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Zoanthids.com frags (Zoas, Chalices, etc...) for sale

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Aug 22, 2012
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Caddo Mills, TX
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I recently bought a batch of coral from the Zoanthids.com live sale and it's looking like I'm going to have to break my tank down for a move, so I am selling this whole batch of frags for what I paid minus shipping. I just got my tank setup and cycled and this was my first coral purchase for the tank and I sadly can't keep it... I'd prefer to sell all as a package, but if need be I can split it up. Obviously if you're in the North Texas area you're more than welcome to pickup as well.

See below for the list of frags with their associated Zoanthids.com link:
PHE https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00001b
Rainbow Monti https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00005b
Black Superman https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00009b
UC Crusader Goni https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00010b
Utter Chaos https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00016b
Pink Splash Favites https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00020a
Hawaiian Ding Dang PE https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00160a
JF Punk Rocker https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00210b
Pandoras https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00300a
Rainbow Incinerators https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00311b
Fascination Favia https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00220b
PPE Blastos https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00392a
UC Dreamboat Chalice https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00394b
Hamster In a Blender Favia https://shop.zoanthids.com/products/o22_ftc_00115a

$350 + shipping for the whole batch I think is a fair deal, but feel free to shoot me offers.

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