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    ECC Mister Twister Zoas
  2. Coral Pimp

    New York Torches, chalices and zoas

    Prices are posted on pics, pick up ONLY BROOKLYN 11236 NEW YORK
  3. anpham123

    Texas Zoa Packages

    Hello, thanks for looking. For sale corals are posted with pictures and pricing is below. Please make sure to read the basic policies below. DOA Policy: Must be reported within 1 hour of delivery (When it is dropped off). Picture of perished coral MUST still be in the bag (not opened)...
  4. R

    North Carolina Coral Pack, SPS, Zoas

    SPS Pack , $185 Shipped The vihn, PC rainbow, Bill Murray Dingdang milli, Frog skin, Blue voodoo, Red planet, Strawberry field Zoas Pack, $ 100 Shipped. Utter Chaos with Rainbow Infusion WWC Blood Sucker Rasta WWC Red People Eater with Rainbow Infusion. Combined 2 packs , $260 Shipped.
  5. 714reefsalt

    California Zoa pack

    Zoa pack (5 pack) $60 OC area Can meet close by Shipping available $50 Standard DOA
  6. J

    Best lighting for King Midas Coloration

    Hello! im new to keeping coral and picked up the King MIdas Zoas. I have noticed in my tank that the zoas look more of a green instead of the gold/yellow they are known for. Is it my light intensity? need to feed food/nutrients? My light: Red Sea 50 LED My tank: Fluval 13.5g
  7. J


    Trying to make room in my personal tank. Many corals available including some colonies. I know the pictures are not the greatest, color enhanced, typical photos you see but I just have a iPhone. My lights are also set to a white light as that’s what I prefer for most of the daytime. No super...
  8. Zuska

    New York Sps packs, chalice and zoa frags

    Here are some corals I have forsale, pick up only Brooklyn NY 11236, I do not ship
  9. 714reefsalt

    California Zoa pack (5)

    5 pack of Zoas Location is Anaheim/OC area Can meet local $80 Can also ship to lower 48 Shipping usually $50 overnight Standard DOA
  10. InvictusReef

    Michigan ZOAS and Frogspawn - Free Shipping Available

    0 ill ship to you for FREE. We Hey all I have the some frags ready that I cut a couple weeks back. They're all healthy and ready to grow. Shipping within Michigan is $35 and $50 everywhere else.Standard DOA policy applies. If you spend $250 Ill ship to you FREE. We can also look at bundle deals...
  11. wsoldier

    California Zoas, hammers

    Local pickup in Burbank 91502 near Ikea. See my other posts for acros. GMKs (5p): SOLD GMKs (10p 11p + babies): SOLD Orange Oxide + Rainbow Incinerator (~50+p): SOLD Laser Lemons + WWC Twizzler (at least 70p): 40 Rainbow Incinerators: 2-3p / $5pp Utter Chaos: 2-3p / $5pp Indo Gold...
  12. J

    North Carolina Large Zoa rocks with some SPS on them

    Moving soon and trying to make that process easier. Four of the five rocks are roughly football sized. The two largest are $60 a piece and the rest are $40 a piece. If you want all of them I will throw in the rock with the two SPS on it for free. Bring a few buckets for transport. Located...
  13. ReefStable

    SPONSOR Zoa Colonies and Large Frags For Sale!

    Zoa Colonies / Large Frags I over-grew some zoas, which means you get a GREAT DEAL! I need the space back! Bob Marley Zoa Colony - WYSIWYG https://reefstable.com/store/wysiwyg-bob-marley-zoas-colony Frosted Phoenix Zoas Colony - WYSIWYG...
  14. titlefight13

    Don’t “Over-Blue” Your Zoas

    Down below is a before and after I drastically changed the percentage of Blues in my tank. I mean these pictures are a few days apart. First picture is around 80% before I changed them and the second picture is around 30% of blue light hitting the zoas for a few days. It’s night and day...
  15. T

    Virginia Spellbinder and laser lemons zoas

    Selling spellbinders! Legit spellbinders I purchased a year ago and left in my tank while at college, came home to a mini colony. I don’t have amazing pictures nor are the frags numbered, but pm me and I’ll send you a picture of the frag. Same scenario with the laser lemons, left for college and...
  16. Fin-up reefing

    Pennsylvania Stratospheres!!!

    2 polyps of Stratosphere zoas $275! Will ship for $40! Cheaper rate if you’re in state!
  17. TateLitts

    Asterina Star on Zoa - Black/Darkened Tissue Within

    I have plenty of asterina stars in my tank - they are model citizens. They crawl around and don’t seem to bother much of anything. A month ago, I noticed an asterina on a GMK polyp. I didn’t pay much attention to it, figuring that the star was merely munching on film or whatever around the...
  18. K

    Help ID these zoas

    Can you guys help me identify these zoas? Thanks
  19. ReefAddict16

    California Delete

  20. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Last sale thread of 2023, zoas, chalice and more free shipping at $150

    All sold or m9v3d to new post.
  21. JLavy

    Indiana Hallucination zoas

    Anyone have hallucination zoas for sale?
  22. David Calzada

    Texas Godzilla Bounce, Neptune Bounce, and SBB Marvin the martian zoas

    I am selling a Godzilla bounce yuma mushroom almost dime size. $275 shipped Two Neptune Bounce available quarter size $90 each 3p sbb marvin the martian zoas $70 2nd picture is another Godzilla of mine from the same momma. I do have the momma picture, I can guarantee you lineage to a true OG...
  23. Daved4

    Connecticut STRATOSPHERE ZOAS for the low!

    Hey everyone! Another round of Stratosphere polyps up for grabs. Get them before the holiday! Ready to ship week after next. 3 single polyps- $150 + ship 1 double- $300 shipped 2 3p frags- $375 shipped
  24. calimako

    California High end zoas and shrooms - flaming mohicans, exosphere, gmk, solar circus, eclectus, jawbreaker, neptune- free ship on $300+

    Hi everyone, zoa/mushroom frags for sale. I fragged up a bunch of my zoa colonies which were overgrown- see pics of momma colonies for reference- obviously nfs. photos taken under blue lights with orange gel lens pricing: Flaming Mohican $40pp (2-5 polyp frags) Exosphere $40pp (3-5 polyp frags)...