1. Jax15

    What is the best reefing "program" or "system"?

    I've been considering altering my approach to fall in-line with one of the reef programs available. For example there's the Red Sea program, Zeovit, and Triton. What do people think about this? My approach has always been custom ... mixing brands, plotting my own course. But I can see the...
  2. AquariumSpecialty

    25% OFF Zeovit for a limited time

    Shop here for all Zeovit products from the company that has been carrying Zeo products for almost 15 years. https://www.aquariumspecialty.com/shop-by-brand/korallen-zucht.html
  3. D

    Sponges in a Bottle

    Hi, I was wondering if fellow reefers can contribute to this question - What Sponge-in-a-Bottle can we buy to increase our sponge variety in a reef rank? I currently use Zeovit Sponge Power and the sponge life has really taken off in my tank. I would like to add to the variety of sponges in...
  4. S

    Equipment Sale All Must Go - Ecotech, Radion, Lifereef, Kessel, Hanna.

    Got rid of my tank looking to sell all my old equipment. Will not ship anything local pick up only. For Sale: Radion G3 Pro wide angle lenses, diffuser, RMS mount and Reef Link Asking $600 for all - not looking to break this up. Kessel A360WE with controller, mounting arm and piece have...
  5. Hemmdog

    California WTB Skimz Auto Zeovit Reactor 1.2L

    Hey there R2R I’ve been doing zeovit for about a month. Looking for this(ZAR-127 1.2L capacity) automatic zeolite reactor but it is sold out everywhere. Does anyone have one new-in-box that they never got around to using or even a gently used one? Thanks in advance!
  6. nickkohrn

    ZEOvit Frag System?

    I currently have a Waterbox 100.3 that was intended to be a display system. However, I decided to turn it into a frag system after living arrangements changed. Now, I'm working on setting up a 40-gallon breeder to replace the Waterbox with because I hate the dimensions of the Waterbox. In the...
  7. AquariumSpecialty

    Veterans Day Sale - Sale Ends tonight

    Get 11% off and 5 Times Rewards from Aquarium Specialty. Sale ends at midnight. See sight for exclusions. We also have specials on Zeovit and Tunze for the month of November. Click the banners to learn more.
  8. N

    Nuuze's Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650 Adventure

    Update [12/01/2019] Hi Reef2Reef, After a 10 year hiatus from reefing I've decided to take another dive. I didn't normally post here back then although had an account, it was more at the "other" site. :) As always I want to start a tank thread to chat, share and log my experiences in...
  9. thereefingguy

    California FS: Vertex zeovit reactor w/ media and additives

    Comes with everything pictured. Pick up in LA/ Orange County. $150+shipping.
  10. Mkeller088

    My 144 half cylinder

    This is in its 3rd year. I’ve been in the hobby 10 years. Equipment running this tank is simple, cor 20 pump. 2 MP40 power heads. Reef Octopus 150 internal pump and overflow shut off. Fully monitored using APEX. 2 flow sensors to monitor a Skimz reactor for zeovit flow. Floor sensors for leak...
  11. Hemmdog

    Hemmdog’s 90gal Seaciety and 40gal Vale of Shadows

    Hello! Just starting my build thread for my main display; a 90 gallon I set up in August 2018. Thank you for stopping by and please leave comments or questions below! 5/26/20 2/13/20 11/30/19 7/31/19 3/23/19 1/17/19 And my 40b set up in April 19’ 12/11/19
  12. Deanb

    Texas zeovit reactor & zeovit additives

    5 month old Skimz Zm-150 $160 shipped https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/skimz-monzter-zm150-external-zeolith-reactor.html I also have many zeovit additives I can create a package deal with. Dont have time to keep up with zeovit anymore, had really good results with nice PE. Pm if interested...
  13. Elgringodiablo

