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800 Gallon Tank Breakdown

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$20,000 obo
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Mar 18, 2013
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I am breaking down my reef and going another direction with the tank. Looking to sell all livestock for $20,000. Also includes the livestock in the 2x 75 gallon frag system. I am willing to part out corals if no one wants the whole lot, but I will not sell any fish individually because I can't catch them until the reef is taken apart. A few items of high value:
  1. Crosshatch Trigger pair ~$5000
  2. JF Jolt - mother colony, mini colonies & frags ~$3000
  3. Walt Disney - mother colony ~$1000
  4. After Burner Tenuis mother ~$1000
  5. JF Foxface mother ~$300
  6. Jellybean chalice 2" ~$800
  7. Yellow Sub 4" mother ~$400
  8. Miami Hurricane 6" mother chalice ~$500
  9. Orange Sherbert 6" mother chalice ~$500
Additional fish:
  1. 2x Yellow Tang
  2. 2x Hippo Tang
  3. XXL Vlamingi Tang
  4. XXL Dejardinis Sailfin Tang
  5. Adult Blueface Angel
  6. Adult Majestic Angel
  7. Coral Beauty
  8. Melanurus Wrasse
  9. Leopard Wrasse
  10. 5x Green Chromis
  11. 4x Sqammie Anthias
  12. Chain Link Moray
  13. Pink Stripe Pseudo
  14. Lightning Maroon Clown
  15. 2x Ocellaris Clown
Additional Coral:

20 lbs. living SPS - Forest Fire Digitata, Superman Digitata, Purple Stylo, Green Birdsnest, Red Planet Acro, Pink Mille, PC Rainbow. Many of these colonies are soccer ball size and can easily make 500 frags from them.

Pectinia, Blastos, Favias, Chalices, Mushrooms, Zoas, Palys, GSP (an entire 75 gallon full of branching GSP)
Soccer ball sized open brain, leathers

Probably 5-10 lbs of monti

500 lbs liverock, 500 lbs sand - recommended to keep the same bioload if someone takes it all

The tank footprint is 10' x 4' x 30” tall. It is packed with coral. If interested please DM me and we can schedule a visit and you can see for yourself.

CF37A305-6FD4-4AD6-9855-33AA8CED74E9.jpeg 531B3528-3D9A-4F32-B70C-BFBE302B4C45.jpeg
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