goo.gl/c8uhYJnE43gBVjk37 This tang is breathing very quickly, which is definitely quite concerning to me. On Saturday I brought an info hammer home from my LFS. I had...
  21. caribbean reefing

    What kinda tang is this from Mexico

    Anyone know what kinda tang this is ? Down here the locals call it a pepermint tang ‍♂️ what yall think! He is wild caught/collected it also hase some sort of fin rot ? Or what can that be ?
  22. caribbean reefing

    Hello Introducing myself

    Canadian caribbean reefer here Living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico I love reefing and collecting my own fish and inverts, No LFS here so everything is from the beach Got a lot to learn and a lot to ask Glad to be part of this group
  23. Oseans Reef

    Build Thread 90G Softy Gangbang

    The current setup is a 75G tank with a corner overflow with a wet dry sump modified for a refugium area. Eshops skimmer, gyre pumps and Aqueon return pump. Current tank stock includes Tomini Tang, 2 damsels, 3 oscellaris clownfish, serpent starts, Harlequin Basslet, soft corals and mini carpet...
  24. Edison Coltro

    Help identify Disease.

    Hey guys, So three days ago I noticed some spots on my sailfin tang skin. This fish has been with me for almost 5 months now and eats really well. The only symptom i've seen is scratching agains the rocks . Any ideas as to what it is? Parameters are: Amonia - 0 Nitrites - 0,25 Nitrates - 5 Kh...
  25. T

    Pair of yellow tangs?

    I’m working on a 200 gallon peninsula and have an existing 4-5 inch blue tang in my existing tank with other community fish that will move to the new tank. I anticipate finishing the build in 2-3 months. I wanted to see what people’s thoughts are getting two Biota yellow tangs now into my...