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Feb 5, 2017
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Northeast PA
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I picked up this acro colony at my LFS for a really good price. Came in as a wild Fiji colony with no name. Colors are all very pastel. Branches start very pale green almost white and they get purple as you get closer to the tip. It’s about the size of my hand. I was hesitant in buying due to it being a wild colony but I couldn’t resist the coloration. I’m hoping it doesn’t change too much in my tank. Any ideas what type of acro it is? Or possibly a trade name? The pictures are fairly accurate. One picture is a top down the other is from the side. Thanks as always.



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Jan 15, 2010
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Not gonna have a trade name just coming in wild.. the colors will morph especially under leds and it’s survival rate will be very low compared to aquacultured pieces…

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