75 Gallon Breakdown

College Street Reef

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Nov 28, 2016
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Full tank Breakdown, Would like to sell as one piece for anyone looking for an entire setup with everything needed. Will part out if necessary. Asking $1500.
Items included
-75 Gallon tank and stand (bottom, back and right side tinted black)
-Nyos 160 Skimmer
-Trigger Systems Saphire Sump
-Radion XR 30 Gen 4 and Mounting Arm (Mobius Ready)
- 2X Ice Cap Gyres with Controller
-Maxspect Gyre with Controller
-Neptune Apex EL with Temp, PH Probes
-Cor 15 Return Pump
- Neptune DOS (not pictured but available)
-Reefbreeders ATO
-Miscellaneous items such as Hannah checkers, Refractometer, pellet food, airline tubing, algae scrapper.

Would like to sell fish and livestock with the setup but willing to keep the rock and relocate the fish to a LFS if necessary.
PM me for pricing and interest in individual items, and additional pictures

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