75gallon tank mixed reef flow recommendations

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    So I am going to get your typical 4 foot 75 gallon tank with a lot of softies on the bottom, LPS about mid way ,and a little SPS on the top in a minimalist 2-3 island aquascape going about 60% up towards the surface in a barebottom tank. I am trying to decide what will take care of flow for my corals needs but also quality of life things for me like modes that can get detritus suspended and flushed out periodically, and a feed mode, battery backup, etc. Obvious considerations are a Maxspect gyre but not sure if just one and what model will accomplish this or not? Maybe two vortech MP40's one on each side or 3 MP 10's with one on each side and one on back towards the bottom or something? Or maybe get lucky with just one MP40? Obviously I dont want to murder my softies on the bottom but want enough to support a little SPS on the top. Any reccomendations for that perfect flow would be most helpful and thanks in advance :D
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    Firstly welcome to R2R Ryan it’s great to have you with us!

    If I were getting circulation pumps I would go the MP40 way as I’ve read up on them previously, but maybe the guys on here who use them can help you out as well
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    Have you made a pump selection? I have 36g bare bottom and i want to change the power heads in.
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    I have the same setup and mixed reef but mainly focus on sps. I have 2 PP-8 power heads for flow and they are way more than enough for the tank. I run mine C mode which switches from one pump to another and for my tank makes very good random flow. Any of the other wave modes are so strong it blows my sand around. Awesome controllable flow, small form, quiet and low price point has made Jebao pumps my go to.

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