tank build series

  1. Nate Chalk

    72x30x18 DIY build thread

    And away....we.... go! Glass is here, sump here, all the supplies to build and drill ready to go.
  2. Callieach

    Cube Build 60 Gallon Cube SetUp and Growth

    Hey, lovelies! So, we came in to a 60 gallon Cube over the weekend. Figured why not share the setup and transformation of this beauty? :D Got it cleaned, positioned, and filled with water and substrate yesterday morning. And the new skimmer for it arrived today. Woohoo! As of right now...
  3. JoshB94

    Large Build First 18 Months ... and 13 Tanks

    Hello R2R I'm Josh. Welcome to my first thread. I've been contemplating this for months. I got my first Partner badge today and it motivated me to get this going. The title might make me sound like a crazy cat lady for corals, but it's finally time I start a build thread of this hobby that has...
  4. Swanky

    Build Thread Day Late, & Always a Dollar Short!

    I've been meaning to work on this build thread, and seeing as how this is my very first foray into our wonderful salty world - I find myself with a week of vacation, and figured better late than never. Also, the timing couldn't be better as right about the Fourth of July here in the states, will...
  5. alimac122

    Build Thread Ali's 90g Cube Build

    So. I purchased a 90g tank sumpstand and accessories for $400 from a guy that’s going an upgrade/downgrade from 5 tanks to 2. It was too good to be true. so everything is loaded up, and I’m taking it home. I’m super excited to move my 36 to a 90. well. We get the stand in the front door and...
  6. C_mo97

    Build Thread My First All DIY Tank Build

    Hey Guys, So maybe you can tell from the title but I am building a complete system from scratch (Tank, Stand, Sump, and plumbing). I will post my progress on this thread so stay tuned. Here are some pics from the stand.
  7. midlife-reefer

    Build Thread First Reef Tank - IM NUVO SR-60

    A couple of weekends ago, I almost bought a brand new Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20. It was on sale for $240 and came with lights. I debated and when I finally decided to pull the trigger on it, it was gone. It just disappeared from my shopping cart. POOF!! It was no longer available on...
  8. wolfthefallen

    Build Thread wolfthefallen's 4 Gallon cube

    So I had a 4.2 gallon deep blue cube sitting around, and itch to do something with a Coralife 30G Marine Filter with Protein Skimmer.. So what the heck, lets over skim and filter a little 4 gallon pico tank... Soo I grabbed some dry rock that I was not using and tossed it in, i just need to get...
  9. Jerry Ebner

    Build Thread 60 gallon marineland build

    60 gallon marineland build DIY stand. Cube tank eshoops cube sump Kessil h80 refiguium light Reef Oct various 6 dc return pump Reef Oct skimmer Dry rock curing currently Dry sand in box. Stuck waiting on rock :(