1. L

    Austin area LFSs?

    Hey hey Austinites. What's your favorite Austin area LFS? I've been to a couple so far, but wondering what everyone considers their go-to spot. Best livestock? Best equipment and dry goods? Most knowledgeable? Friendliest? Admittedly a repost, but didn't get much action on the first one.
  2. lukshannon

    White Zombies and Blue Agaves, DFW TEXAS $150

    I have a few frags/ colonies ready to go. All have been healed for many weeks and growing babies. Local pick up only for now, Arlington, Texas 7p with babies white zombies- $175 5p with babies blue agave-$150 20 ish polyp colony of white zombies-$275
  3. DrakeEnglish

    Build Thread Drake's starting small (29G), before going BIG.

    I’ve had fish tanks all throughout my life ranging from sizes (up to 120G) and bouncing back and forth between fresh and salt FOWLRs. However, I have never pulled the trigger and keep corals for the reason of the time, dedication, and stability they require. With moving around for school, new...
  4. minnowme

    Texas Texas zoa pack

    WYSIWYG zoa frag pack. Buy all: For $250.00 shipped* (to the lower 48 states.) FedEx Priority Overnight for Next Day Delivery. Pm any questions, -Mike. WYSIWYG $250.00 shipped: 1. SBB Aphrodite 1p 2. ASD Hyper Jubilee 1p+ 3. Oompa Loompa 1p+ 4. Solar Circus 1p+ 5. GB BowTie Blaster 1p 6. GB...
  5. T

    WYSIWYG Snowflake clowns $20 each, Dallas, pickup only

    Selling juvenile WYSIWYG clowns for $20 each, 7 for $100, or 20 for $200. You can hand select them or select though pics. Snowflakes, black and white snowflakes, and various full-bars and misbars. Oldest are 4 months Local pickup only, Dallas Texas. PM if interested. Thanks, Casey
  6. Dawsokj1988

    EcoTech: 2 MP60QD ; 4 MP40QD ; and Battery Backup for sale

    Selling the following: Update: Everything is sold. 2 EchoTech Marine MP60QD's - Mid 2017 MFD (June and July). Work well with no extra noise. Will be shipped in the original boxes with spacers. ---- $350 each plus shipping. 2 Ecotech Marine MP40QD's - Mid 2017 MFD. Work well with no extra...
  7. BeardedDragon21

    Build Thread Dream Tank- Overhaul of 75gal

    Hello All! I can't wait to get a little more involved in the community. Buckle up this is somewhat of a long post but I am seeking advice in the last paragraph if you would like to jump ahead. Starting off I would like to introduce myself. I am a Marine Biologist and had originally hoped to...
  8. Artimusclyde1974

    Texas Dry Good Trade Need magnetic mount wave makers SA texas

    I am in San Antonio Texas and need any used magnetic mounted wave makers any one may have extra and not need sitting in there garage plz let me know what you have
  9. lukshannon

    WTB 120-250g ULM-Apex, Radions, etc DFW, Texas

    Finally getting back into the hobby after a 5 year break. Looking for a 120-210g setup and all the components to go with. Don't need everything together, willing to buy everything separate. I want to be able to set this up as a ULM tank with auto water changes, top off, etc... Things I am...
  10. H

    Neptune AFS auto feeder

    Neptune AFS auto feeder in great condition. Used this for 8 months, switched my fish to live food. Includes cable, mounting bracket, original box and packaging including rubber feet velcro for alt mounting options. Asking $75 shipped (USPS).
  11. m_t_r_86

    Texas Aquariums Aquarium + Frag tank

    I have a 40 breeder with 20 long sump on a custom stand with custom canopy as well as an 18 x 18 x 8 acrylic Blue Tide Acrylic frag tank with Blue Tide Acrylic frag rack on a custom stand made to house the electronics for both tanks. The 40 breeder it's drilled with two returns and a drain for...
  12. TriggerFan

    Texas Aquariums Reactors Miscellaneous Brand New - Avast Marine Mutiny Ozone Reactor v2

    I have a brand new / unused Avast Marine Mutiny Ozone Reactor v2 + CR5 Carbon Postfilter for Mutiny Ozone Reactor + Ozotech Poseidon 200 Black Edition Ozone Generator. Ready to plug and use. A total of four carbon packs that will last you 8 months! What's Included Comes with Ozone reactor...
  13. R

    Build Thread College Nano Tank

    I'm a college student in Texas returning to school to finish a my degree after some time off and I'm setting up my first saltwater tank! I'm excited to begin this journey, why don't you come along for the ride with me? I've been eyeballing this project for over a year, but I kept putting it off...
  14. TeresaM1376

    San Antonio Reefers

    I’m new here & fairly new to the hobby. I noticed there wasn’t a section for reefers in the San Antonio area. Not sure why, really don’t care to get into it...but I guess I’ll start this thread then. It doesn’t hurt to find locals who are addicted to the hobby as well to seek help, advice...
  15. N11morales

    WTB- Euphyillia and SixLine

    Hello I been looking for places to order hammers, frogspawns, and a six line wrasse. But no luck finding a place that has any in stock since everything going on. Seems like majority of vendors are shut down.
  16. JohnRiv

    Grand Opening

    Galactic Coral is proud to present our grand opening in Houston on Saturday, March 14. We will be having a raffle with multiple prizes as well as in store discounts!! Details are posted in the pictures below. Come out and experience your local reef shop and coral farm. For more info please feel...
  17. TriggerFan

    RedSea Reefer XXL750 System - Black

    For sale a RedSea Reefer XXL 750 system. 160 Gal DT + 40Gal Sump = 200 Gal Total System This system was purchased four months ago and set up as a FOWLR, but I have other plans. Excellent, like-new condition, not a single scratch on glass or stand. Includes: 160Gallon - 72" x 24" x 24" Display...
  18. Ryushei

    Texas Selling Clownfish, Lawnmower Blenny, & Ricordia

    I have for sale a pair of regular black clownfish, a lawnmower blenny, and a ricordia. All healthy. Blenny - $10 Ricordia - $20 Clownfish- $10 per fish or $15 for the pair. I reside in College Station/Bryan Texas. Will not ship. I sometimes go to North Houston on the weekends so I need a heads...
  19. T

    Large Build Texas 270 gallon reef tank

    Hello, My name is Christian. I want to introduce you to my 270 gallon reef tank. The aquarium was set up in October 2018. I'm running 4 kessil tuna blue a160we over the main display. In side my aquarium I have a Neptune Apex wmv here is the flow currently and two small power heads on the...
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