1. Darkshadow1500

    Get apex to control vectra feed mode

    So I know the wxm can’t communicate to the vectra and the vortechs cant communicate to the vectra either. My question is if I get a reeflink can the vortechs toggle a feed mode to the vectra. i would like the feed mode to be controlled from the apex so the feed mode would start at the wxm...
  2. Shinobireef92

    Mp40 first gen driver

    Any mp40 first gen “not a quiet drive” driver for sale?
  3. Antics

    Florida Red Sea Reefer 525 XL Glass, JBJ 1/10 Chiller

    Thanks for checking out my thread! Recently moved and got around to cleaning out the garage. Need to try and get rid of some of this stuff that has been sitting around. If its still listed below it is still available! Pick up items are located in SWFL Due to their size I am not interested in...
  4. Tyler Caviness

    Tennessee Vortech MP40wQD x 2 $225 each

    I have two MP40wQDs for sale. $225 each shipped. Both used about two years and are in good working shape. No problems with them at all. A bit of coralline on the prop guards that I had trouble getting off but none on any moving pieces.
  5. Joe Batt

    What is the flow pattern of Eco-Back on Vortech pumps

    The manuals are a little lacking on details for what the flow pattern is on Eco-Back on the Vortec MP10 / MP40 / MP60. I have 2x MP40 on the front of my tank and I am adding 2 more to the back. The Vortec manuals are a little short on detail
  6. M

    Ohio Vortech MP40s x6 and Kessil 360we

    Going a different direction with my build and have the following for sale: NEW EcoTech Vortech MP40WQD x2 - $330 each USED EcoTech Vortech MP40WQD x2 - $275 each (used about 15 months) USED EcoTech Vortech MP40W x2 - $120 each (older white box model, need wet sides) USED Kessil A360W-E Tuna x2...
  7. deaniscool

    Michigan Red Sea Reefer 250 W/ TOP OF THE LINE ACCESSORIES

    I am selling my Red Sea Reefer 250 with all accessories in an attempt to do a bulk sale. This setup is absolutely perfect for somebody looking to get back into the reefing game or for somebody looking to start a new tank but doesn't want to pay full price for all accessories. Some of the items...
  8. bar|none

    SPS Dominant Reefer 170, Hybrid Lighting, Triton Method Build Thread

    (NEW SPS!!) My goal is to build out a Red Sea Reefer 170 with modifications to run a Mixed LPS/SPS tank on the Full Triton method. Refugium as primary nutrient export with Hybrid LED/T5 lighting. Small skimmer rather than full sized, to guard real estate for refugium. I am new to salt water so...
  9. linhtp272

    California Wtb dryside vortech mp40qd

    Hi everybody. I am looking to buy dry side of vortech mp40QD, if anybody has a sale please inbox me. Thanks
  10. thenissantech

    Tennessee Reef Octopus, Kessil, Aquatic Life, Tunze, BRS, Ecotech garage sale!!!!!!

    Hello and thanks for checking out my online sale! I have so much equipment that I have to part with some of it. Everything is listed in as is condition. Prices include both shipping and PayPal fees. thank you and let me know if you have any questions! 1. Ecotech MP10 WES. the first one is...
  11. smartwater101

    Vortech MP40 connection issues. Constantly goes missing!

    I have cleared the MP40s memeory a few times which has not helped. Issues: will (daily) show up as missing. Sometimes it will show as missing even if the powerhead is still running. It also shows up missing after an apex restart. Turning ON/AUTO/OFF will usually not work. I often have to...
  12. smartwater101

    MP40 extension: Having trouble finding wires, 10-conductor 22awg and 26awg (shielded)

    I don't want to send the dryside to Echotech and pay 60$ for an extension. But the only place I can find these wires, sell them in bulks of hundreds of feet. Pricey to say the least. I posted in the 'Looking to buy' forum (hoping someone has a busted dryside that i can steal the cable from)...
  13. smartwater101

