tissue loss

  1. G

    red stuff on gorgonian?

    Hi everyone, Super newbie here with my first post, so please don’t savage me too badly. I have a 2 gallon “pico” tank which is actually a former jellyfish tank. Jellyfish were actually my first saltwater animals. Decided to experiment with an empty tank and so here I am. It’s been up and...
  2. Rincoperson

    Wall Hammer Possible Recovery?

    So I had this beautiful wall hammer arrive yesterday 8 hours late via UPS in 93 degree weather with a water temp of 86.5. The seller contacted UPS and said if it doesn’t make it they would cover it. It was shipped with an ice pack but due to UPS being outrageously late it was exhausted. I slowly...
  3. P

    Torch losing tissue

    Hey everyone hows it going Ive started my Reef tank about 3 months ago, let it mature a little bit and decided to add some torches. The tank is a fluval evo 13.5. The first one i put in was doing absolutely fine and extending a lot, a week or two later i bought a jade torch with 4 heads and put...
  4. Shy519

    Torch Tissue Receding/Torn

    Today I woke up to the tissue on my torch looking like it receded or that the tentacles have been ripped. My first thought was brown jelly disease so I immediately removed it and did an iodine dip. Afterward i took a baster to it and sucked off any loose tissue. There wasn't any but then it made...