tunze 6055

  1. mtraylor

    Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Turbelle Nanostream 6055 Controllable pumps

    I have 2 Turbelle NanoStream 6055's for sale. These are the controllable ones. I will post pictures tomorrow.
  2. (2) Tunze 6055

    For sale (2) Tunze 6055

    price is for pair but I can sell individually too. Send zip code and we can talk shipping cost
  3. Aquaristexhibit

    Setting up dual Tunze 6055 electronic’s to pump inversely

    I just got 2 new Tunze 6055 electronic powerheads and I’m wondering if anyone has set them up to work inversely to eachother and how to do it? I think eventually I will have them programmed to a profilux when I buy the controller, but for now I plan to set them up connected to eachother. I...
  4. gt44ever

    Help running 4x older 6055s

    Hello, I need some help figuring out the best and preferably affordable way to run 4x 6055s. Basic plan is alternating pairs running across the tank (110g tall), though some form of random or semi random option could be nice as well and I'd like to run a moonlight sensor. May need to upgrade to...
  5. SilverCityReef


    I need to pick powerheads for my 40B setup, preferably 2 for now & 2 more in future for varied flow patterns. Tank will be SPS dominant and return pump is I believe 650gph if that affects your input. I am curious if anyone has any experience with any of the following: Hydor Koralia Evolution...
  6. Fritzhamer

    New York Upgrade clean out sale ( GHL Tunze Deltec Apex Avast)

    I’ve upgraded and all of this is either too small or has been replaced with something else. All works perfectly and is clean and ready to ship. I’m super anal with my equipment and all of it is in like new condition. Avast stuff is a few weeks old. Tunze a year, GHL one year. GHL 2.0 doser with...
  7. Abhishek

    Minnesota Tunze 6055(no controller) and Tunze 6040 (with controller)

    Hi, Moved to higher models of tunze and hence would like to sell my Tunze 6055 with no controller ( you can buy a 7095, 7096 , 7097 controller or control through Apex) and a tunze 6040 with single controller. The Tunze 6055 is used for around 2 years but still runs as strong as expected from...