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    How do I know what size Turbo Alage Scrubber to get?

    I get this question fairly regularly. Sometimes, the answer is pretty cut and dry. Other times, it's very much dependent on your specific tank setup and/or conditions. Things that might affect your decision might include (but are certainly not limited to): Feeding rate on an average daily...
  2. Turbo's Aquatics

    Time to spin up Turbo Algae Scrubber production!

    I'll be increasing my level of Algae Scrubber production significantly over the next couple weeks. Now is the time to get in line if you've been on the fence about getting one of my scrubbers! This is due to a bit of an unfortunate circumstance related to my day job. Or, it could turn out to...
  3. Turbo's Aquatics

    Show off your Turbo's Aquatics Algae Scrubber!

    This is the "official" show-off thread for anyone who runs a Turbo's Aquatics Algae Scrubber! I provide customer support for all users of my products! Whether you bought one from me directly or bought one used (or new!) from someone else, post about your system here!! My suggestion for what...
  4. Turbo's Aquatics

    Algae Scrubber Mortar Screen tutorial

    I shot this today while I was making a batch of L2 screens. Makes for a decent tutorial.
  5. Turbo's Aquatics

    Algae Scrubber Flow Distributor System: Alternative to the Slot Pipe

    The "Slot Pipe" is one of the key components of an Algae Scrubber. The purpose is to create a thin, laminar sheet of water flow across both sides of the growth substrate, typically the #7 Plastic Canvas (knitting canvas). The problem is, it's kind of tricky to get a nice and straight cut in a...
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    Rate Turbo's Aquatics in the Showcase!

    There's a new feature here on R2R where you can list & rate businesses. Here is my listing: https://www.reef2reef.com/showcase/turbos-aquatics.288/ With the new product line pending and production on hold, I obviously don't have many new customers recently, but I have a lot of existing...
  7. Turbo's Aquatics

    Introducing the new Turbo Algae Scrubber! (Rev 4)

    UPDATE: L4, L8 and L16 are planned for release in Mid-July. This is pending verification of all final parts (should be done by 6/30/16). >> CLICK HERE FOR PRICING AND WAITING LIST INFORMATION ON ALL SIZE UNITS << Introductory pricing offer for larger units will continue until JULY 15th! Just...
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