1. RedSea50Gang

    Yuma? Mushroom balloon?

    I have had this mushroom for over a year I think it’s a Yuma. It has always had one kind of bigger little balloon (for lack of knowing the actual term). This morning I noticed that bigger balloon is huge and the rest are a little shriveled. What’s up with it? Looks healthy otherwise... is it...
  2. Coralick

    Florida Yellow submarine yuma

    Beautiful yellow submarine yuma 100$ Local zip 33009
  3. tjclapp


    hey guys, selling a few babies from Godzilla. Will include pic of my biggest one and will message pic of the mother of mine if you want to see. These are the real deal. I had to hunt them down like a year ago. 500 for a baby. I have 2 remaining. Located in SWFL shipping available.
  4. UnderseaOddities

    Mushrooms,does anyone have a mushroom only tank

    Hello R2R... im new to the community and was looking into see if there are any dedicated mushroom farmers out there .id love to see your collection, mother tanks or mushy only racks or prop tanks) what i wanna do is collect cultures of mushrooms from lfs,forums,insta,frag swaps and dark web...
  5. tjclapp


    I want to buy a Godzilla Yuma... I live in Florida but will cover shipping please message me or respond in thread!
  6. L

    Yuma Mushrooms shrinking??! Help!

    My Yumas (not sure exactly what kind) have been thriving but all the sudden starting yesterday they’re not looking so hot. They’ve shrunk a bit and the colors aren’t as vibrant. What’s going on? Are they dying? Before and after pics attached (apologizes for the after pic, diatom bloom)
  7. RandyC

    California Shrooms for Sale

    WYSIWYG. Paypal required to hold. No Exceptions. Flat shipping rate of $40 for FedEx Priority Overnight shipping to lower 48. I am located in Northern California. Shrooms are currently attached to rock rubble and will be glued to a frag plug prior to shipping unless otherwise requested. 1...
  8. AquariumSpecialtyMatt

    High End/Collector Yuma's

    We recently received a small shipment of some high quality Ricordea Yuma's. Follow the link if interested. All WYSIWYG https://www.aquariumspecialty.com/aquarium-specialty-live/wysiwyg.html
  9. Steven w

    New York Shrooms Gallore! Magic carpet, jawbreaker, yuma bounce, kryptonite and others!

    Poletti JB sold TCK powerballs $800 shipped Kryptonite JB $175 shipped CC Magic Carpet sold Rainbow Yuma sold JF Minecraft Mushroom sold Bottem left sold middle Bounce sold huge 3” disco on bottom right sold Rhodactis with bubbles sold Baby Afterburner sold Unique green mouth with gold...
  10. Steven w

    New York Huge Yuma bounce and other nice mushrooms

    Trying to add pics
  11. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Auction Announcement - Thursday, Dec 27th

    Check out our new behind the scenes video at Chaos Aquaculture. Thursday Auctions are posted on our Facebook Group Page, Chaos Aquaculture Frag Auction & Sales Group. Make sure to request to join today so you can submit your bids on time. Auction Highlights for Thursday, Dec. 27th Auctions...
  12. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Auction Fri 10-12

    Friday Night Auction Announcement Auction - Friday Oct. 12, 2018 Auctions begin ending at 8:30PM EST Chaos Aquaculture #26 Coral Name -Walt Disney Tenius Starting Bid - $100 Bid Increments - $5 End Time/Day: Friday October 12, 2018 -9:30PM EST In order to bid on our Friday auction, you must...
  13. sotsreef

    Baby Mushroom or Octospawn tentacle

    I found this little green dot looking thing on my sandbed in a low flow area today. It was sitting there before I placed it in a cup with sand at the back of my tank. It’s about the size of a nerd candy, neon green and I can see a spot without green which I assume is the foot, if it’s a...
  14. AquariumSpecialty

    New Releases from the Aquarium Specialty Farm Tanks

    Some new coral releases. To see more click here. The photos are also linked.
  15. Holy_makerel

    Can Ricordia F and yumas live together peacefully?

    Just like the title says I'm planning on having a ricordia rock island and would like to keep both species together if possible. Any experience with this would be really helpful
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