zoanthid id

  1. S

    Need an id on this zoa!

    Hey zoa lovers i need an id on this beaut!! Was sold to me as toxic candy apple but i have my doubts as no candy apple zoa iv found online looks like this one. Also i havnt reli seen many having this one in our hobby.. Your views and comments please. Happy reefing!
  2. cladius_galen

    Utter chaos morph?

    So I posted my own zoa that came from this mother colony. Mine are tiny and haven’t grown out enough to see the striations yet. Can anyone tell me if these are utter chaos?
  3. Carebearsss.x

    New Zoaz

    Hey everyone! Yesterday my boyfriend and I went on a coral buying spree :p ! The lady told us the name of this beauty, but I was way to excited and ended up forgetting the name! I think it was along the lines of “Yellow Eyed Monster” but I’m not 100% sure :) Any recommendations? Thanks!!
  4. Carebearsss.x

    Unidentifiable Zoa

    Hello everybody! Yesterday my boyfriend and I went up to our LFS and decided to buy some corals!! (Exciting Right!?!) Anyways while we were there, we seen these BEAUTIFUL Zoas that both my boyfriend and I couldn’t identify! We asked one of the workers what the name was, & he couldn’t...
  5. London_pico_reefer

    Zoa ID

    Hi I got some Zoas from my lfs for £30 for the 3 of them but none of them had any name The bottom one is a lot more fluorescent in real life and the middle one is a reddy pink around the edge it just doesn’t show up. Someone suggested happy people eater for the middle zoa. Thanks for any help
  6. Coqui906

    Help Identifying possible zoa?

    Hey everyone, I'm a noob to the life of reefing lol and would like some assistance. Hopefully someone can help identify this random coral that just showed/opened up this weekend on this Jedi Mind trick I picked up three weeks ago. It's the bright pink one popping up in the middle. This...
  7. Reefer37

    Zoa ID?

    Got this guy for like $20 and he was super pretty, but never got a name. He kinda looks like a Sunny D's but not sure. Any help is appreciated!