Aquarium Innovative Marine Nuvo 30L Fusion Combo with Protein Skimmer, media reactor & UV Sterilizer


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Jul 26, 2019
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Aquarium Innovative Marine Nuvo 30L Fusion Combo with IM Protein Skimmer, IM Media Reactor, UV Sterilizer & 5 filtersocks
Located in 19464.

Measures 36x15x13- Used as a reef aquarium for 4 years. Everything in very good condition-Only selling because I am upgrading to a larger tank.

-Comes with the following:
- Innovative Marine DC MightyJet 538 GPH DC Return Pump w/ Controller
- Innovative Marine NuvoSkimmer AIO Protein Skimmer [Midsize]($175 upgrade)
- Innovative marine AuqaShield 9 Watt UV Sterilizer [Midsize]( $55 upgrade)
-Innovative Marine Media Reactor(Desktop)($65 upgrade)
-5 Filter socks

Priced at for $425 without custom TOPLIDS screen. **Optional TopLids custom screen -Add $150 **

1A97DE5B-B752-47F7-B3A6-1539199EED7B.jpeg 4F628A96-FF8C-423D-8471-C4E15E641CC1.jpeg 8032AD27-6120-4522-A1BC-D1BD0D927253.jpeg 1496743A-9953-4C67-8782-EA33BD874190.jpeg 15FD8BE1-ABB5-4681-BABD-DA0AA6B17AE6.jpeg B409ED6A-3B3E-4AE7-A7B6-9290F6916D5C.jpeg 7703D791-B291-4A89-A8F7-4DF7F3AC605A.jpeg 46ED04B6-B4AB-4176-B1E4-B8738469FCD3.jpeg 83DEA185-037C-4BAC-A6C7-74530974353D.jpeg 0FD54FF4-61DF-43FC-B28A-06B9B150B013.jpeg
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