Aqua Helios feedback compare to v2

Discussion in 'Reef Breeders' started by tank o tang, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Looking to upgrade my 2 photon v1's to either the v2 or the helios. Yes I've read the descriptions and don't think the 5 watts will make or break the decision. I do like that I can just swap out the reds and greens for other colors since most people just turn them off. On my original photon I pulled all the secondary optics to get a better blend and cover front to back. Will the optics give me the same advantage with the helios's cluster lenses? Does the v2 give a better blend since they are spaced wider? Lights will hang on a light rack in the canopy about 10" off the surface of a 180gal tank. Big purchase so have to get this right the first time, wife definitely doesn't want to hear of any do overs. Anyone have the helios and wish they went v2 or have v2 and wish they went helios?

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    im curious as well. not many reviews on the helios. alot of people complaining about the 420nm L.E.D as not bieng cree, but cree doesnt make one so it is an higher end epiled, which is made in the same factories from what i gather, the wifi control looks pretty cool, and if you like storm effects the v2 doesnt offer that. and for me the fixtures are $80 apart in price. the v2 shadows still, and the helios doesnt, but again id like to hear from actual owners.
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