1. SplishySplashy

    California Speckled Krakatoas

    I have a frag of 2 polyps Speckled Krakatoa to trade for a similiar valued coral. Let me know what you got. Local trade only in Socal / Orange County area
  2. R

    Zoa ID

    Hello reef community, new to the hobby and really addicted lol :D. I have bought this assorted zoa from tidal waves and they send me a frag with2 sorts of zoas on them. I was able to frag some off and would love to ID them. Also might have some available for trades if anyone is interested. Thank...
  3. C


    3 different packs for sale listed below. Packs include shipping to the lower 48. First pack is an LPS & Zoa mixed pack. Pack is 16 Frags and is $399 shipped. I will allow for 2 substitutions to this pack! Frags are as follows: zoas (king Midas, Blondies, fruit loops), Lemon Lime Gonipora...
  4. Narzyzz_12

    Florida Golden Basket But*kisser for Sale 4 polyps $180 local $270 shipped+ freebies

    GB BKs 4polyps for sale $180 local Naples,FL $270 shipped+ freebies
  5. mshonk

    Pennsylvania Inexpensive SPS, LPS, and Softies Make your pack. ORA pieces. $5 Frags!!!

    I have plenty to sell, plus I have been sitting on these guys for a while and need to make room. Standard DOA Policy. Email me a photo in the bag up to 2 hours after delivery. No refunds on shipping. $45 flat rate or $25 within PA up to 8 pieces. $2 extra per piece after that. [ may extend to...
  6. C


    2 Zoa packs & 1 Cyphastrea Pack available. Shipping is an additional 29 in NY and $45 to the lower remaining 48. Zoa Pack 1 $100 for 8 Frags - WYSIWYG Zoas - GBP, Jungle Juice, Fruit Loops, Blondies, scrambled eggs, king midas, Sunny D, Fire & Ice. Zoa Pack 2 $160 for 8 Frags - WYSIWYG...
  7. YourReef

    YR 15 Year Anniversary LIVE SALE- Saturday July 20th- 10am-2pm pacific

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday July 20th for our YR 15 Year Anniversary Live Sale from 10am-2pm pacific/ 1pm-5pm eastern. 700+ corals, giveaways & huge discounts on WYSIWYG frags! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in our Live Sale thread on...
  8. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Vamps in Drag Zoa Frag $37.50 On Sale!

  9. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Get a free frag of OG Yoda Zoas with every order over $200

  10. Lotus Reef

    USE CODE LPS30 - Save 30% | SPS40 Save 40% | SOFT50 Save 50% (includes mushrooms)

    Hey fellow reefers if you're looking for an amazing deal tonight check out our website https://lotusreef.com to check our selection of wysiwyg corals available for sale. USE CODE LPS30 to Save 30% at checkout USE CODE SPS40 to Save 40% at checkout USE CODE SOFT50 to Save 50% (includes...
  11. Lotus Reef


    I'd like to say I saved the best announcement for last! ALL SOFT CORALS ON SITE ARE 50% OFF! INCLUDES MUSHROOMS - Use code SOFT50 at checkout. Coupon is not able to be combined with any other coupon. https://lotusreef.com/product-category/soft-corals/
  12. Lotus Reef


    NEW WYSIWYG ZOAS AS LOW AS $10 + 30% OFF FOR NEW CUSTOMERS NEW Customers use codes WELCOME and 20off at checkout to save 30% off your order. https://lotusreef.com/product-category/soft-corals/ Zoa Combo Rock $50 https://lotusreef.com/product/zoa-combo-rock-2/
  13. jerrad

    North Carolina Yard sale

    local pickup is encouraged. Although shipping is available. Will be posting up a bit more this evening. ThanksRastas $20rainbow infusion $15rainbow incinerator $20pink zippers $35chucky’s bride $25sunny d $35wwc Cookie Monster $30deep water acro $30pc rainbow $25hairy mushroom $20hollywood...
  14. Lotus Reef

    Reef2Reef Members Save 30% on Lotus Reef!

