75 galllon

  1. taytay_1119

    New 75g- help with stocking

    Hi all! I recently acquired this 75g clear-for-life tank and am needing suggestions/help with my stock list. The list of fish that I like and have interest in are: One spot fox face Bristle tooth tang Two-tone wrasse Multi color Lubbock fairy wrasse Adorned wrasse Yellow banded possum wrasse...
  2. L

    Shrimp in 75gallon reef tank

    Hey everyone Just looking for advice and recommendations on shrimp for a 75 gallon mixed reef tank. I’m looking to add of my first shrimp and just wondering what would be the best I really like the skunk cleaner shrimp, and the blood shrimp or fire shrimp. However, I do plan or it is in my list...
  3. L

    Dwarf Angelfish together

    Hey guys, Just curious on experience or how you feel about 2 angelfish together in a 75 gallon. Like a flameback and bi color or flameback and coral beauty or regular flame angel, I was originally planning on a small bristle tooth tang or tomini however tangs have a bad rep for illness and they...
  4. L

    Adding crabs or snails to new 75 gallon

    Hello all again, Just looking for quick advice I setup a 75 gallon and it has been running a week now and mainly cycled I will say as all my levels and annomia have been good for awhile with this I added 3 PJS after 3 days of cycle after using live sand, rock and live bacteria and when the...
  5. L

    Protein skimmer for an AIO (Limit space) 75 gallons.

    I started a few weeks ago a 75 gallons with the idea of make a Reef tank with very few fishes (2-3 fishes). It is a regular 75 gallon Petco rimed tank. I install the AIO Fiji box kit. This box has a space designed for the skimmer of 5.3" by 7". Can someone recommend a skimmer with dose...
  6. M

    75 gallon saltwater reef tank suggestions

    Hello all I currently am looking into any new additions to my 75 gallon reef tank Tank is about 5.5 months old currently housing: 2 black and white ocellaris clowns 1 purple fire fish 1 yellow watchmen goby 1 male lyretail anthias 1 scooter blenny 1 long nose hawk fish For inverts...
  7. EithelSirion

    Build Thread EithelSirion's 75 Gallon DIY SPS & Gorgonian Reef

    I've been a long time lurker and finally decided it was time to have a thread to document my tank... over 3 years after I started it. This thread will be covering the progression of the tank over the last 3 years of trial and (many) errors. The tank began with an idea right around the time of...
  8. silent1mezzo

    Lighting a 75 gallon with 2 existing AI 16

    Hey y'all, I recently picked up a 75 gallon and wondering what I should add to supplement 2 AI 16hd's?
  9. B

    Missing Magnesium!! Please Help!

    We have a 75 gallon tank with a Fluval 407 cannister filter. Bottom tray-black sponge followed by polyfill, Second tray- Chemi-pure & polyfill. Third level- biomedia. Final tray- ZeoCarb & phosphate remover pads Return line has a fluval spray bar, the Inlet has a Fluval skimmer with midline...
  10. C

    75 Gallon Breakdown

    Full tank Breakdown, Would like to sell as one piece for anyone looking for an entire setup with everything needed. Will part out if necessary. Asking $1500. Items included -75 Gallon tank and stand (bottom, back and right side tinted black) -Nyos 160 Skimmer -Trigger Systems Saphire Sump...
  11. G

    urchins in 75 gallon

    could i keep 2 pincushion urchins and 1 black longspine in a 75 gallon
  12. tcarstens4

    Stocking Advice for 2 75 gallon tanks

    So I am seeking some advice on fish we can have in both our 75 gallon tanks(180g total), these tanks are plumbed together attached are two images of said tanks, with the aquascapes in them, my fiancé would like to decide all the fish that goes into the left hand side tank that currently has a...
  13. Pennywise the Salty Guy

    First Reef Tank - Options/Advice

    Hello again R2R! I am enthusiastically planning my first tank. I’ve tried my best to go used but have had too many setbacks and am settling on going new. I added my current ideas to the poll. It should be noted that for the 40/75 I would be using HOB equipment for a while to start. Im trying...
  14. The Reef Monster

    Build Thread The Reef Monster

    System Specs Type: 75g Mixed Reef Tank History and Goals: -Started with a BioCube 32 then upgraded to this 75g -The 75g I bought off someone else; was all beat up. -In process of building a 250g by mid 2023 Background: I tore it down completely and redid everything from replacing the...
  15. tcarstens4

    Build Thread The Tiki Room Build(180g total)

    Hello all, this is my first build thread on here and I figured I should document the whole process of my two 75 gallon tanks that I will be plumbing together for my display tanks in our tiki bar room. The whole idea started because my fiancé and I bought a home that has a split finished...
  16. G

    Starfish not able to eat

    I’m trying to feed my chocolate chip starfish but the grouper keeps stealing all the food before the starfish can get it any ideas how I can get him to stop stealing it
  17. B

    Wave pumps

    Hello all! I currently have a 75 gallon tank. The tank dimensions are 48”L x 24”W. My tank setup is a HOB filter With the Orbit marine IC pro dual LED lights with loop and 2 eflux wave makers. Surprisingly, I have been impressed with the lights considering how much I got them for, they were on...

    Florida Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Aqueon 40g Breeder Fish Room Setup (Twelve Tanks Plus Racks and Polycarbonate Lids)

    Dismantled my fish room a few years back and finally getting around to selling everything. First up are (12) 40B painted on the bottom and sides white with stacking oriented book end style. Complete turn key setup. Includes four Gorilla 60" racks that stacked in pairs allows all twelve to be...
  19. Joey Reef

    Florida Miscellaneous Drygoods Deep Blue rimless tank 75 gallon

    Selling my 75 gallon Deep Blue rimless tank. I’m moving and I need to sell the tank only. Built in overflow. Drilled for drain and return. Overflow plumbing included. I’m breaking it down this weekend. Has no leaks. I’m located in a Broward county, Florida. Pick up only.
  20. LeeLoo Lola

    Build Thread Home office set up

    I’m so behind as I wanted to do an actual build thread. (I’ll get to it eventually). After a 6 year break, we are back in reefin. One of our toughest decisions was trying to figure out the room to put the new tank in. We decided on my husband’s home office. Thought I’d share some pictures. We...
  21. L

    Moving my 38 gallon to a new 75

    My 38 gallon has 6 ocellaris clownfish (2 black 1 frostbite 3 "Nemo"), snails, and hermit crabs. Started in April I was going to add an emerald crab to the tank (before SO saw sale on 75 gallon) to deal with a hair algae problem and because my son liked the look of it. We bought the new 75...
  22. GumDropDan


    After two years, I'm finally back in the hobby again but with a bigger tank. Yes, 75 isn't that grand but with limited space, this is my best option. As most have told me, I'll quickly grow out of this tank. This is also my first time starting a thread to follow my build. Follow me on the set-up...
  23. Sleeping Giant

    New Year's Eve tank update

    Come check out my 75 gallon build thread for your new year's eve R2R roaming. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/my-75-gallon.723389/post-8384194
  24. AshwinRavi

    not exactly DIY but DIY

    I just received a 200 INT IM aquarium, the foam board on which the tank will rest is sightly broken in a few spots. Spoke to IM, they were more than friendly and helpful, the issue is, I won't be able to get a replacement till 2021, I have a baby on the way and wanted to get the transfer done...
  25. Lmdw121

    New York 75g tank/cabinet/all contents

    Getting out of the hobby. selling everything you see. Will separate but obviously the lights and tank are last. If someone wanted the entire setup, I would be willing to let it go for $800. Located in Rochester, NY