south carolina

  1. CarolinaReefs

    Selling My Entire System - 75 & 45 Rimless - Sumter, SC

    I am contemplating selling my house and am looking to sell my complete saltwater setup. The tanks are highly automated via a 1st Gen APEX controller. Just feed, add makeup water, and do water changes (I change about 25 gallons every 2 weeks). Everything that is needed will be included. This is a...
  2. Olemiss

    Georgia WTB Looking for aquatic life 61” T5 Hybrid

    Looking for 61” aquatic life hybrid light. Will pay shipping.
  3. Damdeno

    Anemone, inverts for sale in local are for pick up

    Hello I am in Beaufort South Carolina and looking for any available anemones that I could possibly buy and pick up from the area since their are not mmuch options out here
  4. JoshB94

    South Carolina Radion XR30 / XR15 G4 Pro's with Mount and Reeflink

    Hi everyone, have a few lights I'm looking to let go. Save over $600 from the stores 2x XR30s with tank mount ($940 new each) and 1x XR15 with RMS mount ($440 new), G4 Pros with lower use time almost all at 30-50%, all in good condition and clean plus reef link controller ($100) Wanting $1800...
  5. backdraft_reefer

    South Carolina Innovative Marine SR-80, stand, and equipment for sale

    USED TANK FOR SALE!!! GREAT EQUIPMENT INCLUDED!!! For the people who do not know me, I recently upgraded from my Innovative Marine SR-80 to a custom 180-gallon tank about two months ago. I have finally cleaned out my old tank (which ran successfully for three years) and want it to go to a good...
  6. AquariumSpecialty

    Carolina Reef Experience Trade Show News

    We will be posting news about our trade show in this thread. Follow along by making a comment below. Like us on Facebook here: Please take a minute to visit our website at this link to learn more about our...