south carolina

  1. Doctorgori

    South Carolina LED Drygoods Red Sea RL 50 LED $180 shipped

    This light is in good shape, low mileage $180 shipped PAYPAL only, no hold 1st pay gets light, pm 1st for paypal address
  2. Doctorgori

    South Carolina Aquariums LED Drygoods 3ea AI SOL all 3 for $250 shipped

    This post is for 3ea AI SOL sold as set for $250 …
  3. Doctorgori

    Coral Foods Fish Foods Chillers Drygoods SOLD Brine Shrimp eggs, sketchy hatch rate

    Yes these eggs hatch but not at the original 90% … looks closer to 50% see pics 1/2 cup of eggs is $7 shipped ….. in ziplock bags in a yellow envelope 9 bags available if interested pm me, ref “bbs”
  4. Doctorgori

    Dosing Drygoods SOLD Dosing Containers 2ea for $25 shipped Multiple sets available

    Used but reasonably clean dosing containers, sold as set(s). or $25 for 2ea SHIPPED See individual post, reference post # when pm’ ing
  5. Doctorgori

    South Carolina Aquariums Aquarium Controller ATO Miscellaneous Drygoods Neptune Apex Gear for sale, some NEW unopened

    Several unused or unopened Neptune Apex Gear. Used items worked at time of removal and guaranteed to work or unconditional money back guarantee. Unopened items Sold “ As Is” obviously, I’m not a retailer and don’t do returns or make manufacturers guarantees for unopened items (any issues take...
  6. Doctorgori

    South Carolina UV Drygoods Lifegard 40W High Output UV Sterilizer

    Lifegard 40W UV 2yrs old. $200 ,shipping not included Unit sold “As is” Please read below before buying: Aquarium UV sterilizers are basically a ballast, bulb in a waterproof quartz sleeve and a waterproof heavy plastic case. The UV bulb must be changed annually. Bulb was over 1yr old...
  7. GoTakeANap

    South Carolina SOLD Radion XR30 Gen 4 Pro’s

    I have 2 Radion XR30 Gen 4 Pros for sale. Does not have any mounts. 1 does have 2 blades missing off the fan(pictured below)but still fully operational. Nothing wrong with either light. $275 shipped for broken fan XR30 OBO $300 shipped for other XR30 OBO Want both? Pm me an offer!
  8. GoTakeANap

    Skimmer smell help

    Hello everyone. Bought a new skimmer not to long ago and it’s working great but the only problem is the smell is awful and it’s starting to stink up my house. Any ideas on how to get rid of the smell or to contain it within the stand? Back of stand is open but front stand doors are always...
  9. P

    Hello Looking for Local Reefers in Sumter SC

    Hello! I'm looking for any local refers around sumter SC who would be Interested in selling some coral frags. I have a 6 month old tank and am looking for some corals. Hoping to get better deals than ordering online or driving to lfs in Columbia. Anyone around Interested?
  10. besskurz

    Bristleworm trap

    Thats pretty straight forward. If you have Bristleworms - i know you have them - you can use this device. Put some shrimp or food pellets in the bottom and let the worms get inside their coffin. Designed by myself. - Wanna buy the STL? $2 - i know you have 2 bucks and this 3d printer...
  11. besskurz

    South Carolina LED Drygoods SOLD Reef Breeders led nano - R$70

    Reef Breeders led nano. Less than a year of use. Perfect condition. Be nice and I can ship. But for this price is already a good deal.
  12. C

    75 Gallon Breakdown

    Full tank Breakdown, Would like to sell as one piece for anyone looking for an entire setup with everything needed. Will part out if necessary. Asking $1500. Items included -75 Gallon tank and stand (bottom, back and right side tinted black) -Nyos 160 Skimmer -Trigger Systems Saphire Sump...
  13. G

    South Carolina Media Drygoods Calcium Reactor - South Carolina - Split Shipping - $500

    Calcium reactor for sale. Not super knowledgable on them, as it came off a client's tank and asked me to sell it for them. This thing is huge and came off of a 265gal aquarium. Willing to split shipping cost with buyer
  14. BombadBrad

    North Carolina Live Goods Orange Storm (paired), Springeri Damsel, Royal Gramma, YWG, Cleaner Shrimp FS

    Hello all, selling off my livestock. Some of these are from Dr. Reef Quarentined. All very healthy. I can send more pictures or videos if requested. I’m open to offers for all or select ones.
  15. TroutWithLegs

    Nano Build New City, New Tank

    Finally settled down in Charleston SC, and decided it was time to set up a new tank. Breaking away from my lagoon/frag reef I had in St. Louis, and going to try to build a floating peninsula style, with KISS as the design intent. Was able to find this IM Nuvo 14 from a local and started it...
  16. coastalnanoreef

    Hilton Head Island South Carolina group

    Hey, so we are starting a Facebook group for any reefers in Hilton Head Island and the surrounding areas. The group is called SC Lowcountry Reef Hobbyist. Please feel free to join the group and spread the word to other reefers in our area.
  17. CarolinaReefs

    Selling My Entire System - 75 & 45 Rimless - Sumter, SC

    I am contemplating selling my house and am looking to sell my complete saltwater setup. The tanks are highly automated via a 1st Gen APEX controller. Just feed, add makeup water, and do water changes (I change about 25 gallons every 2 weeks). Everything that is needed will be included. This is a...
  18. Olemiss

    Georgia WTB Looking for aquatic life 61” T5 Hybrid

    Looking for 61” aquatic life hybrid light. Will pay shipping.
  19. Damdeno

    Anemone, inverts for sale in local are for pick up

    Hello I am in Beaufort South Carolina and looking for any available anemones that I could possibly buy and pick up from the area since their are not mmuch options out here
  20. JoshB94

    South Carolina Radion XR30 / XR15 G4 Pro's with Mount and Reeflink

    Hi everyone, have a few lights I'm looking to let go. Save over $600 from the stores 2x XR30s with tank mount ($940 new each) and 1x XR15 with RMS mount ($440 new), G4 Pros with lower use time almost all at 30-50%, all in good condition and clean plus reef link controller ($100) Wanting $1800...
  21. backdraft_reefer

    South Carolina Innovative Marine SR-80, stand, and equipment for sale

    USED TANK FOR SALE!!! GREAT EQUIPMENT INCLUDED!!! For the people who do not know me, I recently upgraded from my Innovative Marine SR-80 to a custom 180-gallon tank about two months ago. I have finally cleaned out my old tank (which ran successfully for three years) and want it to go to a good...
  22. AquariumSpecialty

    Carolina Reef Experience Trade Show News

    We will be posting news about our trade show in this thread. Follow along by making a comment below. Like us on Facebook here: Please take a minute to visit our website at this link to learn more about our...