    California Dryside cable for a vortech MP40 (older ver w/white controller) I do not need motor or controller

    WTB I want to extend the cable for my MP40, and I rather not pay 60$ to send it to Echotech for an extension. Does anyone have a busted Dryside sitting around? I'm not sure what it would cost me for shipping, but even just cutting the motor off would be fine by me lol I'm having a heck of a...
  14. M

    Florida 2 MP40's and backup battery for sale

    Hi, I have 2 vortech MP40's and a backup battery for sale. The whole set: $600 Separate: $300 per vortech and backup battery $75. All cables, accessories and original boxes. Original purchase date june 2017, have the original receipts in case you want those to.
  15. C

    California Vortech MP10wQD

    Looking to sell this Vortech MP10WQD with a bracket and two additional cages. MFG date is July 31, 2015. Will ship to lower 48 states. Looking to sell this quickly, make me an offer, $170 shipped obo. Has RF wireless chip.
  16. C

    California MP10wQD Controller & dryside only

    Hi all, I have a Dryside & controller & controller bracket for sale, they work well and has RF chip for wireless connect to reeflink already. MFG date July 31 2015 No power supply though. Will throw in a few cages and the old wetside but needs new wetside. Asking $100 shipped to lower 48.
  17. C

    California Vortech MP10wQD

    Hi all, I have a Vortech MP10QD for sale, which has the RF chip (W lights up). Manufacture date is July 31 2015. You get everything seen below for $180 shipped to lower 48. One wetside, two extra cages, one controller bracket.
  18. C

    California Vortech MP40wQD

    I have a MP40WQD for sale. $250 shipped for everything you see below. No manufactured date on controller. It's working well. 1 newer wet side, 1 older wet side, bracket for controller, couple extra cages, couple spacers, couple spare parts.
  19. Buku

    Iowa Ecotech mp60 $180

    MP60 ES $180 shipped. It’s this cheap since the housing that holds the cable had to be glued and the end of the power supply had to be spliced with a new end. Everything works as it should. If you want to get a new power supply there is a replacement on amazon for $20 that I bought for one of...
  20. schooleyosis

    Tennessee Vortech MP10QD - MFG May 25, 2016

    Selling my MP10 Quiet Drive (wireless capable) that was used on a small cube that I had running for a little over 2 years. Only ran in lagoon mode on the lowest setting 99% of the time. Slightly cleaned in vinegar and rinsed. Original box and instructions included . $200 includes shipping...
  21. Joe Batt

    Vortec MP40 MP10 QD with Apex and anti sync

    Hi all I have just connected my 2x MP40 to my Apex with WXM module and all working great. A couple of questions about Anti Sync. Say Left is on lagoon and Right is on lagoon. Will they be both at different random flows within the lagoon mode or both at the same power at the same time? Same...
  22. Joey Bekius

    Vortech not starting

    I just bought a used vortech and when I plugged it in, the led is red (not flashing) and idk what's wrong with it Could it be bocase it's missing the rubber spacer pad?
  23. CUSE1315

    New York MP40 WQD with Spare Parts

    Up for sale is a Ecotech MP40 WQD. Included also is an additional wet side, power brick, controller and a cracked dry side (was cracked in a recent move and I’m unsure if it can be fixed). Asking $250 for all shipped to the lower 48.
  24. Ignitros

    Washington Maxspect Gyre XF230's w/ ICV6 controller, trade for EcoTech VorTech MP40wQD's or MP10wQD's

    I have a slightly used pair of Maxspect Gyre XF230's with the ICV6 controller that I'd like to possibly trade for a pair of EcoTech MP40wQD's or even the MP10wQD's if someone is interested.
  25. MarineDepot

    Win a VorTech! + Get Organized: 10% off Controller Boards

    Win a VorTech! + Get Organized: 10% off Controller Boards The Eighth Day of Fishmas
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