Alphabetical List of Named Chalice Corals

Discussion in 'General LPS Discussion' started by Mike&Terry, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Mike&Terry

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    4-Color Chalice
    Acid Bath ChaliceAlien eye Chalice
    Alien Lava Flow Chalice
    Alien Splooge Chalice
    Bahama Mama Chalice
    Bazooka Joe Chalice
    Bazooka Joe Watermelon Chalice
    Beaker Bob's Wildfire Chalice
    Beakerbob's Original 4-Color Watermelon Chalice
    Blue Mandarin Chalice
    Blueberry Watermelon Chalice
    BPC Flamethrower Chalice
    CB Rainbow Crush Chalice
    Cherry Sour Chalice
    Chronic Chalice
    Cornbred 3g Chalice
    Cornbred Cherry Bomb Chalice
    Cornbred Trash Mummy Eye Chalice
    Ecstasy Chalice
    Emerald Mummy Eye Chalice
    Flaming Bugatti Chalice
    Florida Watermelon Chalice
    Fnf Goku Chalice
    Girl-x Chalice
    Grape Watermelon Chalice
    Jabawaki Chalice
    Jason Fox Banana Banshee Chalice
    Jason Fox Biohazard
    JF Tangerine Dreams Chalice
    Jason Fox Tickle Me Pink
    Jimmy Cigar's Orange Sherbert Chalice
    Kratos Chalice
    Lava Flow Chalice
    Matrix Chalice
    Mengs Mummy eye chalice
    Miami Hurricane Chalice
    Monster Mash Chalice
    My Miami Chalice
    Oregon Mummy Eye Chalice
    Overdose Chalice
    Pinkalicious Chalice
    PPE chalice/ Event horizon favia
    Pumpkin Patch Chalice (aka Miami Hurricane)
    Raging Rivers Chalice
    Rainbow Magic Chalice
    Reefkoi Viron Flame Chalice
    Riddler Chalice
    SDguy's Pink ******* Chalice
    SPStoners Watermelon Chalice
    Starburst Chalice
    TEC watermelon Chalice
    Teebs Chalice
    Toxic Pie ChaliceTrop's Paradise Chalice
    Tubs Branching Alien Eye Chalice
    Tyree Bubble Gum Chalice
    Tyree LE Psychedelic Chalice
    Tyree Pink Watermelon Chalice
    Tyree Red Watermelon Chalice
    UA Rainbow Chalice
    UC Hellfire Chalice
    Widowmaker Chalice
    WWC Sunny D chalice
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  2. revhtree

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    Awesome list! Thanks Terry!

    If anyone wants to add to this list please post a name and photo and I will add yours!
  3. tupes

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    Give this a bump. I've seen a couple people posting fs/ft threads without pics and people don't know what they look like.
  4. Big Larr

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    Ok l
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