a great bad tank example beginners please read



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Aug 4, 2020
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this is mostly for beginners but for all of you also as a good example of what non researching, testing and patience dose versus researching and testing and patience

hey everyone you may know me as the person who made a lot of mistakes and asked a lot of dumb questions and that also has terrible grammar i’m sorry about that but i’ll make this short

and i also promise you please bear with all the mistakes and poor grammar because this might help some of you out

so my first tank i didn’t measure anything and i did a bunch of dumb mistakes like these

- i poured a lot of things into my tank i couldn’t test for which is very bad

- i added livestock that i miss identified in the past and things that i just couldn’t keep in general

- and the third thing is not leaving the corals alone and tweaking every different thing because something is incorrect

- and three this hobby is all patience you need to wait and observe and see if it’s not a one day thing

- if it isn’t a one day thing and a actual problem then you need to ask questions if you don’t already know how to solve it because you may end up trying to save it but make it worse

- also know how much to feed and write everything you do down the more simple the better and don’t tweak things to fast or to much at one time do it slowly

now here is my old tank and i’ll post some pictures of some of the problems i had with it and say what they were and then what it looks like at it’s happiest and the end

but you can skip to the second post for the good example tank of mine it will be a comment on this thread

anyways to continue the beginning december 26 2019


hopefully that worked but two day set up yikes added the sand and the water and bacteria first night then damsels and rocks two mushrooms and a kenya tree coral

one of the damsels died the next morning and i feel bad going through this and i’m sorry to all these fish that have died due to my lack of knowledge

the story of king the clown fish


he was my third fish i didn’t acclamate him to the tank so he got ick and then the damsel got it they both died

(oh and to add on i was over feeding this tank a lot but i stopped when i started learning)

the only inverts big failure phase



i added two nems at this point i forgot that i had that rock nem till my big big crash in the summer when i first started to learn that’s to some yelling almost i’m sorry for being stubborn and ignorant

also mind you this tank hasn’t been set up for a month now and has a giant bubble nem it lived surprisingly for a while till it died when i forgot to plug in the heater after a water change

and i took the shrimp back because it was stealing food from the nem and mushrooms and i didn’t like that

the replacement phase


the first obvious issue bought another nem and as seen on the it died and started a mini cycle in my tank because or big changes in a nano tank and i got mushrooms but back to them later

see all that yucky stuff everywhere i was over feeding and overdosing nutrients that were expired and not good phytoplankton which is bad dont do this if your a beginner don’t do any of this please

then i added a clownfish and then i said a few weeks later let’s get another one (not good) they both were acclimated but fought to the death while i was at school they both died

the i didn’t learn but then start learning a bit after but not enough and still big changes


oh wow were to start with this mess

got a six line wrasses ended up killing everything in the end except the fish his name was mortis kinda ironic a bit

and then my first longest living fish dochie the clownfish very nice but loved a very sick nem that died shortly because it was bleached

also the second light was because i thought i needed more not the case

i kept changing the rock scape every few days which is bad very bad

and everything ended up dying because of mortis and my moving everything constantly

the start of the research


ok so i research mortis bad for this tank with dochie mortis removed

changed rock scape and added a rock which i took out for a rock that had mushrooms on it and then i got candy cane and zoa both of those died from unknown things i still have the mushrooms as of today but not the original i sold it at the end of the tanks life

second mistake big algae problem because i had really high nutrients and switch to a light that could grow algae fast so i got snails and a test kit but still not enough

the algae problem is fixed later though

the heavy research phase but still fail


the snails oh the snails i love them but this is a sad story so the package got lost in the mail and I had to get a new one and some of the snails died because they got lost in the package

snails and vibrant worked (vibrant for me was a bad thing) but not good enough needed something else and i changed the rocks one last time

the rodi and the finally getting it down but not quite yet


ordered an rodi the sandbed started looking cleaner

got a algae scraper so i could stop scratching the glass everywhere

and then got a dragonette more about her later but another good example of buy only what you can care for

next phase the starting to get it right phase


got more coral was going to upgrade but ended up not doing that i’ll explain below

the dragonette ended up dying due to some problem overnight but was eating fine before that (fed him to the nem turned out a bad idea)

and then that anemone some of you will recognize that he died to stability issues and starvation which then i started scheduling everything that i do from now on and then a stupid last test after this explained in the last phase

final phase before shut down but i won’t go into the shut down phase because it’s not important


new tank for holding the fish for my new tank that never happened ended up taking them back

i also stopped dosing useless stuff

got a new nem it never shrank it grew a bit in my time having it he now lives in another tank

put a box on the cheato to help it ended up becoming an algae scrubber thing

got a shrimp and then lumi my favorite fish i’ve ever owned

then this fuzz showed up did something on impulse which should never be done ended up selling most of everything and it stayed up in the background of my new tanks cycle holding some new corals and the rest of what i wanted to keep

anyways i hope this was a good lesson of what not to do and i’ll start typing the one for my new tank so it can show a bit of how to up until the new point because it’s only five months old as of right now


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Aug 4, 2020
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my new tank i cycled it till it was ready for everything and i kept everything on a certain schedule and was sure to write down everything i did

the start feb 3 2021

i added most of my corals and inverts over the next few days after the cycle but i added and tavi the tail spot blenny and then lumi later

this was a phase where i was still kinda touchy and messed with things a lot and i ended up losing this trumpet coral because it had hydroids and i was not gonna deal with those

but other than that things were good for a while and i was still finding places until

the nutrient spike and bryopsis 7FDE80EE-A22A-40DE-896D-C5AB62649023.jpeg C44BF41E-D498-4885-B42B-B4752850A412.jpeg B3BBF682-BE75-4568-AF06-331D4427790F.jpeg DE4BC97B-0445-476F-AA06-55292C94AA89.jpeg

then i got bryopsis and so i decided to add a refugium and feed less but then my sun coral started to recede and i eventually lost him sadly

i also moved things around and got an urchin which did eat my chiton lol

a harsh reality check

this is where i had my one thread that i’m still sorry for but i ended up losing lumi and then i relized that in life things happen for a reason and sometimes doing more can hurt

so from there on out i decided find a spot where the coral likes and glue it and leave it if it’s happy there

and that’s what i did with the new corals i got and i added 8 new ones

i also got and urchin that died overnight he arrived at my house like that with the white stuff on him

the sps phase

now that i had everything set down and got my calcium in check i decided to get a few birds nests and then a few mushrooms

and currently

here’s my tank today i added a few more corals and i now have around 80-90 snails and i also added watermelon the yellow banded pygmy wrasse

anyways i hope this thread helps some of you out and if you want more details then your free to pm me
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Aug 4, 2020
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hold on that’s the new thread it’s not finished i accidentally hit post my bad but it will be updated soon

Really appreciate it when people can bring some humility to this hobby. Thanks for the post.
that’s where you learn the best lessons lol and no problem i hope it was a good read sorry for my bad grammar
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Aug 4, 2020
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Brave of you to put this all down and share it. This will serve as a good warning to newbies (like myself) and experienced reefers alike. Kudos!
thank you and that’s why i did share it so no animals die to in inexperience and not being able to care for them

and to show that nothing good happens from constant changes

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