1. Scp

    Vlamingii Tang Value

    Unfortunately, the day has come where I need to sell my beloved Vlamingii Tang. I’ve had it for almost 5 years and it’s approximately 10”. I’m looking to either trade it or sell it out right and was looking for a current market value. I’ve seen it valued anywhere from $299-$1300 which...
  2. Cuse89


    Who has a nice sized fowleri or dussumeri they are looking to sell? Will be going into my 550! Would love to add one just having trouble finding one. Let me know thanks!
  3. NickV34

    Blonde naso tang color?

    I am going to buy this blonde naso tang from a local reefer, but I noticed that its colors are dull. The seller said that she’s had it since it was 1-2” and it’s about 3” now. She said that it hasn’t colored up to its normal color yet. Is this normal? Pictures provided
  4. E

    Sohal tang addition

    Hello, I have a 5 month old Fowlr tank that only has 3 fish. A 4 inches powder brown tang , a 6 inches scopas tang and a 7 inches foxface. I am thinking about adding a sohal tang and I would like to know what would be the largest tang I could get. Could the tang be 12 inches or would the size...
  5. kdtorgy

    Help with Tang

    We've had a powder blue tang for about a month with no problems. Last night something beat the hell out of her. Chunks missing from fins. We have not added any new livestock and I have never seen anything harassing her. I've got her in an isolation box but she's not doing well. Anything...
  6. M

    USA WTB Yellow Tang or Purple or gem

    Looking to buy a Yellow Tang, Purple Tang and Gem tang. Located in Texas or will pay shipping.
  7. theasherrr

    Tangs in tank?

    Have a waterbox 100.3 reef tank but I was reading about tangs / dimensions of acceptable tanks and my size is not on there. Here’s a pic of the dimensions on the tank. I’m assuming this is to small for a tang yea?
  8. L

    EMERGENCY Black Tang Disease

    Hello, I got black tang shipped to me yesterday (6Jan2023) it has shown up like this in pics. seller says it was due to shipping stress and was looking fine when they packed it. Can you please suggest what would be best way to treat him and what is the disease he has. I do have multiple other...
  9. q.o.kingss

    Powder blue skinny

    I have a small powder blue that eats, but doesn't get any meat on his bones. From top view, he looks like a tadpole. Full belly but skinny body. Ive been trying to give him metroplex on mysis once or twice a day but im not really sure he's eating it, he's shy. He will eat non medicated though...

    Can I again keep tang in my aquarium

    I used to have a selfin tang . When I bought added it to my aquarium, it was a lovely fish and was completely healthy. After that I added a neon velvet demsel. I was completely surprised when I saw demsel hitting it's face with it's tail and my tang was happy(as when demsel do that it always...

    My HLLE (Head and lateral line erosion)experience

    I used to have a selfin tang . When I bought added it to my aquarium, it was a lovely fish and was completely healthy. After that I added a neon velvet demsel. I was completely surprised when I saw demsel hitting it's face with it's tail and my tang was happy(as when demsel do that it always...
  12. Omarons

    Purple tang with weird Skin

    Just got this purple tang from a local hobbyist He says tang is 2 years old . Tang has skin issues . Looking for help diagnosis and if I can put it in main tank with other fish
  13. B

    Yellow Tang lateral line mutation

    This is my one and a half year old biota yellow tang. He has always had this abnormal deformation with his lateral line where it disconnects. Also his pelvic fins have withered away. He has always been heavily fed and has never been sick. Any thoughts?
  14. K

    Yellow Tang Woes

    Good afternoon, Quick synopsis…mature reef, 65 gal 1.025 Nitrate 5 Phos .8 Alk 9.5 Cal 500 Mg 1470 pH 8.1-8.3 Tank been running for 6 years Running Modified Moonshiners 1000ml kalk I’ve had the yellow tang for well over a year. Quite healthy or so I thought. Wife noticed ‘white dust’ on him...
  15. Sevastian

    EMERGENCY My blue tang seems hurt

    I got this tang yesterday from pet co at first he was hiding inside of the rock formation but I came home from work today to see him just laying there should I try and return him or assume he’ll get used to the tank
  16. T

    Mysterious deaths

    Every fish I add the last 3 weeks mysteriously dies. There’s no signs of parasite or disease on the fish at the time of death. So I had an orange shoulder tang and all of a sudden he has a deep slash on him and he was found breathing heavy in the corner, sadly died hours later. I had him for 2...
  17. J

    California Live Goods Clown Tang 4”

    Not for sale any more
  18. R

    Tang open wound treatment

    Hello all, Hoping to get some advice. Just received an order of fish that included an Algae blenny, Tomini tang and a few other smaller fish Everyone has been in a quarantine tank for 3 days so far. Just noticed a wound on the tomini tang and not sure if this could be uronima or a bite from...
  19. Zaven D

    Does fish size matter?

    Recently had swung by my lfs and noticed that slightly larger sized Wrasses and Tangs are priced higher than their smaller counterparts. I left really thinking about it since I’ve never really thought about fish size when making a purchase unless I am stocking a smaller tank etc. So my fellow...
  20. One Reefing Boi

    Anyone ever have a tang nip at LPS?

    I have a blue eyed kole tang in my tank and it constantly seems to nibble on my hammer/frogspawn. It sort of just sucks it into its mouth and doesn’t chomp as the heads don’t get cut and the coral doesn’t even react to it but it’s weird. They’re both green so idk if it’s confused or what lol but...
  21. A

    Tang with Brown/Discolored Spots

    Hi, I have a Tang and he's been in my tank for about 2 weeks now. He started getting discolored spots. I have done many google searches and can't seem to find a photo or description that exactly matches. I've seen that it could be ich, an infection or just from stress, so I thought I would just...
  22. david_ma

    Michigan SOLD Local pick up pack: black tang, purple tang, unicorn, blue tang, powder tang, sailfin tang, black foxface, silver and more!! $1400 picked up novi

    These all came from the same 300g theyve been in for 4 years! Pest and disease free, everything you see plus a powder brown not shown. Location is NOVI MICHIGAN, local pick up only. Will consider partial trades for bounce mushrooms, electus bounce. Text 313-268-3195
  23. phildoingthings

    How much Nori for 1 Tang

    Hey R2R community! Just picked up my first tang (a beautiful juvenile Purple Tang). Seems to be settling into her new home just fine. I just was wondering how much Nori I should feed? I don’t want to over do it and I don’t want to “under do it” either. It’s the only fish I have that eats Nori...
  24. Muffin87

    Two 10G for quarantining up 3 tangs together

    I'm quite restricted in terms of space, so I'm planning to buy two 10G tanks (20" long x 10" wide x 12” high) to quarantine up to 3 tangs at the same time. Would this work for quarantine, or am I just asking for big stress/aggression issues? Thanks! P.S. My DT is a 5 ft 100G. I want to...
  25. T

    Which fish would be best for my tank?

    Hey everyone, just upgraded back to a bigger time, this time I didn’t go too big but got the waterbox 65.4. I’d love to hear thoughts on what fish to have, I already have a clownfish, Midas blenny, and Royal gramma that I’m transferring in. What tangs or other similar fish would be suitable for...