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    Absolutely amazing Black Friday update! All these have 20% off at checkout as well! View here: https://bit.ly/Tankful
  2. shawnriv

    Zoa Identify Help

    Hello All, Could you please help me identify this zoanthid? A local reefer has it for sale and I cannot seem to figure out what it is. Thanks!
  3. Reefs_r_salty

    Heyy guys, zoa id???

    What zoas are these?? Been trying to find out!
  4. Cantusaurus

    Reasons for certain polyps of a Zoa frag no longer opening?

    I had gotten 2 Zoas frags semi-recently. In the past 2 months (one a bit more recently). 5 Smallish polyps of Gold Dust Zoas (just basic gold and brownish). And some Mandarin Orange (about 7-8 polyps). I dipped them. They opened up quickly and looked good. My Red/Orange Oxides (not sure what...
  5. wsoldier

    California USA Zoas and hammer

    Sorry no shipping, Pickup Burbank 91502. Zoas and a double purple metallic hammer. Sorry for the bad photos. Mixed zoas (orange oxides, WWC twizzlers, rainbow incinerators, unknown green) 30+ polyps: $30 Utter chaos (5p): $25 Purple w/ gold hammer (double; one head is smaller - Photo of colony...
  6. RiptideAquaculture

    Reef currents, Texas frag fest. How are we gonna get our coral from Florida to Texas!?

    From Florida to Texas! All for a frag swap!? What the heck was I thinking!! Not only is it a 13 hour drive with a ton of coral, but it’s called the “Texas two step”. Because we will be attending two conventions in one weekend. Yup pack up on Saturday the 11th at reef currents and set up at Texas...
  7. diamondreef

    ZOA ID Please ☺️

    Hello :) Curious if anyone has any idea what kind of Zoas these might be? ☺️
  8. Little Shop of Horror Zoa(1 Adult, 2 Budding Babies)

    For sale Little Shop of Horror Zoa(1 Adult, 2 Budding Babies)

    Item is WYSIWYG
    or best offer
  9. wsoldier

    California FS: Torch, elegance, nepthea, zoas

    Local pickup in Burbank 91502. Can be flexible on meeting place around OC/IE depending on purchases/location. Torch (Dark green w/ light green tips). Large trunk around 2" in diameter with 3 heads - $120 Elegance (aqua green w/ pink tips). Around 8-9" inches fully open. Has tripled in size...
  10. Man908

    New Jersey Halle Berry Zoas

    Small Halle Berry Zoa Colonies. Price: $30-$40 Pick up only Location: Spotswood, NJ
  11. RiptideAquaculture

    Riptide Aquaculture Eye candy photography

    Just gonna Start this thread out by first saying welcome and hope everyone enjoys some crazy coral photos. Our goal is to be posting on this thread as often as we can so feel free to follow and get ready to drool!!! PS if you like our photos please check out our Videos on this thread Click here...
  12. CoralStop

    Illinois WTB WTB High End Colonies Holy Grail Micro, Zoas

    I’m looking for colonies of High end corals looking for holy grail micromussa Rainbow eclipse zoa Little shop of horror zoa Princess Oxana Speckled Krak pink Krak Golden Leopard Marvin the Martians Butt Munchers Butt kissers Hallucinations Reverse hallucinations OG Bounces Only interested in...
  13. TopShelfAquatics

    ALL NEW!!! TSA Coral Care Series is now live!

    Hey guys and gals! We just wanted to share some exciting news with everyone. We have been working on a lot of new content for everyone and are happy to announce that we have launched our Coral Care Series on YouTube! We will be posting videos weekly which will highlight a different kind of coral...
  14. Kusano

    Anyone have an I.d on this zoa?

    Got this frag a bit ago love it’s colors it’s super colorful been looking for an i.d on both of these ones in the pic! If anyone know I would appreciate the help wanted to try posting on here my first time doing so !
  15. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Jason fox halo montipora/ yellow fever/ steve tyree/ mangrove

    Just got a Jason fox halo montipora a few days ago the Jason fox yellow fever montipora is doing really well the pink polyps came on the same frag disk as the monti I bought that frag off of Jason during a live sale event. My Steve tyree monti is looking good and my digi is growing alot of new...
  16. F

    Z’s, P’s, and Mushies

    Corals are in the attached videos. Prices in the pics. Willing to make deals on multiples. Send me reasonable offers. Willing to sell other items u see for the right price too :) Text is best for fast reply. Derek at 619-253-3816. Standard DOA policy. Flat rate $40 shipping via FedEx Priority...
  17. lukshannon

    White Zombies and Blue Agaves, DFW TEXAS $150

    I have a few frags/ colonies ready to go. All have been healed for many weeks and growing babies. Local pick up only for now, Arlington, Texas 7p with babies white zombies- $175 5p with babies blue agave-$150 20 ish polyp colony of white zombies-$275


    SALE IS LIVE RIGHT NOW! IT'S REEFTIDE'S FIRST EVER LIVE SALE! Here's what you need to know about our upcoming LIVE sale: Our live sale runs from 12PM - 8PM (EST) this Saturday, July 10th and Sunday, July 11th at 12PM - 4PM. The live sale will offer corals on sale sitewide and we're promoting...
  19. Kmetz1999

    Zoas and a few Hammers

    Time to thin out the frag tank sale. Prices are on the photos discount for packs. Shipping to lower 48 capped at $50 free at $250. I will get the best ship rate i can based on location. Free local pickup. St.louis MO. DOA - Must provide picture in sealed bag within 2 hours of first delivery...
  20. minnowme

    Texas Texas zoa pack

    WYSIWYG zoa frag pack. Buy all: For $250.00 shipped* (to the lower 48 states.) FedEx Priority Overnight for Next Day Delivery. Pm any questions, -Mike. WYSIWYG $250.00 shipped: 1. SBB Aphrodite 1p 2. ASD Hyper Jubilee 1p+ 3. Oompa Loompa 1p+ 4. Solar Circus 1p+ 5. GB BowTie Blaster 1p 6. GB...

    JF Signature Kraks, RRUSA Koala Eyes, Mindtricks and MORE!(INSANE Zoa Update/ ZOA Collectors this one is for YOU!!)

    Guys, it doesn't get much better than this! [Click Here to View] JF Signature Krak Zoa Mindtrick Zoas Gonzo Citrus Coolers Reeftide's Doge Coin Zoas RRUSA Koala Eye Zoas LC Blancas Zoas Reeftide's Rainbow Rhino Zoas

    Its REEFTIDE's Zoa Collection!

    I don't know about you guys but we LOVE zoas... feel free to suggest some cool ones :)
  23. A

    Genuine concern: should I be afraid of what’s in my tank?

    Maybe I’m overthinking... But I do know that I’m still a newbie with years and years of more knowledge and experience to obtain. I had no idea that palytoxin was a thing... and I’ve been seeing so much about it the last week or so. I have “zoas“ in my tank. I don’t know how to distinguish...
  24. R

    California FS: Sunny Ds and Everlasting Gobstoppers

    Greetings Reefers, Making some room and clearing duplicates. Pic taken using IPhone 12, no filter. Curbside pickup only. FCFS and PayPal to hold. Located in 91710. 21+ polyps Everlasting Gobstoppers- 25 30+ polyps Sunny Ds - 40 Take both for 60. Please pm if interested Thanks for looking.
  25. HCA Coral

    Memorial Day Sale | 20% Off All Corals | Plus Get Additional 10% Use code MEMDAY10 | Affirm Financing & Paypal Pay4 Available