1. Blakjax

    Drygoods Ecotech Controller Cabinet Cradles - $5

    I have 3 cradles for Vortech mp10, mp40 or mp60 controllers and 2 cradles for Vectra M2 $5 each - free shipping
  2. Blakjax

    Powerheads Ecotech Vortech MP60QD - Mobius Ready $585

    I have a used MP60 for sale. It works great and I just took it out of commission last weekend. The blades are a bit worn from a few snails getting in the way. I've priced appropriately. $585 + $15 shipping
  3. Blakjax

    SOLD Ecotech Vortech MP40QD Wetside $60

    I have an EcoTech Marine Vortech MP40QD wet side available. I only used it for a month while mine was getting fixed. The guard has missing "fins" as you will see in the picture. I will also include a 3d printed Nem guard. $60 + $5 shipping
  4. Blakjax

    SOLD Ecotech Vortech MP40QD (2x) - Mobius Ready $315

    I have two used MP40's with quiet drive. They are in excellent condition and will be shipped in their original packaging. They are both mobius ready. $315 + $10 shipping. $600 for both + $15 shipping.
  5. C

    SOLD *SOLD* 2x Ecotech Vortech Mp40 & Extra Wet Side

    I have 2x Ecotech Vortech Mp40 available. Each one comes with all 3 spacers, original foam guard, Nem Protect guard, controller mount, and they are both Mobius compatible. MFG dates shown in pictures. I also have an extra wet side that I will throw in. I’m getting out of the hobby for a bit...
  6. acro-ed

    Powerheads ***SOLD*** MP40 QD nice used with box

    Older Ecotech vortech Mp40 QD model. 2015 mfg date but only used intermittently over the years. Wetside is non-original. No idea of age; Approx 4 years but not constant use. This was a spare but I got an extra mp60 so no sense in keeping this. Works great; tested it before I listed. Comes with...
  7. Obdoc63

    Florida Vortech MP40QD x4 and MP10QD for sale

    I have zero lightly used MP40QWD and one NIB MP10QD for sale MP40QD $275 each plus shipping OBO MP10QD $225 sold Vortech Battery back up sold
  8. david_ma

    Michigan 5 Kessil 360’s, Neptune apex ddr, tunze ato, plus more

    You can text 313-268-3195 for faster response: Will consider trades for high end shrooms or? -5 kessils 360we with controller $950 shipped all 5. Connecting cables included - apex ddr container $150 shipped -tunze ato osmolator $110 shipped I also have more stuff. Pm me what you need
  9. B

    Vortech MP60QD

    Vortech MP60QD FT/FS BRAND NEW NEVER USED, won it in a raffle. I have no use for it. Located Delaware county, Pennsylvania.
  10. jp415

    SOLD Sold : (2) Ecotech Radion XR30 G6 Pros with RMS Mount MFR Date: 6/12/23

    Hi All, Selling (2) Ecotech Radion XR30 G6 Pros with RMS mount used for 6 months at 30%. I do not have the Original boxes. Single XR30 G6 Pro with RMS Mount 700$ or both for 1350$ with RMS Mounts buyer pays for shipping. SN Number: 7U5F00DB17RBE9 7U5F00DB56RVEC Build date 6/12/23
  11. V

    Mobius is currently bugged possibly wearing out your mp40’s

    Mobius is currently bugged for Reefcrest anti sync where the child pump will sporadically drop to lowest speed or accelerate to the fastest. Suggestion from Ecotech: run the child pump off Mobius or run them separate. ETA for resolving via firmware or new Mobius update: “Unfortunately, I do not...
  12. J

    Hello New member from the Netherlands !

    Hiiiii all, My name is Jeffrey from the Netherlands. I’m “new” in this hobby, today 2 years now. When I started I bought a Red Sea Reefer 250 and after a year I had the opportunity to buy a Red Sea Reefer S850. Now 1 year later everything works one but the only thing I’m fighting against is...
  13. Boonz28

    California Vortech MP10 SOLD

    Used Echotech Vortech MP10 - WQD, Non Mobius. Not sure when it was manufactured, don't have original packaging, good condition, everything works as it should. Will include a Driver mount from Echotech. Sold.
  14. jp415

    SOLD Sold - Vortech MP10QD - Non Mobius

    Hi All, Selling a Vortech MP10QD used for a few months for 120$ buyer pays for shipping. This MP10 does not have the Mobius chip but can purchase online for 25$. I used the chip for another MP40 on my DT. No need for this and clearing out my garage.
  15. V

    Brand new (sept 2022) MP40QD obnoxiously loud dry side.

