Announcing the Snackle Combo Pack Collection

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Sep 12, 2021
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Customers have been asking for new combo pack options - especially for combo packs containing amphipods - so Dinkins Aquatic Gardens is excited to announce our new line of "Snackle" combo packs:

The Snacklepack Combo - Contains Snacklebox (copepods) and phytoplankton.
The Snacklepail Combo - Contains Snacklebox (copepods), phytoplankton, and Coral Cane.
The Snacklebasket Combo - Contains Snacklebox (copepods), phytoplankton, and amphipods.
The Snacklecrate Combo - Contains Snacklebox (copepods), phytoplankton, amphipods, and Coral Cane.

Multiple size options are available for each combo, to suit the smallest and largest of tanks!
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