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I have 4 really nice SPS packs for sale, WYSIWYG

Multiple still available, I can add pieces for pack deals too at low prices. Just send me a PM and we will workout a deal :)

All my pictures are under full T5s, 4 coral plus and 4 blue plus. All my corals are also grown under T5s, they are blasted with light as my lights are around 12 inches away from the corals! All these corals GLOW under all blues but I do not like taking "fake" pictures under all blues with orange filters so all my pictures are under full T5s with no orange filter or anything.

Please message me with any questions. Any coral that has CW, stands for CoralWealth (my name). They are indo tenuis colonies I brought in almost 2 years ago and have thrived in tank conditions.






Pack 3: - SOLD
Top left to right:
CW Pink Bubblegum, WWC Heartbreaker
Walt Disney (large chunk), PC Superman


Pack 4 - Sold
Top left to right:
BC Aquaticman, CW Pink Bubblegum
CW Fruit Roll Up (so nice), PC Superman

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