1. TCK Corals

    Halloween Sale Announcement Buy 5 Get The Lowest Cost Frag FREE! PLUS Save 10% Use code BOO

  2. notsobigtime

    Which zoas have the most color/pattern variance?

    I bring this up after posting an ID help thread about my BSA Sticker Shocks. They were verified as being such. BUT, only after being mistaken for a few other things, or folks not knowing what they were, even. The photo of the darker colony is in my tank and came from the exact colony as the...
  3. KBW13

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Mushrooms and Zoas

    A few different frags for sale, currently offering local pickup/drop off only. TSA Mardi Gras bounce mushrooms: $100 each, currently have 4 available NYRA Campfire Zoas: $35 pp Rasta Zoas: $20pp God of War Zoas: $30pp Gobstoppers Zoas $25pp Galaxea chunks: $15 small chunk, $20 large chunk...
  4. Silverfish

    North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Virginia Awesome centerpiece for a beginning tank!

    Hello fellow reefers, Looking to free up some room and light so I can add some more corals! This is an Carib sea life rock shapes arch covered in 8 or so zoa varieties and a neon sinularia which I will halve. Unfortunately I will not be able to ship due to its size. I live in Asheville, NC...
  5. Silverfish

    North Carolina Livestock Trade Awesome Center piece

    Greetings fellow Reefers, Looking to trade a zoa covered arch rock. Adjacent rock to the left as well. I’m looking to trade for nice torches. I have never shipped and this would be too big anyway. So pickup only please. I live in Asheville, NC.
  6. J

    Michigan Deep Discounts - AOI Zoas, Space Invader, Raja Pampage, Indo Gold Torch, Bubblegum Digi, Palmers Blue Milli, Blue Starfire, and more

    6 Frags for $50 Pic #1 $10 - Retails $35 ORA Neon Green Birdsnest Pic #2 $10 - Retails $30 Tidal Gardens Purple Stylophora Pic #3 FREE - Retails $25 Tidal Gardens Red Plating Monti Pic #4 $10 - Retails $30 Vivid’s Green/Purple Pocillopora Pic #5 $10 - Retails $40 World Wide Coral Teal Candy Cane...
  7. reefrider777

    South Carolina 5 frag pack $120 shipped

    5 Frags shipped for $120 via FEDEX Overnight Express. JF Skittlebomb Cyphastrea Blonde Blue Eye Zoas JF Burning Banana Stylo JF Antivenom Favia Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoas
  8. Reefer37

    Why Can't I Keep Zoas?

    I just want to know the secret. I've had my tank running a year now and I can successfully keep most everything I've tried except zoas and acans. I'm not sure what it is with my zoas but getting them to grow is like pulling teeth. I'll be lucky to get a new polyp every month or so. It's been...
  9. Coralick

    Florida Zoas, suphastreas, montys, Local pickup

    Local pickup at Hallandale 33009, thanks for looking
  10. Sick_man

    How to clean off algae from coral?

    Hi all, my rasta zoas are not opening fully. I noticed this with my vamps in drag zoas so i used a turkey baster to blow it and it closed but 5 mintues later it opened fully. I figured there must have been crap or gunk on it. I did this to my rastas but they opened just a bit more but not fully...
  11. bobby.w.hodges

    Georgia Zoa pack

    $375 shipped Rainbow incenerator Vw bloodshot King midas/captain jerk Sunny d Citrus cooler Beauty and beast Purple death? WWC twizzler Queen strat JPS princess oxana Standard 2 hour doa, clear pics in original unopened bag. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/bobbys-feedback.701234/
  12. TCK Corals

    Missed out on the livesale derby? Save 30% Off All Weekend Long During Our WYSIWYG Sale!

    If you missed out on our livesale deals, check this out! All weekend long, SAVE 30% Off Our Entire WYSIWYG Collection. https://tckcorals.com
  13. KBW13

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Zoas, mushrooms, montis and birds nest for sale

    Located in Rockland County NY, near NJ border. Several different zoas, montis and more available for sale. currently only for pickup/meetup/dropoff, not shipping yet. Lemon lime montipora digitata $30 Small birds nest frags $20 Tyree Rainbow Stylophora $30 Campfire Zoa $30pp God of War Zoa...
  14. J

    Massachusetts Zoanthid Pack

    Have the following zoa pack for sale with standard 2 hr DOA, not responsible for delays. 2p Rainbow Incinerator 3p Utter Chaos 3p Pink Zippers 10p Rainbow Infusion 6p Yoda 12p Vamp in Drag w/ Gatorade 6p Petroglyph 2p Sonic Flare 2p Purple Monster 3p Candy Apple Red 5p Twizzler $350 shipped or...
  15. Tiwo

    California Tank Breakdown 40g, rodi, and more

    Im getting out of the hobby sadly. I have a 40g breeder w/ 20g sump. I do have aiptasia in the 40 but I recently got berghia nudis. Msg for more pictures of specific things. Also, I recently moved to the Sacramento area from Ukiah. I can also meet in Petaluma on Saturday (8/29). I would like to...
  16. Joe Knows Reefs


    If you missed our biggest live sale we still have some corals left over. All left over coral are 15% off using code AUG-LIVE-2020. Some really nice pieces still out there. Check it out at this link...http://www.joeknowsreefs.com/live-sale/ You will receive 15% off the sale price!! The 15%...
  17. Blood Agave Zoanthids

    Blood Agave Zoanthids

  18. iProShot

    Can anyone identify them?

    These have been growing like crazy with my stock led Biocube lights. I have them Place like like in Center middle range Of the tank anyone identify them? Probably going to upgrade to steve led later on if needed
  19. D

    California Entry Level Zoa Pack, $175 Shipped

    Pack $175 Shipped: Treehouse of Horror, Scrambled Eggs, Nirvana Mohawk, Orange Bam Bam, Pink Zipper, Pandora, Rasta, Pink Hippo I can make 2 packs with the same number of polyps for each.
  20. minnowme

    Texas WYSIWYG Collector Zoas/Palythoas

    WYSIWYG zoa and palythoa pack. Shipping FedEx Priority Overnight for Next Day Delivery by 10:00 a.m. (with the exception of some rural addresses deliver 12:00 p.m.) Everything is packaged in temperature controlled polar-tech shipping containers. You’re looking at zoas and palys which I fragged...
  21. lazycouch

    what does this mean?

    hey guys anyone know why polyps may open up like this sometimes? i’ve seen a couple do it already and i’m just curious if it’s something to do with flow or light or they’re just having fun?? they do it temporarily
  22. A70C4E0C-E0B0-463D-9D9B-B5A294D5F0BD.jpeg


    Zoas and a mushroom
  23. 20200715_225902.jpg


  24. Art Calde

    Florida Zoas for sale

    I have the following zoas for sale (in order of pictures): Eagle eye w a punk rocker $20 Bam Bam colony $60 Punk Rocker colony $80 Nuclear Green colony $60 or $20 for two polyp frag Gobstoppers 6 polyps in front $40 Punk Rockers in back $60 for the colony Rainbow infusion. $20 for 2 polyps...
  25. ECCD

    New York Indo Torches- Zoas- rics- BTAs - Rock nem - can ship

    Cleaning out a tank as we prepare to move! everything has prices on it. Shipping is $40 flat rate- Includes ice packs if needed as well. All Pictures are taken with Flow off, Under AI Hyrdas- AB+ is current setting, with an Iphonw 11 Pro and Poylp Labs lens kit. Prices are listed on each...
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