1. Zoaologist

    Nevada Zoa pack 350 shipped

    Zoa pack up for grabs Rastas 16 heads Fruit loops 9 heads Purple monsters 7 heads bonus Lemonhead 2 heads on same plug Russian rainbow 15 heads Blueberry minefields 20 heads Butt kissers 3 heads $350 shipped. Two hour doa guarantee. Must send photos within two hours of delivery for doa.
  2. Insanereefs

    Lookie look at my zoas!

    Hey there r2r community, I've only been doing this for about 3 months now and thanks to my friend I am hooked! I was able to snag a few cool zoas and I'd like to share them with you: Stiggy marley White Zombie Orange bam bam Kung-fu fighter Scrambled egg Aoi Utter Chaos Bowser Eagle eye Candy...
  3. Siddogg

    Zoa Critter ID Help

    Hello, I’m hoping someone can help me identify any critters on my Zoas. I suffer from poor vision due to Diabetic Retinopothy and am unable to see anything on them. Other Zoa colonies in same area are fine. However, I have had some nearby starting to close as well as disappear. Any help would be...
  4. P

    USA WTB Looking to buy Speckled kraks

    Looking for some polyps of this krakatoa let me know what u got will have to be shipped
  5. david_ma

    Michigan Jf butt krak colony, ds torch, yellow nem, mind trick/god krak and more

    please text 313-268-3195 for faster response releasing one more of my awesome yellow phase bubble tip anemone that was bought as Detroit sunburst. This thing is awesome, beautiful colors and stays bubbled, large one stretches 6” with nice purple base and webbing. $550 shipped frag with mind...
  6. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Euphylia, zoas, monties, plates, torches, and war corals

    Have quite a few frags to clear out of my frag tank. Will ship for $50 or 25$-35$ in Washington state, standard DOA 2 hour proof of death with picture upon arrival -Green and purple frog spawn $15 a head. -green and purple hammers $15 a head. -large Indo green and purple hammer $20 a head...
  7. X

    How big are your rainbow incinerators?

    My rainbow incinerators and even my rastas are way smaller than my utter chaos. Anyone have similar experience? Could something else be causing my zoas to shrink up like this? i just started feeding reef roids this week i wonder if itll make a difference Kinda hard to see but the rainbow...
  8. david_ma

    Michigan Packs of 10 nice rbta $550 shipped, gmk, krak God

    Please text 313-268-3195 for faster response: Pack of 10 of these nice rbta with vivid colors $550 shipped, I have a total of 50 of them. They stay bubbled as you see and have sweet colors. also have 2 single frags of GMK $180 each plus shipping, cb kraktoa god $100. Plug of several bowsers...
  9. KCheeze

    Can someone identify this colony for me?

    I grabbed these a wild back from a friend who got them from a friend, they’ve recalled far distances... not to sure what they are called and want to start fragging them or trade/sell whole colony.... I’ll post pictures
  10. reefrider777

    South Carolina 4 FrAgS sHiPpEd!!! $100

    I have another frag pack available. These are WYSIWYG and ready to go! Blondies - Bright and beautiful (3 polyps) Radioactive Dragon Eyes (5-6 polyps) WWC Bob Marley JF Burning Banana Thanks for looking!
  11. walloutlet

    Black Slug/Worm? - ID Help Please

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I was getting through some weekend maintenance before the big game and noticed this black object embedded in some Zoas. Didn’t think much of it until I noticed it had little antennas. I’ve never seen a black worm/slug like this before. Any thoughts?
  12. R

    Florida Goniopora, black widow anemone, euphyllia, plate coral, and more!

    Turning my reef tank into a frag tank so I need to make some room. I would rather have someone local take this stuff but I would consider shipping for the right offer! Excuse the pictures, my orange filter doesn’t work as well as I thought it would! Don’t hesitate to ask me about something you...
  13. TateLitts

    Nano Build Tate's IM NUVO 10

    Reading build/tank threads were/still are incredibly helpful and inspirational for me. I'm a little late to the game, but I figured better late than never! Currently 5 months in. My IM Nuvo 10 Build: Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Stand: Whatever the old owner had laying around Light: AI...
  14. luemarie

    Please help me ID

  15. Queenofreef

    Designing a Zoa Garden

    Strategically designing your zoa garden isn’t talked about enough. Starting my zoa garden was overwhelming because of the amount of color combos and variations out there, and ihad no idea how to go about picking zoas or what would look good together. This technique of applying color theory to...
  16. PBnJOnWheat

    New Paly Pricing!!!

    Hey everyone, I’m not a super zoa grower but I do keep tabs on the latest prices online, eBay, locally, R2R, etc. However sometimes I get behind with more important things so I’d like some second opinions! I recently purchased a wild zoa ‘mini colony’, if you will from a high end zoa guy. He...
  17. R

    USA WTB Large package of zoa frags/ mini colonies

    Hey everyone! I have been looking for the right person to work with- I am looking to spend about 500 (maybe more) dollars on a large package of zoa frags. I’m looking for medium high end stuff, nothing too crazy expensive, but nice zoas. If you have a bunch of zoas and want to work with me and...
  18. J

    Help ID the zoas i just bought plsss

    Anyone know the ID? Someone said reverse gorilla nipples but it doesn’t match exactly. Mine has more green yellow inside(sorry i cant see certain colours so im not sure). Looking for another guess or opinion. Thanks
  19. B

    Zoa vomit

    Hi, recently i bought a kessil light and everything has been growing like a dream but today after a water change my oldest zoanthid polyps were vomiting their zooxanthellae. These zoanthids everyday get better and better coloration. I suspect its from too much light. Is this normal? Should i...
  20. mando21

    FRAGS* or any coral

    Evening R2R peeps as much as I do support my Lfs they don’t have a lot of frags that Interest me or really none at all lol... sigh. I want to know where you guys do your online coral shopping
  21. ssavatt

    How can I encourage my zoas to eat?

    I tried to feed my zoas some crushed pellets and all my other coral responded well but my zoas instead got mad and slimed all over. I’m wondering if anyone has some tips for getting a feeding response from them.
  22. CommanderInReef

    Bam Bam's Double Tentacle Layers?

    I bought these bam bams from one of my favorite local lfs (Nova Tropicals) and I got a 5 head bam bam frag. but after letting it acclimate overnight in the tank it's fully open with..... TWO polyp tentacle layers. i've never seen this and can't find any info on it. They didn't seem to have it at...
  23. GTM42

    North Carolina High-End Designer Zoas For Sale Cheap!!! Packs available!

    My zoa collection has grown out of control and I had to trim it back! I have 3 frags of Speckled Krakatoa, 2 frags of Reverse Hallucination, and a 3 polyp frag of Seduction zoas. Pics are below in white and blue light, grown under a Radion, and photographed under a Kessil A-160. Each Speckled...
  24. Oscar’s25Gal

    Bought some corals!

    Hey guys, an update from my yesterday post! Last night I bought some zoas (9 small heads on a separate rock) , a long tentacle plate coral and a frogspawn. After I had dipped them, they didn't all look great but now the plate coral is opening up it's tentacles slowly and the frogspawn too. The...
  25. Oscar’s25Gal

    Finally getting into corals!....

    Hey guys, i’m finally getting into corals! I’ve got some credit from the LFS aswell (about 275$ ) and i wanted to get into reefing anyways. I currently have 4 BTA’s and 4 clowns, 1 blue tang, 1 six line wrasse, 1 coral beauty, green damsel, fox face rabbit fish and a “rock dweller” i think...
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