Aptasia in my overflow


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May 16, 2020
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I bought some frags from a local store last spring. They had some aptasia, which I killed with sodium hydroxide. Not long after I see tiny ones popping up around the tank and sump, so I got 2 peppermint shrimp for the display and 1 for the sump. haven't seen an aptasia in the display or sump since then. Got lucky and got good eaters! Anyway I was looking in my overflow a few weeks back and WHOA it was aptasia everywhere back there. It surprised me! I hit them as best I could with the NaOH but its hard to see back there and I’m standing on a chair trying to balance the bottle and dropper. I checked back there again today and there r still some around. I was thinking of putting one of my shrimp back there for a bit to clear them out. Is this silly? Are they likely in other places as well so what’s the point? I just want them ALL gone so less risk of them spreading.
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