zoanthid colonies

  1. cladius_galen

    Utter chaos morph and a mystery zoa?

    Hey guys. I just got a new small zoa colony but they didn’t tell me what it’s called. Also I’ve been on vacation for a week, upon coming back my normally brown zoa have morphed into a red speckled set. I’m wondering if they may be an utter chaos morph. Both photos attached below. I don’t know...
  2. Joe Knows Reefs


    We are overstocked with ZOA colonies and need to move them to make room for more corals coming in. Take advantage of these great deals. Follow this link and happy hunting!! http://www.joeknowsreefs.com/zoas-and-softies-wysiwyg/
  3. N11morales

    Zoanthid rock

    Hello guys I have this zoanthid rock. It’s taking up way to much room in my 32G biocube. I was curious on how much y’all think it’s worth. it has about 50+ polyps total. Cat eyes, utter chaos, Pandora, blondies zoanthids.
  4. cladius_galen

    Zoa closed

    Do zoa close up when they eat? I fed mine some phyto two days ago and the ones that got the periphery of the phyto spray were open today but the ones that got heavy phyto werent. Is this normal? They’ve been in the tank three days. also I had 3 polyps of about 20 break off today. I couldn’t...
  5. lazycouch

    please help me do a quick health check!

    i just purchased these zoas a couple days ago and was wondering if you can help me I.D any issues with them? they had bubble algae so i did a hydrogen peroxide spray 50/50 with water and now i’m thinking these little tentacles aren’t part of their anatomy either? i also noticed the algae on a...
  6. lazycouch

    angry zoas??

    hey everyone i’m new here and new to the hobby. i just purchased 3 zoa frags about 2 days ago and realized there was some bubble algae that hitchhiked around the stalks. today, i decided to pluck them off outside of my tank (without having them pop of course) but after doing more reading on...
  7. Carebearsss.x

    Unidentifiable Zoa

    Hello everybody! Yesterday my boyfriend and I went up to our LFS and decided to buy some corals!! (Exciting Right!?!) Anyways while we were there, we seen these BEAUTIFUL Zoas that both my boyfriend and I couldn’t identify! We asked one of the workers what the name was, & he couldn’t...
  8. Scip150

    New York 25 Polyp Utter Choas - Syracuse NY

    25 Polyp Utter Choas colony available in Syracuse NY, 13206 zip code. Pick up only. Super bright orange with blue and white centers. $100
  9. Reefman603

    New Hampshire Zoanthids

    I have a few different zoanthid frags for sale listed below: Rasta zoa frag 20 plus polyps - 130 obo Utter chaos zoa frag 5 polyps - 100 Purple monster zoa frag 12 polyps - 300 obo Fruit loop zoa frag 7 polyps - 100 I can post pictures just let me know what your interested in and I can...
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