    Hello Reef2Reef Members, New customers can save a total of 30% off your order using code WELCOME + 20off (special Reef2Reef member coupon). Remember to add both coupons at checkout. https://lotusreef.com We have auctions with buy now option and almost 100 new wysiwyg coral just updated on the...
  15. J

    Michigan Hobbyist priced frags, priced to move!

    I am downsizing and refocusing my tank so clearing out some frags/Mini colonies. These frags are huge and most have been encrusted for over 3 months.Most pictures are attached but I will send pictures of specific pieces people are interested in. Can also send most pictures of colonies frags came...
  16. M

    Closed Zoas

    I bought some zoas yesterday and when I put them in my tank, they opened immediately. Today, they are closed and I’m not sure why. All of my other coral are doing great and so are my fish. My water parameters are all good too. Any suggestions?
  17. André Brasil

    Zoa juggling...

    Hello, I hereby summon all willing aquascaping masters, gurus, wise-men (or women) and zoa tamers to help me! I have about 20 different zoas and am trying to figure out a good way to "organize" them in my little 11 gallon. At the moment, as you can probably see in the picture I have some on...
  18. C

    New York PACKS - Dragon Soul Torch, Favias, LPS, SPS and Zoas

    Packs for sale. Prices and names will be listed in each post. Price includes shipping to lower 48. I will add more packs over the next new days. First person to message their PayPal claims the pack. I may have other pieces available separate please message with direct interest...
  19. YourReef

    YR St Patrick's Day LIVE SALE- Saturday March 16th, 11am-3pm (pst)

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday March 16th for our 2nd Annual YR Reef St. Patrick’s Day Live Sale from 11am-3pm pacific/ 2pm-6pm eastern. 600+ corals, giveaways & huge discounts on WYSIWYG frags! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in our Live Sale...
  20. Reefer40b

    Colorado Pick\Create your own pack. Torchs, Acros, Hammers,Fungia, Bubble Coral etc..Shipping! UPDATED APRIL

    Hello Reefer’s! The list is updated April 2019 Shipping $45 flat Fedex Overnight by 10:30am Standard DOA. You must accept the coral on first delivery attempt. If by chance the corals shows up dead or currently dying you must send me a picture of the coral still in my bag within 2 hrs of delivery...
  21. Rachid Stoury

    Connecticut Stoury’s Reef - ALOT OF Frags and colonies for sale.

    Shipping included in package deals. PM or text is key. (302) 438-2577 - Sorry no trades because I just don’t have enough space at the moment. Individual prices below but I can also ship great affordable pack prices for $100, $150 or $200 With shipping included. Please feel free, to check out...
  22. YourReef

    YR Reef Bowl 2019 LIVE SALE- Sat. Feb 2nd, Kickoff Time-10AM (pacific)

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday February 2nd for our YR Reef Bowl 2019 Live Sale (2nd Annual). Kickoff Time is at 10:00am (pacific)/ 1:00pm (eastern). Over 700 amazing corals & many frags priced at $10 and under! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in our Live...
  23. F

    Lighting options for 110g deep

    Hey so I am starting my build on my 110g tank... (dimensions are: 48”long, 30” deep and 18” wide) - will have NO bigger than a 2” sand bed (probably closer to 1.5”) I would like to use LED’s if I can but I want something that will be able to grow some LPS near/on the sand bed and throughout the...
  24. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Jan 3-4th Thursday & Friday Auction Announcements

    Check out our new behind the scenes video at Chaos Aquaculture. Thursday Auctions are posted on our Facebook Group Page, Chaos Aquaculture Frag Auction & Sales Group. If you're not a member yet, make sure to request to JOIN today so you can be approved to see the auction albums. Auction...
  25. YourReef

    YR New Year Celebration Sale- 500+ WYSIWYG frags

    Come celebrate with us! Over 500 new WYSIWYG frags available- all marked down! Acropora, SPS, LPS, Hammer, Torch, Maxima Clams, Micromussa's & more.
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