    Just bought an MP40QD pump and disappointed to say it’s obnoxiously loud. Attaching videos. Tried reaching out to Ecotech and was told to give 2 weeks to break in. It’s certainly the dry side as it’s loud when wet side is detached. Most of the threads I read people say their MP40QD were...
  16. jsargent1

    Texas 4 Mp10qd Mobius ready- will ship!

    I have 4 ecotech vortex mp10qd’s for sale 2 are 2022 models 1 is a 2021 model One is an older model but has new dry side and driver. $200/ea firm. Shipping $15 ea, if you buy multiple, I will ship them together for $15
  17. C

    Drygoods Ecotech Vortech MP10

    I have an Ecotech Vortech MP10 for sale. It is Mobius compatible. I bought it from another reefer on R2R but never set up the tank it was going on. I did turn it on to test it. It shows up in mobius and works as it should. It is noisy but I believe a new wet side may take care of it. $160...
  18. smartwater101

    Controlling ecotech MP40s and Radions with ProfiLux?

    I took 4 years off from the hobby and am about to jump back in! :) I notice the old GHL controller/box doesn't work with vortech anymore and was wondering if anything has changed in the last 4 years? Can I program my lights and MP40s with GHL? Or are people just using ecotech Mobius instead...
  19. jsargent1

    Powerheads VorTech mp10qd-will ship

    I have 4 VorTech mp10qd’s for sale One 2021 model 2 2022 models and one older model but I bought a new dry side and wet side so it’s up to date with the rest of them Barley used All Mobius ready and work flawlessly $250 ea obo I also have a spare dry side, it fell and broke the plastic...
  20. Fishgeek88

    Michigan NEW Vortech MP40wQD $380 Shipped

    New in box Ecotech Vortech MP40wQD. Unit is still sealed. Please see pic for serial number and date. Asking $380 shipped lower 48 insured Fedex or UPS.
  21. B

    Powerheads Hanna Salinity Checker, Test Kits and Other Stuff

    Have the following for sale. Happy to ship. Buyer covers shipping cost. Happy to work something out if you take multiple 1. Brand new sealed Hanna Salinity Tester HI98319 $70 3. Brand new Two Little Fishies Magfeeder $15
  22. david_ma

    Michigan apex el, coral box dc pump return, 55w uv sterilizer…will ship

    Shipping is $25 Apex el …$375 Tunze ato $100 Jebao wavemakers $80 both 55w uv sterilizer $80 picked up huge Gorgeous 60g cube $500 * anyone local, I have jbj 45 with upgraded intank media baskets, several heaters, pending
  23. T

    California PRICE DROP - Tunze 5017, Reefmat 1200 ,kessil h-80 ,eco tech mp40 , ConeS DCQ-2 , octo varios-8 return pump

    reefmat 1200 clean and ready to go . Only 6 months old . Comes with 2 extra brand new rolls $ 320 shipped . SOLD 2- mp40 pump 2 mobius ready 280 each shipped 1- mp40 qd 250 shipped 1- mp40 qd 200 shipped works perfectly fine just has slight noise . 1 aquamaxx ConeS DCQ-2 less then a year old...
  24. S

    New York MP40 for sale

    Selling this due to being too much flow for my tank. Used no more than 30 minutes. Includes Neat Aquatics Limpet Wide Flow Pump Guard and Driver Mount.
  25. david_ma

    Michigan Mp40wes, cal reactor, skimmers, orphek v2 x2, micro ato..trade? Updated 9/22

    Text 313-268-3195 Will trade for shrooms Call reactor $150 local Skimmer $100 local Also have a Red Sea 600 skimmer $250 local 800w heater $60 shipped Sicce sdc 6.0 wifi dc pump $150 shipped Ato container $80 local Micro ato $60 shipped Jebao gyre $60 shipped NOVI MI. Trade for shrooms possible