1. The Natural Coral Depot

    Florida Live Goods Zoas

    Price Varys depending on which Frag
  2. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods FS: Poletti Jawbreakers, zoas, leathers, acrobatics packs, etc..

    I've got a bunch of stuff up for sale. The following terms will apply: ~$50 UPS Next Day Air shipping anywhere in the continental US ($35 within Tx), free shipping on livestock orders over $375 ~All items are WYSIWYG unless otherwise specified ~All prices are OBO, willing to negotiate on package...
  3. parkerfitzner22

    Texas Live Goods Zoas cut to order

    I’ve got lots of zoas available. Most cut to order and will need a week healing time. All prices shown do not include $50 shipping charge minimum to ship $150 free shipping at $350 discounts available on packs/combos/multiples DOA Policy: Standard DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer...
  4. Zanderson25

    Tennessee Live Goods Selling Various Zoas *Stratosphere*

    I have multiple types of Zoas Ready to go! Let me know what you interested in! ~ Stratosphere Zoa *Rare* - $600 PP ~ TSA Dream Inceptor Frag - $75 ~ ACI Wizards Frag - 2-3 Polyps $50 ~ TSA Safecracker Zoa - 2-3 Polyps $30 ~ NYRA The Predator (1 Polyp) - $99 Some frags may need to be Cut-To-Order!
  5. littlebigreef

    Illinois Live Goods Consolidated Racks, big batch of miscellaneous zoanthids

    Kept under a T5/Reefbrite hybrid everything is grown in my system, these were all cut in fall or earlier so most are at least 12 weeks old. I will be trimming again in the near future but for the time being this is everything I have that's available. I ship UPS and offer a standard 2 hour DOA...
  6. rastafan

    California Live Goods Cheap packs - zoas, blastos, and favias

    Hi there, packs available for cheap. These are good sized frags. Shipping is $50 flat. Zoa pack $120 Six different kinds, 3 sets available Favia pack $120 4 different kinds, 3 sets available, big frags Blasto merletti pack $120 2 different kinds, 3 sets available, big frags Just message me...
  7. blksubykid

    California SOLD FS: OG Gobstopper Palys (SoCal)

    Hey reefers Fragged these about 3 weeks ago. They started to shade my AOIs. A: SOLD B: SOLD Price is picked up in Cypress, CA
  8. Zanderson25

    Tennessee Live Goods Stratosphere Zoas

    Hey I have some frags of some Stratosphere Zoas coming up soon and wanted to see if anyone is interested! Pricing Starts at $600 and goes up from there. Message me to work out a deal!
  9. L

    12 gallon long with current orbit marine ic

    New to the page and recently started a 12 gallon long 35.5" × 8.7" × 8.7". I have the current USA marine orbit ic Looking for some help on light settings keeping softies and some easy lps
  10. M

    New York Live Goods Yellow Brick Road colony

    Hi selling this large yellow brick road colony/ red monti/ purple gorgonian combo rock. $200 Pick up in Rockland 10983
  11. freezie

    Florida Live Goods Zoas zoas and more zoas

    Dozens to choose from, cut weeks ago so fully healed and happy. $10/frag, minimum purchase $100. All frags have many heads. Some of these frags are worth $100 each! Located in Doral,FL. Freddie 9293292375. Available to meet most days after 12pm. Some of the types: UC illuminati UC grim...
  12. Zuska

    New York Live Goods Overgrown frags zoas and mushrooms pick up only 11236

    Selling some overgrown frags and mini colonies, Pick up in Brooklyn 11236 exit 13 of the belt parkway or if your picking up by train take the L train to east 105th and I meet you at the station. Zoas king Midas mini colonies $35 each Aqua Java mini colony $30 King Midas frags $25 each Rasta...
  13. doughboy

    California SOLD FS 4.5" Yellow Tang $175, Melanurus Wrasse $40, free sixline wrasse and turbo snail - pickup SF South Bay

    Breaking down my tank sale, everything must go. ONLY YELLOW TANG AND MELANURUS WRASSE LEFT Selling the following livestock Hawaiian Yellow Tang 4.5" - $175 RBTA and clown - SOLD Melanurus wrasse - $40 Acan colonies - Red and Green at least 80 heads each - sold Frogspawn colony, at...
  14. F


    Does anyone know why my zoas are curling down like this? I’m thinking too much light because it is in mid center but not 100% sure. Any help would be helpful.
  15. christianscorals

    California Live Goods weeping willow,high end zoas, nem, and more

    Hello, looking to sale some stuff that’s been sitting in my frag tank. Located in Long Beach, CA discounts and freebies on pack orders. some zoas closed when moved, can get better shots upon request. thanks for looking and happy thanksgiving UTTER CHAOS A1 SOLD A2 $35 (double with baby) A3...
  16. parkerfitzner22

    Texas Live Goods Stratosphere and Great Owl Zoas

    Standard 2 DOA Policy. Price includes shipping via FedEx or UPS Overnight AM. I have a single stratosphere polyp and a 4p frag of great owl available. I’ve included some pictures of the main colony/frag each was fragged from for reference $750 for each frag or $1250 for both Strat single...
  17. OuteastREEFS

    Buy 2 Zoas get 1 FREE!! CYBER Monday special live now

    Come check it out Plus 100 Corals UPLOADED NOW!!! Www.outeastreefs.com
  18. Kasrift

    California Live Goods Zoas and monti cap Cheap, San Diego

    Hi, I'm selling a couple of frags cheap, located in San Diego for local pickup (not expensive enough to ship). 5$ for Red Montipora Cap (very large size). I have 4 for sale, here are pics for reference on size, they are all about the same size. It is technically a starburst monti I got from...
  19. Pieces of the Ocean

    Live Goods Livestock *** LIVE NOW *** Every Friday is Black Friday with POTO AUCTION, and this one is even more special!

    NOTE This Week's Auction ENDS Sunday 11/27/22 starting at 4pm EST. Someone once said every Friday is Black Friday with POTO Auction. This Black Friday we will make it even more special: 1. FREE CORAL(S) up to $100 value in each order; 2. FREE POTO T-SHIRT for 3 paid winners with the highest...
  20. leepink23

    Mississippi Live Goods Zoa pack, nice variety, some high end

    WYSIWYG zoa pack. Shipping by UPS overnight to the lower US 48 only. Standard DOA. Must send pictures in bag. WWC AOI 6 polyps WWC Illuminati 5 polyps WWC Halle Berry 6 polyps WWC Bob Marley colony King Midas 10+ polyps Arc Jokers 8+ polyps CB Bowsers 4 polyps (last 2 pictures are same...
  21. ETH2ETH

    Ideas for my 3 gallon nano?

    Looking for ideas to improve my nano
  22. S

    Florida Live Goods Twizzler Zoa frag ~15 polyps, just $5

    Pickup in Sunrise, FL only… 33351 which is Fort Lauderdale area.
  23. LRT

    Arizona Live Goods Sold

    GMK colony as pictured on rack:D Rack is 11-12" long for refference and more than 2/3 covered. The original 5" tile that started all this madness is hiding under the GMK pile "somewhere" also for refference lol! **There are some GMK pictured that are growing on back wall will NOT be included...
  24. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Torches, hammers, frogspawns, zoas, montis, acros, etc.

    Selling some variety of different corals here. Some prices are posted in the pics. Shipping is $40 in lower 48 states, free shipping at $325. Standard DOA, need to receive a clear picture with in two hours of delivery while coral is still in bag or cup. if the coral arrives dead without shipping...