    Switching from Zeovit to ARID reactor

    So, yesterday morning I went downstairs to check on my tanks and noticed my power was totally off one two of them. It was raining out, so I figured it might be a popped breaker or something. Was basically right, my GFCI had tripped, fortunately it had only been 20-30 minutes earlier, not even...
  14. DiZASTiX

    DiZASTiX - A Tank for the Road

    My name is Spike. This is the story of reef keeping with a jet setter lifestyle. EPISODE I: The story begins with keeping a reef while traveling heavily, and leaning on an enthusiastic partner and plenty of technology to ensure operation while I'm away three days every week. EPISODE II: My...
  15. Zazzy

    Gfo with Sps dominant

    I've read online that you should never run gfo with Sps corals in your system. Apparently corals will lose colors. How true is this? I currently run a refugium, carbon dose vinegar, and run phosguard but it gets exhausted very quickly. I feed my corals reef roids every other day. Looking for...
  16. Cherub

    zeovit vs triton

    Hey all, Hopefully this is the right place on the forum to ask. I have been using kalk on my ATO and frankly that just doesn’t work for me. It’s completely inconsistent and I can certainly attribute this for random losses on occasion. Last week I lost 2 really nice across due to a spike and I...
  17. MarineDepot

    Robert's Secret Sauce for Growing Healthy Colorful Corals

    Robert's Secret Sauce for Growing Healthy Colorful Corals NEW VIDEO + 25% off Korallen-Zucht!
  18. AquariumSpecialty

    Zeovit and BioTek Marine Sale

    Enjoy 10% off on all BioTek Marine products through this Friday 11/3/2017. This includes BioTek Marine: Tek and Bio series sumps and reactors colored PVC pipe filter socks BTM-3000 PAR Meters and Wands Dry Rock Refractometers and More...
  19. Curryb15

    Let's talk zeovit

    Hello all. Im wonderi g about the zeovit system. I know it requires a reactor but have seen some tanks that run zeovit without a reactor. Is this possible. Has anyone done it with success?
  20. FLAdaboy

    60g Cube

    So, I haven't posted my build because life happens. I managed to acquire my cube from a fellow reefer when I was in FL. Traded 6 zoa frags for it. I feel like I came out on top. It took a few months to build then stock. I got the rock while I was in FL as well. I've always wanted a cube because...
  21. Realworldreefing

    Upcoming 180 Gallon ZEOvit Reef!

    Hey all! Long time reader first time poster! I'm over the moon excited that my decade long dream of starting a reef tank is finally here! I'm moving to my new home in late June/July and my tank will begin then! I welcome all the advice you can give, as all of my knowledge has been gained...
  22. AquaNerd

    Two new additives announced from Zeovit - AcroGlow and Coral Snow Plus

    http://aquanerd.com/2017/06/two-new-products-from-korallen-zucht-acroglow-and-coral-snow-plus.html New additives announced from Korallen-Zucht; the makers of the Zeovit line. Coral Snow Plus and AcroGlow. Learn more by clicking the above link.
  23. Caliwagon

    Vertex Z 3.0 Zeovit Reactor

    Downsized and this will no longer fit with my new system. Purchased Black Friday 2016 from BRS. Normal wear and tear from the daily pumping of the zeolite media. Has been cleaned and had a vinegar rinse and is in the original box ready to ship. Will come with the remaining bottles of Zeobak...
  24. Caliwagon

    KZ 3.0 Zeovit reactor and MP40WQD For Sale

    Title says it all. Downsized, this equipment won't fit with the new set up. Both were purchased within the last 8 months (Black Friday for the KZ reactor; Dec. 1, 2016 manufacture date on the mp40). KZ reactor with come with the remaining bottles of ZeoStart, Bac and Food. Both have been...
  25. Mr.Alex

    Nano Zeovit Tanks!

    Hey everyone my name is Alex, I created this thread to show my journey through building my nano zeovit tank. I would also like this to be an open discussion for anyone else with a zeovit system or anyone who is thinking about starting one! This first picture is where i started and the rest...