1. T

    HELP!! It looks like my Xenia is dying and idk what to do

    So yesterday, I get home from work. I work at a rehab hospital as a nurse aide taking care of brain damaged patients and the hours are long (12 hours) so at the end of the day I come home looking forward to seeing my reef. I had recently (about 2 weeks ago) bought heteroxenia off live aquaria’s...
  2. W

    Unknown Algea on Xenia

    I've had my tank for 5 weeks now, and I've noticed something growing on my xenia. Can any tell what it is?
  3. KBW13

    New Jersey New York Green Nepthea, chalice, and xenia for sale

    Any size frag of green nepthea, pulsing xenia, and hollywood stunner chalice. Pickup/dropoff only currently. Hollywood stunner $30 larger frag, $15 smaller frag Nepthea and xenia $10 a frag. Will cut to order, Looking to get rid of some over growth. If interested in large chunk of nepthea of...
  4. Castaway6

    So...what would you do?

    Let me just start by saying what you are about to see might be graphic to some and might cause nightmares/ptsd from others. Long neglected, but heavily fed, what was once a flourishing tropical reef in a box has now turned into...well what looks to be a mix between hades' underworld and a...
  5. Kolby_Mitchell

    Indiana Coral for sell!

    Located in columbus Indiana although I can ship -pulsing xenia (price depends on how big of cut you would like) -hydnophora -$30 -cali torte acropora -$30 -pink birdsnest -$20 -blue devils finger leather (price depends on how big of cut you would like)
  6. lazycouch

    new xenia. help??

    hey guys i just bought this xenia who was fragged right in front of me at the LFS about 6 hours ago. it’s been bending over like this for a while now and when i supported it with my fingers it’d stay upright for ~10minutes. was wondering if this is normal since it’s new/freshly fragged? wouldn’t...
  7. LxHowler

    Invasive coral tank

    So I am think of setting up a tank filled with all the coral that people class as invasive, things like gsp, Xenia and mushrooms. The sort of things that I don't want in my main reef tank. I currently have a cycled fluval 13.5 with a pair of clownfish and live rock, bare bottom. Been cycled a...
  8. DiaTom

    Go vertical or go home? Opinions wanted.

    I have a question that keeps nagging me. I'm considering encouraging one or more of my corals to grow on the back glass and overflow, but I'm decidedly undecided. I want your opinions and experience. I may not follow your advice, but I might, maybe. The tank is not tall and one of my...

    My Xenia’s are dying !

    My Xenias where nice and blooming and today in the morning when the lights came on they did not open . So I turned on my pumps that i use during feeding time and one of them wanted to but did not ..... i did a parameter check and it looks like PH is way low . So i drove to my local pet shop and...
  10. Perpetual Novice

    Does Xenia release Iodine when it dies? Inverts beware?

    I've heard that some people go as far as to supplement iodine in their tanks to help their xenia flourish. I haven't been able to verify this theory (and believe me I've tried), but that seems to imply that xenia is a bio-accumulator of iodine. And if thats true then... Well, it probably...
  11. JustPoprocks

    Xenia help

    I have what I believe is just your general Pom Pom Xenia. I’m just wondering if it is normal for Xenia to just grow in single heads. All the ones I’ve seen online have been one base white many heads. Thanks In advance
  12. F

    Help with Xenia

    Hello, I am new to corals and I’ve been prepping my tank for 16 months. I wanted to start with Xenia and green star polyps. I know the polyps are weeds, but I really love the way they look. Anyway, I finally bought some Xenia three days ago and they’ve been placed in the tank last night. My...
  13. N

    pulsing xenia puffed up

    Hi all, my xenia has been healthy, but tonight its puffed up from the body nothing has changed in the tank any ideas what its foing ot any experience? looks like its about to explode
  14. Perpetual Novice

    Can xenia keep my nutrients down?

    I have one tank with lots of xenia growing all over that I have to regularly prune and another tank with no xenia. The tank with the xenia consistently has lower nitrates than the one without. It also seems to require much less maintenance. Is the xenia consuming the nutrients in my tank an they...
  15. O

    Help with coral ID (I think its a type of Xenia)

    I have this Xenia (i think) that is growing out of control in my tank. I am trying to figure out what type of xenia it is so I can better figure out how to get rid of it or at least cut back some of it. I have posted a picture but this is like 2% of the total amount of it in my tank. It is...
  16. R

    Xenia Help

    Hi, I’ve had this Xenia for 2 weeks. It’s big and healthy but the longer stems are not opening. Is there something wrong or is this just they way it is? The ones close to the base open and pulse.
  17. Justin Allen

    Florida Easy coral/Pensacola

    Looking to buy some easy corals preferably soft corals/ leathers/shrooms/zoas/gsp or looking to see what’s available around Pensacola! Hit me up!!
  18. alexytman

    ID Xenia species please!

  19. ThunderGoose

    Xenia types - are they all bad?

    I know that pulsing xenia can get out of control and take over a tank. So I avoided it. But I like the way xenia looks and I see other "types" of xenia available. Are they all problematic? Could I use a Pom Pom Xenia or a silver Xenia and NOT have it take over everything? Thanks
  20. RobertN

    Could Majano Wand zap (kill) Xenia?

    Hi Folks-- Anyone have experience using a Majano wand and know if it could kill Xenia? I'm so sick of those dang things popping up all over my tank. Thanks! Robert
  21. RobertN

    Do Xenia's sting other corals?

    Has anyone observed Xenia's stinging and injuring other corals that they were touching? I had a nice size purple Monti cap and some Xenia started growing on a rock next to it; eventually some of the Xenia were touching one edge along 1" or so of the Monti, but I paid no attention to it. The next...
  22. J

    Need some help to ID this frag i bought.

    Frag was listed as long tentacled xenia but ive never heard of it so i googled it and nothing came up either looking like the one in the pic. Anyone know what kind of xenia it is or is it even a xenia
  23. Gdk414

    First reef tank 125g need advice

    So ive had this tank running for like 10 months now. I had one crash a few months ago but thing are doing a lot better now. I test cal, alk, mg, nitrate, ph, and salinity a few times a week. My mag is over 1500. Should i be concerned? Everything else is testing within a range thats...
  24. Dylan Grech

    Is this a Xenia?

    Hi, Can someone please confirm this is a Xenia? It was sold to me as Xenia but after having it for about 2 months I'm starting to think it might be something else as it doesn't have the 'mini-hands'. Please ignore the state of the coral in the first picture this was from the first week I got...
  25. beyer

    Pom Pom Xenia placement

    I have a new Pom Pom Xenia frag with 3 stalks and placed it on my rock. I've heard you should isolate them so they don't overtake your main rock structure but I do not have room in my tank to dedicate a specific island for Xenia coral. Will I be ok to have it on my main rock structure? I've...