what fish is this

  1. D

    Question, what kind of Kole Tang do I have?

    I bought this “Blue Eyed” Kole Tang at my LFS and apon bringing him home he has a lot of red in him, not a bad red a coloration of red, I was thinking it’s a Chevron Tang but that would be way too good to be true considering I only paid 40$ for the fish. Let me know, thanks.
  2. BeagleBro52

    Sea Cucumber type?

    I saw this dude at the local pet store, the tag says AC Caledon Sandsift Cucumber. Can anyone give me more info? I need a sand sifter but don't want something that will outgrow my tank (currently 20H, soon upgrading to 40B) or nuke it in case of stress. If the pic doesn't show up let me know...
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