zoa colony

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    Zoas garden
  2. PBnJOnWheat

    Zoa ID (paly)

    I was told these were wild, unseen, and unlabeled. Testing that pre-purchase theory to see if it holds up now that I dropped top dollar for them. The most gold zoas I’ve ever seen. I will be selling a couple polyps at some point also. (First 5 photos were just before lights out, more white than...
  3. Tekothan

    How to increase only specific zoa polyp

  4. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoas look like crap after feeding

    So I’ve been periodically feeding my Zoa phyto plankton. They always look like crap after they eat. The close up on the food and then a day later look shriveled and faded. They’ll stay that way for a few days before bouncing back. Are they just pooping out their zoanthellea with the food waste...
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    Is this BJD?

    I just plucked two polyps off my dragonseye colony because they were turning a bruised color. Pics attached. Now I had some white zombies (which were eaten by a crab who had since been banished back to the LFS) who grew this same color but opened and ate and were fine for months. Is this just...
  6. Zoa_Fanatic

    ID on all my Zoa frags/colonies please.

    I’ve asked before about individual pieces on here but never on all of my Zoa at once. Lemme know what you guys think. I’d like to get a full list of what I actually have. this is what I think I’ve got: 1) goblins on fire 2) Rasta 3) Island time 4) Bam Bam 5) Fire and Ice 6) Fire and ice...
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    Help with my zoa garden.

    So I’ve got a biocube 32 led coming after my old one cracked. I ordered two frag rocks that hold three plugs each to make zoa gardens. I want to know about this possible combination for the two rocks. I plan to make one bam bam/Rasta/GB packers+Utter chaos (combo plug). The second I plan to make...
  8. MrDeathKills

    Help with Coral

    Got these guys yesterday. I have no clue if i am giving the right amount of flow and would like your help. Its been 24hrs wince adding. This is the coral we got Acro Birds nest, Acan Rainbow, Zoa rasta, GSP. Im the top left we have the outflow that we have faced slightly inward and more toward...
  9. S

    Need an id on this zoa!

    Hey zoa lovers i need an id on this beaut!! Was sold to me as toxic candy apple but i have my doubts as no candy apple zoa iv found online looks like this one. Also i havnt reli seen many having this one in our hobby.. Your views and comments please. Happy reefing!
  10. lazycouch

    zoas getting skinny?

    hey guys i recently purchased some zoa colonies and did a hydrogen peroxide dip a little less than a week ago after finding some hitchhikers. when they came back after hiding, they came back a little thin and deformed as you can see in the picture. i am still trying to acclimate them all to the...
  11. mario4933

    Zoa ID Please!!!

    Hi, I have been trying to ID this colony of zoas for a while now... maybe one of you guys could help me. under blues under white
  12. J

    Massachusetts Build Your Own Zoa Pack

    Build your own pack, below is the price per polyp. Will be a discount on multi-polyp and multi-frag packs. Shipping is $50 overnight with a standard 2 hour DOA with pictures of frag in unopened container. Not responsible for weather related shipping delays. Looking to make some space in my frag...
  13. Travv

    California Hyper Jubilees, Blue Hornet, Sunny D, Twizzlers, Alpha and Omega

    5 Zoa Pack, $200 Shipped Fed Ex Overnight. 1. Blue Hornets - 5 polyps 2. Hyper Jubilee - 4 polyps 3. Twizzlers - 30 polyps 4. Alpha and Omega - 15 polyps 5. Sunny D - 5 polyps Will ship out this week to work with your schedule. DOA covered, take clear picture of the frag plug...
  14. DQM5


    Huge Zoa Rock! 9-10 inches long about 4-5 wide. Sunny'ds , bam bam, and couple palys. ( Local Pick Up Only )
  15. Goby-won

    Virginia Large acro & Halle Berry zoas colonies

    For Sale - will ship for price Acro colony - two different acros - can’t remember the names but quite beautiful - asking $150 Halle Berry zoas - there are 50+ polyps on this rock - asking $100 Willing to make deal for both. Thanks for looking.
  16. HenryF

    What is this growing next to my Zoas?

    I have noticed a white little circle or spiral on my Zoa frag. I’m not sure what it is and would appreciate any information or advice on it. Thank you!
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    Seahorse and zoa
  18. Achilles

    ZOA ID EYE Candy

    would love to get an Id on this Zoa
  19. fsamir

    Best way to kill zoas without getting poisoned

    Hi reefers, what would be an ideal way to kill a small amount of zoas and avoid Palitoxin? I have a couple of zoa gardens, sometimes a particular type becomes more prominent and starts mixing with other colors, until it overcomes the original colony. The result is a less desirable colony...
  20. Goby-won

    Shroom / ZOA roack FS

    I am selling this gorgeous rock full of neon green (approx. 6), blue shrooms (approx. 12), and ZOA's (50+) - Rock is approximately 6" x 3" $100 + shipping by zip code from Chester, VA