1. Blood Agave Zoanthids

    Blood Agave Zoanthids

  2. N11morales

    Zoanthid Pricing.

    Hello. I just fragged my first batch of zoanthids. I was hoping to get an estimate on how much each polyp of these zoanthids is worth. Utter Chaos Pandora Cat eye Blondies Thank you all for your time
  3. J

    What is the best light setting for a reef tank with an anemone and zoanthids

    My husband and I just bought this 90 gallon tank off of someone on facebook for $250 dollars about 2 weeks ago. The tank came with all of the corals, fish, stand, and equipment. We do not know which brand lights they are and do not know how to measure the best intensity for the bubble tip...
  4. J

    I need help identifying these Zoas I bought as a bundle

    I purchased a pack of four different zoanthids at one of my lfs and I’m not sure what specific types they are. Any information would be highly appreciated.
  5. Perpetual Novice

    How long should I wait for zoas to open?

    I was visiting a local reefer to pick out some new frags this past weekend when I lucked out and left with tens of pounds of zoa colony rocks. The guy specializes in zoas and regularly frags designer morphs to sell to other hobbyists. Last weekend he happened to be in the process of reducing the...
  6. El_Guapo13

    Need some IDs

    So I won a raffle about a month ago and won 8 zoa frags. I know a few of them, but I am not sure about the rest. The ones I know for sure: Rastas Playboy Bunny Stargazers And they still haven't fully opened in the past week, but it looks like these might be Gobstoppers I was also told that...
  7. A

    Help me set up my Kessil A160 & Zoa tank!

    Hey guys I recently got a Kessil a160 for my 18 inch cube (90 litre) Zoa dominated tank, my question to you guys is 1. I have my zoa rack about half way through the tank and the Kessil About 5-6 inches from the water, what light settings/schedule can someone recommend? Currently have them set...
  8. Chad Vietz

    Nebraska $11 coral frags

    I've got a number of various kinds of coral frags available. All frags are $11 a piece plus shipping. If interested, message me which numbers you would like and I can give you a quote on shipping as well. These pictures are examples of frags and not specific as I have multiple frags of each...
  9. Nate_Krohn

    Zoanthids melting away

    Over two days my zoanthid frags just started acting like they were melting away. No idea what’s going on. Tank parameters seem near perfect. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I did a 20 minute iodine dip and it did nothing.
  10. TubsBlueZoanthids-Megability.jpeg


    TubsBlue and RadioactiveDragonEyes Zoanthids and a PomPom Crab lurking too ;)
  11. D


    Hi everyone, I have a ton of zoanthid/polyps I dragged about three weeks ago. Everything is doing well. If you are interested in anything below let me know! Pictures below, photos are as of yesterday 3 utter chaos frags 3-4 polyps per frag 80 each 2 WWC AOI blue zoanthids 2 polyps per frag 120...
  12. Cyclone-G

    Paly Eradication and Palytoxin Safety Tips

    Just posted up this video after getting poisoned by the Palytoxin.
  13. kframe

    Ohio ISO...Ziggy marely zoa

    Just wondering if anyone out there as any Ziggy marely zoanthids they'd like to sell a couple polyps of?
  14. Rifts2Reefs

    Palythoa and Zoanthid IDs

    Brand new to the forum, as well as still new to the reefing scene (2 years now). Will be using this thread to post some of the more interesting looking Palys and Zoas I find, which I can't positively ID to anything else I've seen so far. Here's a few to start it off. Picked up these up from an...
  15. AquariumSpecialty

    14th Anniversary Aquarium Specialty Fall Kickoff Live Sale - Sept 28th

    Scroll Down for Details and Teasers! THE LIVE SALE BEGINS TOMORROW 9/28/2019 AT NOON EASTERN.
  16. Brian Goldstein

    California Selling some nice corals from my collection! (WWC OG BOUNCE)

    Hello Reefers! I've just fragged some corals from my small collection. I can ship across the U.S. , but prefer local sales near the SoCal area. Have a great one! (please excuse the Cyano; Its 110 degrees out here in the desert and the struggle is real lol) Neon Green Weeping Willow Leather...
  17. Zoa colony spreading nicely!

    Zoa colony spreading nicely!

  18. WWC

    WWC TimeSplitter 2019 LIVE SALE! 2,500+ WYSIWYG Corals, 200+ $5 Frags!

    2 days of corals discounted up to 70% off or more, Over 200 $5 frags, raffle prizes, and tons of fun! There will be 2500+ frags, etc offered up during the sale, which is our most ever! Sale starts Saturday, May 18th at 10 A.M. est and goes on for 14 hours straight until Midnight EST. The sale...
  19. diverdown

    Michigan Mini Colonies Zoas Palys Pikachu, Butt Kisser, Purple Monster, Rasta, Bam Bam, Gatorade, Sunny D

    Mini colonies of zoas, palys and ricordea shown in the images below with prices. Standard DOA applies, please send photo within 2 hours of opening if DOA. Free shipping over $350, otherwise $50. Thanks for looking!
  20. Fragging Zoanthids

    Intermediate Topic Fragging Zoanthids

    The author of this article, David Smith, has a small zoanthid business in Youngstown, Ohio. He is an expert on the care of zoanthids and did a special piece for us on how to frag zoanthids effectively. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tips on Fragging Zoanthids Here, I will highlight how I go...
  21. Narzyzz_12

    Florida Green Palythoas

    $130 plus shipping($39.99) or $150 shipped
  22. NewGoby

    Build Thread Merge thread - RedSeaReefer 250

    About 2 weeks ago I merged my 3 tanks into 1, namely a Red Sea Reefer 250. Equipment: 1x 200W heater. (thinking about adding a secondary heater.) 1x Jecod DXP 5000 (as a return, lowest setting) 1x TMC Reef-Skim 1.000 1x (temporary) Propeller Pump from Jecod 1x EasyLed 438mm 1.0 with a 1.0...
  23. Narzyzz_12

    AIO Build Nuvo 10g Continuation of a Z&P Garden

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BnwsnLGBXE5/?taken-by=narzyzz_12 Tank:IM Nuvo 10 Light:AI Prime Heater:Cobalt 100W Temperature Controller: Ink Bird Circulation Pump: Tunze NanoStream 6040 Controllable Pump Return Pump: Tunze Recirculation Pump Silence 1073.008 Skimmer:none Water Change Schedule: 2g...
  24. Jamison Daniel

    Washington Cheap Zoa frags! Won't last long! First come First Serve!

    This week I will be selling an assortment of frags for only $10 plus shipping! The individuals who order first will receive the best looking frags! Most frags range from 5-10 polyps, however, the people who order first will receive frags of 10-20! As I stated the individuals who purchase the...
  25. Jamison Daniel

    Washington Softies Package (3 zoa frags, 1 shroom)

    In this pack you will receive three different zoa frags, which includes whammin watermelon, radioactive dragon's eyes, and blue steel zoas. In this pack you will also receive 1 frag of purple/green mushrooms, this mushroom frag has two heads on it, they are dark red in color. These pics were...