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  1. Yellow tang

    Yellow tang

  2. aws2266

    Yellow and Purple Tang in a 120?

    I'm going to be setting up a 120g soon and am looking for a couple center-piece fish. If I introduce them at the same time would or could it work out?
  3. Trueruby

    HLLE on yellow tang. Just noticed

    Hi Everyone, I have been looking for to have a yellow tang for a long time. Finally, 2 days ago I got one! However, today I realised the fish actually has HLLE. I got it from a reefer. Never saw this sickness before until see this one. I checked the fish closely and saw colour differance. As I...
  4. Gonj

    HLLE in yellow tang?

    Picked him up yesterday, and today I notice he’s got this silver around his eyes, could this be HLLE, if so what should I do? To preface I do not and have never run carbon in this tank.
  5. reefz

    USA WTB Looking for a yellow tang that's not a million dollars

    For some reason, getting a yellow tang is nearly impossible now. Every retailers is selling yellow tangs currently with a $250 price tag. I remember not even a year ago my LFS was selling them for $40 each. Like what the heck happened?! We go from a $40 fish to $250 in less then a year?? It makes no sense...
  6. J

    Yellow tank and possibly flukes?

    Long story short, my yellow tang suddenly stopped eating and swimming out in the open, had some redness, and also was flashing. I quarantined it in copper and antibiotics for about 10 days, and the entire time in QT it seemed fine (wouldn't eat though). No flashing, healed from the red spots...
  7. adittam

    80 gallon lagoon upgrade - stocking plan

    Hi all - So my current tank is a 46 gallon bowfront (take a look by clicking on my build thread badge!), and I’ll be upgrading soon to an 80 gallon 48” long x 24” wide x 16” tall tank. My plan is to have it aquascaped a little more open than my current tank so there is more open swimming room...
  8. jackalexander

    Removing Copper

    I have two tangs that have gone through their 30 day copper treatment and are ready to be moved into the main display. Do I have to remove the copper in the quarantine (2.23) before adding them to the display or can I start the acclimation process without removing the copper?
  9. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive Bred Labyrinth Angelfish, GoldFlake Angelfish, Colin's Angelfish, Australian Flathead Perch, Marine Bettas

    We Have a MASSIVE update on the website for y'all this week. I've added all of the following species captive-bred as always: Colin's Angelfish (Centropyge colini) Goldflake Angelfish (Apoloemichthys xanthopunctatus) Labyrinth Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus x Chaetodontoplus sp.)...
  10. R

    Algae/bacterial bloom, or something else - what should I do?

    All fish QTed in copper prior to adding to tank. All corals stable prior to incident. Water stable with Po4 under .1, No3 around 15, alk between 8.2-8.4, calcium around 440, I recently added a group of fish to my main tank that had been in QT and dosed with copper for 30 days followed by...
  11. TheDuude

    Yellow tang Poo or Parasites?

    I have just over a year old CB Biota tang I purchased from Live Aquaria. He has always had slight HLLE. I feed frozen food soaked in selcon and plenty of Nori. HLLE has not healed but is not getting worse as he ages. Trying to do everything I can to make sure he is healthy as possible. Noticing...
  12. T

    Yellow Tang From Biota

    I received my yellow tang from The Biota Group about a week ago and couldn’t be happier. I got back into the hobby right around the time Hawaii announced the ban/restrictions on exports so obviously yellow tangs aren’t readily available as they used to be. Thankfully for groups like Biota, there...
  13. Omar22407

    Connecticut WTB Yellow tang

    Hello can I’m looking for a large 6-7 inch yellow tang, I can pick up plz, or text my number 860-328-3581, I’m located in CT, I want one like the large one in the picture
  14. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive-Bred Yellow Tangs Available

    Hey Y'all, After months of hard work we finally have some yellows to put up on the site! These guys are all around 1.25"-1.5" in sizing and taking on tons of pellets, frozen food, nori, and fresh ulva. I had a limited amount to put up on the site...
  15. J

    Connecticut New York Fish for sale, Tangs

    Yellow tang ~4inches $200 Powder Brown tang ~4inches $90 Blue Hippo tang~ 4inches $80 Anthias~4inches $30 Zipcode 06901
  16. Liquid Metalhead

    Lympho assist from fire shrimp?

    I have a tang with lympho, I'm curious if there are any reef inhabitants that would help clean them off? Maybe cleaner wrasse or shrimp? A few times today I have noticed my yellow tang approach my blood red fire shrimp and allow a quick cleaning. I'm wondering if it's just coincidence or if the...
  17. Edub

    EMERGENCY Yellow tang appears to have black ich

    So the yellow tang I got 4 days ago appears to have black ich, they are very small. I will get a picture later, however I heard this can be treated with prazipro and applied some one the 2nd and 3rd day and I still se them, there’s not a ton but there’s quite a few. Please share your thoughts...
  18. Edub

    New yellow tang

    So I got the small yellow tang and he his doing great. Eating and acting normal, I will observe him until Sunday which he then will enter the DT. I recorded i video to see if you guys notice anything, thanks (in the video he’s only in that small tank for the video)
  19. C

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Move Out Sale - Corals & Livestock Yellow Tang, Euphyllia Gardens etc

    Selling my corals and Livestock. Selling due to a anticipated move to another state or country. Taking tank and gears with me. All the livestock's are about 2 years old. Interested reefers please PM or send me text , will share pics. 651-757-880four Only pick up as i dont have any shipping exp...
  20. Edub

    EMERGENCY Tiny Yellow Tang

    So there is Tiny yellow tang that I want to get and I mean 1/2-3/4 inches. I really want him but don’t know how hardy he is and wanna make sure he’s healthy. Please send thoughts if he would be okay!
  21. H

    Sick yellow tang?

    Hello all, A few days ago I got a hawaiian yellow tang, however he(or she) was held up in shipping for an extra day and the urchin I ordered with him was DOA. He's about 4 inches (10cm) and after a few hours of settling down immediately started eating like a pig and has been ever since. However...
  22. VanCityReef

    EMERGENCY Help with Unhappy Yellow Tang

    Hey guys, I have a Yellow tang that is in a 20G QT with two small clowns and is very unhappy. She has what looks like ich on her fin and eye, torn dorsal fin, and these . I treated them with Praziquantel for 8 days, they have been treated with "Coper Power" at 2.0ppm for two weeks now. She eats...
  23. gabesreef

    Florida Yellow tang for sale

    M/L yellow tang very healthy have had it for 1.5 years. It eats great and has no disease. $60
  24. Ashv5


    Hey guys, Parting out my tank. I have a very healthy and large 4-5in yellow tang. Raised in a large tank. Good peaceful community fish. He has no history of ich, velvet etc. Has always been healthy and active, on a diet of seaweed and general flake food. Posted below are pics of him eating and...
  25. gabesreef

    Florida M/L yellow tang

    I’m looking to rehome my M/L yellow tang as I am trying to introduce new tangs to my system and I’m afraid he’ll be aggressive towards new additions. He’s very healthy and I’ve had him 1.5 years now. South Florida local pick up only. $80