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20 NUVO Fusion PRO 2 AIO HUGE Aquarium Bundle - $500

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Nov 12, 2022
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Tank is for sale with everything listed below included. In () is the purchase price from BRS, who I purchased everything from. This tank has been great to me but due to alot of unforeseen work travel coming up I need to part ways.

Price $500

20 NUVO Fusion PRO 2 AIO Aquarium Bundle - Innovative Marine ($399.99)
MightyJet Desktop AIO DC Return Pump (326 GPH) - Innovative Marine ($120.99)
200W Titanium Aquarium Heater w/ Helio Controller - Redundancy Bundle ($225.99)
Innovative Marine AuqaShield™ 10 Watt UV Sterilizer Water Clarifier ($109.99)
2x InTank Filtration Media Basket ($89.98)
InTank filtration Cover ($39.99)
2x Boxes Ceramic Bio-Sphere - Seaside Aquatics ($49.98)
2x Flex Series 1/2" Random Flow Generator - Vivid Creative Aquatics ($43.98)
SandCaribSea 20lb Special Grade Arag-Alive ($38.99)
Small / Medium 15 lb Reef Saver Dry Live Rock - MarcoRocks (75.99)
RODI 4 stage 75gpd ($81.99)
Watchdog Leak Detection Alarm ($15.99)
Coral Tweezers - Carbon Fiber w/ Neutral Buoyancy - Maxspect ($22.99)
BRS Coral Propagation Kit ($34.99)
8 Hole Magnetic Coral Frag Rack with Plug Locking System - Fiji Cube (39.99)
Pro-Clean 1" Small - Python ($10.99)
Auqa Gadget Gourmet Defroster Pro - Innovative Marine ($29.99)

Water Change Equipment:
100W Eheim JAGER Aquarium Heater ($29.99)
Syncra Silent 0.5 Pump (185 GPH) - Sicce ($44.99)
Pro-Clean Squeeze Medium - Python (27.99)
Voyager Nano Stream Pump (530 GPH) - Sicce ($42.99)
2x Rubbermaid 10 gallon brute trash cans ($75.98)
2x BRS Custom 5 gallon Bucket ($22.98)
MaxWorks 80854 Polypropylene Dolly-200-lb Capacity ($43.94)

Other Items:
GFO, Carbon, Glass Beakers, Auto Feeder, HW Salt, many other small odds and ends as well!

Fish / Coral:
Tangerine Clownfish
Bicolor Dottyback
3 Head Hammer
2x Zoa

unnamed (12).jpg
unnamed (11).jpg
unnamed (14).jpg
unnamed (13).jpg
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