ALK only monitor/controller coming out sometime?

Lance Umansky

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Jan 18, 2017
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The trident looks amazing. But really I'm not worried much about my Ca wavering much esp when my alk is fine. My Mg hardly moves ever. I test occaisionally to make sure. It has very rarely needed adjustment and it was far from urgent. So IMO I dont need at all the Mg or Ca part of the trident, but I DO NEED the alk aspect!.
Is an alk only unit going to be avail sometime? Another reason is that I don't want to spend money for reagents of Mg and Ca that I dont need nearly as much as Alk reagents, and all three come in one package, so again buying over and over soemthing I dont want or need just to have someting that I really need.
I might be able to find a different brand of alk only but I'd prefer apex.

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