1. Reefjunky21

    College Reefs: How my Clownfish are on their way to a degree

    OK, well they might not be getting degrees but they are for sure helping me get mine! I am currently a Junior at a small school in Ohio and I have something no one else has, a pair of badbutt clownfish! I have been keeping reef tanks for about 7 years now and after all that time I finally feel...
  2. EzraZamir

    Any Idea What This Might Be?

    Hi Everyone! I've had these zoas for a couple years and they started melting after a small purple/red polyp started appearing a few months ago. I now have this big transparent purple/red polyp with what appears to be a mouth, plus 3 others growing behind it. Any idea what could have attached...
  3. HELP! My zoanthids aren’t doing well!

    HELP! My zoanthids aren’t doing well!

    I bought zoanthids from the petstore, and they were doing okay but suddenly stopped. All my aquarium levels are normal, with nitrite running slightly high. I just turned on the current this morning to help, but my zoanthids won’t open all the way, and they’re growing algae, what should I do to help
  4. ReeferEric


    It's been a while folks, but I'm back at it again! I've decided to once again start a new thread as my old ones have been neglected. Here I will be uploading all the fantastic pictures of corals, compliments of VanChicMD aka my lovely girlfriend as I am too lazy. She will be also updating the...
  5. AquariumSpecialty

    New Releases from the Aquarium Specialty Farm

    Click the link to see available corals on our website. http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/care-and-maintenance/aquarium-specialty-live
  6. Copepod outbreak

    Copepod outbreak

    Are they copepods?
  7. Mike N

    Houston/Cypress/Katy corals, anemones for sale?

    I've been purchasing a lot of stuff online, but would like to see if anyone local has some nice corals or anemones they're looking to sell. Specifically looking for anemones, zoanthids and acans/acros. Post 'em if you got 'em.
  8. Mariners

    Issues w my rainbow infusion zoauv

    hi everyone, I have a frag w 1 polyp of rainbow infusiom and it is healthy most of the time. I am using an ai prime hd lights w my settings uv 50, violets 80, both blues 90, red and greens at 0, and whites at 30. At peak hours the infusion is fat, healthy, and open (pic 1). However, just in...
  9. Melia

    Zoanthid growth rate

    Hello. I'm new to this forum and I love learning all about corals and ocean life. I need to know how fast a zoanthid grows. Unlike most zoanthid owners, I need to find out how slow a basic zoanthid can grow. How fast does it sprout new polyps? It's hard to explain but basically, what's the rate...
  10. Melia

    Zoanthid enthusiast

    hey, I really like zoanthids and I plan doing a science project with them in order to help save the world's corals, but the only problem is I don't really own zoanthids rn... Does anyone know where I can find zoanthids in the wild? I'm either blind or they aren't there. I only really recognized...
  11. Achilles

    ZOA ID EYE Candy

    would love to get an Id on this Zoa
  12. WWC

    BEAST of an update to go along with a new site!

    The new site is up and is looking better than ever if I do say so myself! Along with the it comes a BEAST of an update! WWC Hot Stuff in the house! It's been a long while since we've released one of these! This plus a WWC 500 Degree, Interetellar Shroom, and many others should have you...
  13. Mariners

    Switching leds and accliminating to new light

    hi everyone, With the heat coming on, i decided to ditch my canopy aio led 26 w (no dimmer) especially since a couple of my zoas started spewing zooxanthellet poop. I have the ai prime hd w mount coming monday and will have a screen to let more air exchange. I was wondering what kind of...
  14. Fr4nkthet4nk

    Help Zoanthids not opening

    My Zoanthids are not opening. They are not happy. My parameters are: Salt: 1025-1026 Amonia 0 Nitarte 0 Nitrite 0 Calcium 446 Alk 8.57 Magnesium 1380 Phosphate: 0.02 Any Idea how can I solve this problem? I love them and I would like to collect them too
  15. WWC

    Say hello to our Little Friends!

    Pay your respects to this pack of Zoas! Limited quantities so get them before it's too late! Plus, 70 new frags added to the site! Click HERE to take you to the pack or click on the image below
  16. Mariners

    Id this zoa plz

    Hi everyone, Just bought these and i cant find anything similar to them. Aqua sd calls them blue wowsers, but i was hoping someone knew the more common name. Thx for the input.
  17. Narzyzz_12

    Xenia Garden

    Display: 20 Gallon Long 30.3" x 12.5" x 12.8" Lighting: Aruba Sun Dual 39W T5s Filtration: AquaClear 30 Filter Media: Seachem Matrix Heater: Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm 100w Circulation: Jeboa PP-4 ATO: Manual Top off GFO Reactor: Innovative Marine AquaGadget Minimax All-In-One Media Reactor...
  18. ckcustomz

    Zoas started closing

    Hi reef2reef members...i have noticed my zoas have started closing and barely opening...i have tested all my parameter and they are Ph 8.2 Cal 440 Kh 10 Mag? Nitrate 0 Phos 0 I do run a nitrate reactor and have turned it off because ive heard you need a little nitrate and phosphate...could...
  19. Ryan Rioux

    Coral or anemone ?!?

    Had this on my live rock for months , it was only one head , since I upgraddd the lighting , it has been growing and multiplying pretty quickly . I don't think anemone but I can't be sure .
  20. ckcustomz

    Need help identify

    Can anyone identify these please...would be good to k ow what i have lol....dont really go by. Ames when i buy i..i really go by what looks good in my reef..thanks
  21. R

    Should I always leave my lights on with corals?

    So I am new to corals and only have one at the moment, a zoanthid. I am only using the stock LED lights that came with my aquarium kit so I was not going to introduce any corals until upgrading my lighting system at all, but it seems I gave in to try out one that was known for not needing much...
  22. Rhaegar

    Where can I get bright colorful zoas/palys?

    I live in Austin, TX and have found some really good zoa/palys, but at the moment it seems like I have seen what Austin can offer. At least from the few LFS and a few local hobbyist I have met. Im looking for bright colorful zoas/palys in the Texas area. I would prefer to pick up but if you have...
  23. sassAwrasse

    Videos from the Zoanthid Meeting

    Sorry for the technical difficulties with the speaker. Here are the videos from the presentation. Definitely take a look at Joshporksandwich's videos. His zoas/tanks are fantastic! @joshporksandwic Zoanthid and Palythoa: Coral Care Tips, Paly Toxin and Fragging: Zoanthid Care and...
  24. YourReef

    Website Update- New WYSIWYG Frags & Price Reductions

    Website update & sale. Free Shipping – All orders at/over $149.99 qualify for free shipping. Anything under $149.99 will be charged the Overnight Shipping fee of $39.99. Discounted CA Shipping rates are available- see our delivery information page for more info-...
  25. CourteesReef

    New zoas open for a week then suddely....

    My new zoas that I got from my local lfs we're open for about a week and then all the sudden have closed and are not opening. My water parameters are good and I don't know what could have done this I haven't changed anything except for added a few new snails and hermit crabs. 0 nitrate 0 nitrite...