1. David Calzada

    Texas SOLD Nice! Speckled Krakatoa & Big R Space Chaos Zoas

    20+polyps Big R Space Chaos colony 250 shipped 3p+nub Speckled Krakatoa 130 shipped Both 350 shipped 2 Hour standard DOA Message me for any questions or details
  2. K

    10g nano lighting & zoas

    I am wondering what is the best lighting for a 9.6 gallon nano tank without totally breaking the bank. Honestly I don’t even know what I have now, but it seems to be keeping my acans and Xenia very happy. I want this tank to be full of zoas, mushrooms, acans, maybe a hammer/torch. Stuff along...
  3. TCK Corals

    400+ WYSIWYG Frag Update 6.29 - 6.30

  4. David Calzada

    Texas SOLD High End Zoa Pack!!!

    Nice zoa pack! 1p SBB Hephaestus 2p JF A**kracks 2p Big R Space Chaos $350 Shipped Payment thru PayPal PM for any questions
  5. lazycouch

    zoa worm???

    hey guys i just bought a couple of zoa colonies and noticed these tentacles tucked in between today. theres about 6 tentacles that all seem attached to one thing somehow? i just want to know if it’s harmless or not! heres a video of it moving and an image attached. thanks!
  6. CltBadger

    Florida CB Bowsers

    I have some CB bowser frags if anyone is interested. $40 shipping or local pickup. #1. $150 #2. $150 #3. $120 #4. $90 #5. $75
  7. J

    Massachusetts Zoas Low and High End

    Zoas for sale prices posted in picture, if you want to make a pack can negotiate price on multiple frags. Also have 2p of GB GMK for $325 if anyone interested. Shipping $50 and not responsible for any shipping delay.
  8. J

    I need help identifying these Zoas I bought as a bundle

    I purchased a pack of four different zoanthids at one of my lfs and I’m not sure what specific types they are. Any information would be highly appreciated.
  9. CltBadger

    Florida CB Bowser small colony

    I have a small cb bowser colony with over 12 polyps available for 120. Local pickup only. Weston, FL.
  10. A

    Michigan Looking for White Zombie Zoa Frag

    PM with offers
  11. Rrwilson1223

    Build Thread My RedSea Reefer 750XXL v3

    Hi everyone, I’m fairly new here and just sharing. Here is a thread for my RedSea 750. I live in Santa Rosa CA and would love to meet other north bay reefers. I’ll start with a couple of videos with current tank progress:
  12. vokrey09

    Did my BTA spawn in my zoas?

    I bought a BTA (which was sold to me as a LTA :/ ) and it would not stop moving around my tank at first. It eventually walked all over a patch of zoas. I noticed after this a pink slime-like substance at the roots of the zoas, and honestly thought they had been stung and were as good as dead...
  13. Coralick

    Florida Awsome Cornbread rainbow infusions zoas

    Beautiful Cornbread rainbow infusions, big chubby polyps, plenty of frags to choose from, local pickup in Florida, hallandale 33009, asking 10 pp, discounts on multiples, thanks for looking
  14. DSFa

    Zoas not opening

    Hi guys, I've got 6 zoa frags I had fragged myself from a friends tank, For some reason only 2.5/6 frags have opened up, the half frag is a zoa with 2 polyps but only one is opened other is closed. Frags are all glued to the same rock about 3cm's apart from each other give or take. the 2...
  15. CltBadger

    Florida JF Poison Potion Zoas

    I have a JF poison potion zoa frag if anyone local is interested. Local pick up only. 11 polyps- $140
  16. JRamey24

    Michigan WTB/Trade for zoas

    I have a few frags I want to trade for some zoas. No preference on what they are. I have a birdsnest frag, Jedi mind trick monti, small purple green hammer (1 head) located in west Michigan
  17. M

    South Dakota FS: Leprechaun zoa colony

    I am liquidating my Zoas and have this nice real deal leprechaun zoa colony for sale. I can count at least 14 polyps but they’re growing in the back side I can’t see as well. $300
  18. minnowme

    Texas Zoas/Palys

    All items are WYSIWYG. I made these frags from my own personal collection. Everything is well healed and established. If you would like to buy multiple frags from me; I can do a way better price. All things are negotiable. Open to trades. I accept PayPal only. Will ship to lower 48 states...
  19. Reefer5640

    Utah WTB/WTT Maxspect XF250

    Looking for an XF250 pump only preferably but will consider buying pump and controller if that’s all that’s available. I have tons of reef gear and coral to trade if someone wants to go that route too; Apex gear, EcoTech (5 or 6 Radion gen 1’s & 2 MP40WQD’s & 1 MP40 wireless white controller)...
  20. Madonia

    Angry avocado Zoa head not opening

    Hi guys. First post ever here. I recently got into the hobby. I have a bio cube 32 tank. Running the stock lights as well as a pretty powerful 10 inch LED additive light. Recently got some corals (zoas frag pack) from WWC. One of the zoas (angry avocado) has 5 heads. 2 of them aren’t opening...
  21. Kolby_Mitchell

    Anyone know what all zoas I have?

    If you could please list them by the color of the circle i drew around them. I also included some more closer pictures of them as well. Thanks! Red= Green= White= Black= Blue=
  22. Miguel Negron

    Advice for Zoa Garden

    Hello, Thanks for reading the thread. Im currently starting a new tank with the Waterbox 20g Cube. I wanted to start a Zoa Garden the correct way and wanted to know any advice from fellow reefers who have a Zoa Garden. The best way to create one, maintaining the garden, which rocks, or even...
  23. A

    Anybody running a kessil a160we and keeping heaps of zoas?

    Hey guys I got a Kessil a160 for my 18 inch cube (90 litre) Zoa dominated tank, my question to you guys is 1. I have my zoa rack about half way through the tank and the Kessil About 5-6 inches from the water, what light settings/schedule would be beneficial for growth, can someone recommend...
  24. A

    Help me set up my Kessil A160 & Zoa tank!

    Hey guys I recently got a Kessil a160 for my 18 inch cube (90 litre) Zoa dominated tank, my question to you guys is 1. I have my zoa rack about half way through the tank and the Kessil About 5-6 inches from the water, what light settings/schedule can someone recommend? Currently have them set...
  25. Chad Vietz

    Nebraska $11 coral frags

    I've got a number of various kinds of coral frags available. All frags are $11 a piece plus shipping. If interested, message me which numbers you would like and I can give you a quote on shipping as well. These pictures are examples of frags and not specific as I have multiple frags of each...