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  1. david_ma

    Michigan High end zoas, shrooms(mamas NFS), and torch

    Cornbred Magic fire bounce $250 plus shipping(have 2) jason fox red rauncher bounce frag $250 plus shipping cb dragon ball torch $400 shipped hallucination zoa $100( have 3) flaming mohican zoa $150 flaming mohican plus baby $200 seduction 2-3p each $100 mind tricks $120 each have 2...
  2. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa tier discussion

    So I’ve slowly collected a bunch of zoa, most of which I’m assuming are low end. I just wanted to post them all so people could give me a decent idea of where they land in terms of rarity. Only rare thing I have are CB white zombies. rastas Orange bam bams Blue hornets WWC purple monsters...
  3. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa Id

    Need some help id’ing zoas. I got both these dudes for 5$ and don’t know what they are. I’d needed on the second pic are the blue and orange with the yellow mouth. Super deep in my biocube so hard to get pictures lol. @footgal because, well duh.
  4. Zoa_Fanatic

    Kentucky Anyone selling zoa?

    Anyone in the central ky area selling any zoa? I have a bunch I could conceivably trade you for a frag as well.
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa IDs

    Got these in Nashville for 5$/frag. The first look like rainbow eclipse to me. The second ones are still coloring up. The center is a safety orange and the outside is kinda clear/white right now. Not sure what it’s gonna be or if it will color up at all. Pics suck because I’m using an iPhone sorry.
  6. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa and Ricordea Florida

    Has anyone kept these two types of corals together in a garden? Does the mushroom hurt the zoa? Got a small one I want to try to include in my Zoa gardens.
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    ZOA ID

    This pic sucks I know. But if anyone can even get me close I’d appreciate it. Another 5$ frag I picked up. It’s the super orange small head in the middle. It’s not fire and ice it’s center is almost completely a radioactive orange with a dark blue skirt.
  8. Zoa_Fanatic

    ZOA ID

    I got this frag for 5$ this weekend. I’m amazed at the colors but I have no idea what it is. Can someone please help. Tagging @footgal for obvious reasons.
  9. roninmagik1

    Build Thread Busy Dads 40 gallon breeder

    Chronicling the hopeful maintaining and not declining of my 40 breeder, now that i've got a newborn baby as well as a two year old. As of right now, tank is doing okay, although SPS is not really doing well. Alkalinity is 6.7 and salinity is 1.026. Did a 15% water change just a few days ago...
  10. PBnJOnWheat

    Zoa ID (paly)

    I was told these were wild, unseen, and unlabeled. Testing that pre-purchase theory to see if it holds up now that I dropped top dollar for them. The most gold zoas I’ve ever seen. I will be selling a couple polyps at some point also. (First 5 photos were just before lights out, more white than...
  11. M

    Zoa Id

    Bought this without names .. what are these called #Zoaexperts #zoaworldproblems
  12. Tekothan

    How to increase only specific zoa polyp

  13. RedFrog211

    Build Thread My 15g Nano Reef

    I started a nano tank in August, 2020. I took pictures, but never started a thread; so I figured I’d do that now! My main goal for this aquarium is to have a relaxing place I enjoy sitting and watching the marine life. I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and was always around the ocean. I...
  14. Zoa_Fanatic

    Red/brown algea on zoa

    Hey reefers. I’ve got his red/brown algea that grew on some old polyps that have since died (read got eaten by an emerald crab who is now banished). They stayed closed for a long time but they were white zombies and just went though a tank move so I don’t think it was this stuff causing that...
  15. Zoa_Fanatic

    ID on all my Zoa frags/colonies please.

    I’ve asked before about individual pieces on here but never on all of my Zoa at once. Lemme know what you guys think. I’d like to get a full list of what I actually have. this is what I think I’ve got: 1) goblins on fire 2) Rasta 3) Island time 4) Bam Bam 5) Fire and Ice 6) Fire and ice...
  16. R

    Zoas melting but why??

    Hey everybody! I’m an experienced reefer and actually worked at an awesome LFS for a couple years, so I’m familiar with the chemistry of reef tanks and usually have no problems with my corals- however for the first time I’m having zoa trouble! All my parameters are within normal, I know, but...
  17. Zoa_Fanatic

    New zoa I just picked up!

    Just picked up a frag of vampires in drag and a combo frag of WWC purple monsters + blue hornets. So excited.
  18. S

    Need an id on this zoa!

    Hey zoa lovers i need an id on this beaut!! Was sold to me as toxic candy apple but i have my doubts as no candy apple zoa iv found online looks like this one. Also i havnt reli seen many having this one in our hobby.. Your views and comments please. Happy reefing!
  19. reefhomie

    Michigan High end shroom Collection

    Have some extras to get rid of, looking to get the pack taken off my hands! Asking $950 shipped with the red one thrown in as a freebie Jersey bounce mushroom juggernaut bounce mushroom Uranium bounce mushroom Dragon lady as freebie standard 1 hour DOA pic of jersey mom will also be posted.
  20. Rrwilson1223

    Build Thread New House, New Tank! RSR750

    Hi everyone, We just bought a new home (Santa Rosa CA) last fall and decided it was time to upgrade our reef tank. Spent a great deal of time looking at tanks at the LFS and online. Finally settled on the Reefer 750 XXL. One small problem, they were on back order on almost every site I tried...
  21. v3ndy_ch3ng

    My ZOAs collection from Indonesia

    ZOA collections from Indonesia and some of them still unidentified. Please let me know which one is your favorite? ZOA001 ZOA002 ZOA003 ZOA004 ZOA005 ZOA006 ZOA007 ZOA008 ZOA009 ZOA010 ZOA011 ZOA012 ZOA13
  22. 420reffer

    Need help to ID corals

    So I got this zoa frag I need to know what kind of zoa it is also what kind of coral is on the same frag looks like a lps or sps but what kind it's the green looking frag
  23. surcalation

    Large Build UK 250gal soft coral tank running Triton method

    After such a warm welcome in the welcoming section and a few questions of "show us your build" here is the start of my reefing journey. This is my 4th fish tank and 2nd marine tank. My first marine tank was running for 6 years before it was closed down due to a suspected tank leak and upcoming...
  24. Daydream Corals

    Livestock CB Space Invader Pectinia On Sale + New Customers Get 10% Off

    Space Invader Pectinia On Sale + New Customers Get 10% Off https://daydreamcorals.com/product/cb-space-invader-pectinia-2-eye/ New Customers Save 10% off With Coupon Code "Welcome" Sitewide Sale going on now through July 4th Check out the site https://daydreamcorals.com/ !!! Lots of really...
  25. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Sitewide Sale NOW THRU JULY 4TH SAVE 25% OFF + New Customers Save 10% Off

    Sitewide Sale NOW THRU JULY 4TH SAVE 25% OFF + New Customers Save 10% Off NEW CUSTOMERS SAVE 10 % Off With Coupon Code "Welcome" Please visit our site https://daydreamcorals.com/
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