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Mar 22, 2022
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Who is running this show and there is no info online for such a big event. Any info?
Hi! I am actually putting on the show :) It is a first year show, and lots of learning as we go but hopefully with some awesome vendors and some marketing we can have a great turn out and everyone can have fun!

I think I actually sent you the event info as I have seen you at other swaps, but if you haven't gotten it I can send it again (message me the best email for you). Would be happy to hop on a call to answer any questions you may have.

No official website has been published yet as I want to have the vendor/sponsor info to display for potential attendees.
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Sep 4, 2021
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mize ms
Here we go for 2022
Changes and updates will be done on this list throughout the year

-1/15 Cincinnati, Oh-Crs
-1/15-16 New Orleans, La-Aqua Fest
-1/15 Lancaster, Pa-Tfp
-1/22 Sunnyvale, Ca-Cfm
-1/29 West Fargo, Nd-Drk
-1/30 Lansing, Mi-Captive Reefs
-2/5 Louisville, Ky-Reefing Usa
-2/6 Janesville, Wi-Badgerland Frag Swap
-2/12 Twin Cities, Mn-Reefing Usa-St Paul Brewery**Cancelled**
-2/12 Lakeland, Fl-Florida Frag show
-2/12 Richmond, Va-Rva
-2/26-27 Orlando, Fl-AquaShella
-2/26 Cleveland, Oh-Lear
-2/26 Santa Ana, Ca-Cfm
-2/26 Menasha, Wi-Fox Valley Fish Fair
-3/5 Storrs, Ct-FFM
-3/5-6 Denver, Co-Reef Stock
-3/5 Arlington, Tx-Dfwmas
-3/12 Endcott, NY-Bcrc
-3/13 Ft. Worth, Tx-Cfm
-3/13 Madison, Wi-Reefing Usa
-3/19 Charleston, Sc-Reef Dreams
-3/20 Birmingham, Al-Reefing Usa
-3/20 Naperville, IL-Cfm
-3/26 Rochester, Ny-Flower City Frag Fest
-3/26-27 Topsham, Ma-Mid-Coast Coral Frag Swap
-3/27 Las Vegas, Nv-Cfm
-3/27 Lisle, Il-Reefing Usa
-4/2-3 Atlanta, Ga-Macna
-4/3 San Diego, Ca-Cfm
-4/2 Indianapolis, In-Indmas
-4/3 San Diego, Ca-Cfm
-4/9 Austin, Tx-Txcs-Cfm
-4/9 Pittsburgh, Pa-3Rmas
-4/10 St. Louis, Mo-Slash/Reefing Usa
-4/16 Phoenix, Az-Cfm
-4/17 Easter
-4/23-24 Orlando, Fl-Reef-a-Palooza Fl
-4/23 Chicago, IL-Cmas
-4/23 Scranton, Pa-EcaCfm
-4/29 Janesville, Wi-Janesville Swap
-4/30 Kansas City, Mo-Reefing Usa
-4/30 Knoxville, Tn-Aquaticon/Aquatic Marine
-5/1 Oklahoma City, Ok-Reefing Usa
-5/7 Mansfield, Tx-Texas Coral Fest
-5/14 Silicon Valley, Ca Cfm
-5/14 Starved Rock, Il-Starved Rock Saltwater Expo
-5/14 Sunnyvale, Ca-Cfm
-5/14 Fort Mill, Sc-Carolina Aquatic Expo
-5/21 Bellevue, Wa-SeaTac-Cfm
-5/21 West Des Moines, Ia-Reefing Usa
-6/4 Richardson, Tx-Dallas Coral Show-Cfm
-6/4 Weston, Fl-Florida Frag Swap
-6/11 Santa Ana, Ca-Cfm
-6/18 Fort worth, Tx-Dfwmas
-6/25-26 Secaucus, Nj-Reef-a-Palooza NY
-7/16 Indianapolis, In-Cfm
-7/30 Lakewood, Co-Rocky Mountain Coral Show-Cfm
-8/6-7 Dallas, Tx-AquaShella
-8/19 Los Angeles, Ca-Reef-a-Palooza CA
-9/3 Fort Mill, Sc-Carolina Aquatic Expo
-9/10 King of Prussia-Philly Splash
-9/9-11 Milwaukee, Wi-Macna
-9/18 Las Vegas, Nv-Vegas Coral Show-Cfm
-9/24 Lancaster, Pa-Tfp
-9/24 Sunny Vale, Ca-Cfm
-9/24 Menasha, Wi-Fox Valley Fish Fair
-9/24 Miami, Fl-SkellyFest-The Ultimate Aquatic Expo
-10/8-9 Chicago, Il-AquaShella
-10/8-9 Dallas, Tx-Reef-a-Palooza Tx
-10/8 Santa Ana, Ca-West Coast Coral Show-Cfm
-10/22 Atlanta, Ga-Atlanta Coral Show-Cfm
-10/22 Columbia, Sc-Carolina Reef Experience
-10/23 Columbus, Oh-Cora
-11/5 Overland Park, Ka-Kansas City Coral Show-Cfm
-11/5 Huntington, Ny,-Lira
-11/12 Salt Lake City, Ut-Cfm
-11/20 San Diego, Ca-Cfm
-12/3-Phoenix, Az-Cfm
Can someone add Ms Reef Fest to this list 10-29-22?
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Sep 4, 2021
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mize ms
Can someone add Ms Reef Fest to this list 10-29-22

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