1. Y

    MP10 or Nero 3, need some help

    Hey all! So I'm currently in the planning stage of my nano reef, a Red Sea Max Nano. It's a 20G, 75L, AIO tank. I've been trying to decide on my powerhead, looking for something that is reliable, as well as good quality and ease of use. I love the idea of the MP10, no wires in the tank is a...
  2. Eight

    California FS: Bubble King Mini 180 (Needs new pump), Skimz sv203, Bubble Magus NAC6, Vortech MP40wQD, Kessil A360N

    Hi, I'm looking to purge some equipment now that I have downsized to a smaller tank. I would much rather sell this locally, but would consider shipping the Vortech at your expense. Pickup in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles), CA. SOLD Bubble King Mini 180 Skimmer: $250 Skimmer body/housing/cup...
  3. B

    Aquarium Controller Skimmers Apex and skimmer

    I have the following and accept PayPal. Full 2016+ Apex. Couple scratches on the main unit. 650 shipped Reef Octopus 110int with new impeller and new lid I just bought last week just to sell it working, comes with extra impeller 160 shipped
  4. TMN

    Colorado Two MP10wQD’s for sale - Used - Good Condition

    I have two MP10wQD’s for sale $220 each shipped or $420 for both shipped Both are in good condition. Please read descriptions below. I am the second owner just used them for a week and I want something different. Like some have said these are a little loud and that’s another reason I’m...
  5. D

    Build Thread drop-off tank island cabinet

    I wanted to try out a smaller tank so I can focus more on the coral as stocking my 210 has been hard on the wallet and I had taken down my biocube 16. I wanted a centerpiece for my game room/closet so I decided to do an island cabinet type tank in the middle of the room. The tank is 110cm with...
  6. J

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Powerheads MP10W x 2 - Mobius Ready - Nem Guards - $300 shipped

    Got burned on a local sale. Full disclosure, the wet side on one is completely bad and the other can be spun up to about 25% before becoming very audible. Also, the shorter nem guard is stuck on the wet side. I have successfully connected both of them to the Mobius app so the only thing these...
  7. mard

    Controlling Mobius enabled VorTech pump using 0-10V (and BLE)

    In my pursuit to trigger feed and maintenance modes using a single push button, I have come across a few challenges. Sure I have a Profilux 4 controller which handles most of my pumps and such. And my plans include connecting some buttons to trigger the modes (likely something from Harry's...
  8. F


    I bought a brand new vortech MP40 2 weeks ago and noticed right off the bat that the dry side was hot I was wondering if this is something normal im currently running the mp40 at 55% it would be helpful if I new if this is a normal thing or if I should return it to get a new one
  9. M

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Vortech MP60QD

    Moving to a smaller tank and will not be using this MP60. Purchased in late 2016/early 2017 and updated to QD driver. It’s in good working order. Not Mobius ready. Including an extra cage. Asking 360 shipped.
  10. andrewey

    Virginia Powerheads SOLD Lot of Vortech MP40s/MP10s for the Tinkerer

    Edit: Sold. These are the last pumps I have laying around before my move. As I'm short on time, I'll do my best to describe all the pumps, but ideally I would like to find one buyer for the entire lot- ideally someone else who tinkers and needs extra pumps because they have too many tanks ;)...
  11. nickenayat

    California Powerheads (2) VorTech MP40 Powerheadsw/ QD

    I am moving and taking down my tank in two weeks. I am selling (2) VorTech MP40 Powerheads w/ QD. Asking $250 each OBO. Open to trades.
  12. M

    Build Thread Set up my New Shallow Reef Tank (800x450x350mm)

    Hello, guys. I am new to Reef2Reef and posting first posting. Recently, I set up the new tank and want to share with you. Tank Spec : 800x450x350mm (Sorry for not to converting unit to US standard) Main Equipment Lighting: Radion G4 pro 15w 2ea Skimmer: Deltec 400i Return pump: 1aqua Rhino 6000...
  13. S

    Florida Powerheads Vortech MP10wes

    I have for sale is a MP10wes. Used this for my saltwater mixing station. Replaced it with a WAV and don't need this anymore. Comes with original box. $150 shipped.
  14. subielover

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Sold

    SOLD! Located 18104 if pickup.
  15. gfordQC

    Kentucky Ohio FOR SALE!! MP40, Reeflink, BRS, 90G SCA Tank/Stand

    Breaking down my tank. I have the following Items for sale. Everything works great I haven't had any issues with anything. Prices include shipping other than the Tank/Stand which is Pickup only. I'm located east of Cincinnati about 45 min. 1 - Ecotech MP40QD - I have the original box. It...
  16. Daniel

    Build Thread My ELOS MIDI Adventure

    Hi All - Thank you for visiting my build thread. It's been a long while since I've started a tank, but I've been lurking for some time now and think it's time to make my way back into this wonderful hobby once more. Here's a link of my previous nano tank build with an ELOS Mini. It's been...
  17. WhiskyTango

    Alabama Georgia Vortech MP10 $125 Shipped

    Runs great, wet side moves water but is making noise. Comes with mounting bracket.
  18. NovaReef

    Virginia Powerheads Misc. Pumps MP60 for Sale

    Lightly used MP60 for sale (6 months at 20%) $550 OBO + shipping or local pickup in NoVA PM me! Seth
  19. action21

    Wisconsin Aquarium Controller Miscellaneous EcoTech Reeflink

    Reeflink BR10. Like new nothing wrong I just switched to Neptune WXM to keep things together in Apex. $80.00 shipped (USA only)
  20. Jordan Stone

    New Jersey BRAND NEW Ecotech Marine VORTECH MP40W-QD

    Selling a brand new Vortech MP40W-QD, literally 3 days old, and used it for 10 minutes. The pump is way too powerful for my tank. My loss is your gain. I purchased it for $366.50. I think when I was attaching it to the mount, I lightly scratched the controller. Nonetheless, happy to provide...
  21. GlassMunky

    Apex went crazy now my lights and powerheads wont connect to Apex or Reeflink

    So Im not even really sure what the heck happened.... but i was just doing a water change on my tank and noticed in my apex that it said the Right MP40 was "Missing". this happened last week and i had to completely delete that vortech from the WXM and update the WXM (even though it was at the...
  22. S

    Florida Ecotech Vectras and Vortechs

    I have the following for sale with shipping and Paypal fees included. Shipping within the Continental USA only. Used Vectra M1 - MFG Date Jan 2017. Wet June 2017. Cleaned every month and full tear down cleaning every 6 months. Great Condition! $240 Shipped New Vectra L2 with used L1 Driver...
  23. P

    Does EcoTech just need a couple of accessories to become a full-fledged controller?

    Mobius today controls the Versa. It will eventually control the VorTech , Vectra, & Radion. Imagine if EcoTech comes out with their own controllable power strip which I cannot imagine would be difficult to add. All that is left is to monitor pH, temperature, salinity, and ORP. I also cannot...
  24. L

    Build Thread Levi's Redsea Reefer

    Just a few pics of my reef
  25. M

    California FS: Mp10qd w/ extra wetside

    The pump is about a year old. The extra wetside is missing the ceramic shaft other than that the pump runs silent at 100%. I’m sure ecotech will help you out. Im only selling because I purchased an mp40. Asking $200 shipped.
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