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Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 2 50g AIO

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Sep 22, 2022
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I recently upgraded my tank and need to move this 50g out! It's actually still in my old house that I'm about to put on the market so I need it gone! :)


Asking $850 ($1283 new, plus about $200 in upgrades/extras). No trades, please.

Here's the link to the manufacturer's site with all the specifics: https://www.innovative-marine.com/s...-Lagoon-Aquarium-w-APS-Stand-Black-p184982118

It comes with everything shown in the link above (minus the carbon/GFO bags and filter balls - I threw those away a while ago). I upgraded the filtration by adding a fuge caddy from InTank Aquatics (I modified the legs to it would sit better in the 2nd rear chamber), as well as their filter floss holder and their rear chamber cover (this upgrade was AWESOME). I have included 7 lightly used filter socks (since I switched to filter floss they weren't used after the first couple of months, and they have been washed). The lid is included and is still in great shape. I'll leave the feeder on it and you can either keep and use it or pitch it. I can also include a Bayite thermostat as well. All you need to finish the setup will be heaters and lights!

In order to set up the refugium in the back chamber, I did have to peel off a section of the black plastic on the very back of the tank. It's not visible from the front or sides, so if you decide NOT to use that chamber for a refugium it's no big deal. I will say though, the fuge worked out WONDERFULLY and I'd highly recommend it!

After I shut the tank down I cleaned it out with hydrogen peroxide and citric acid. It did a pretty dang good job!

I set this tank up in December of last year so it's only been up and running for about a year.

This is obviously pickup only in the Dayton area. I might be able to deliver depending on where you are located (Columbus/Cincy) but will charge a little for gas and my time. I'm pretty busy these days :smirking-face:

Let me know if you've got any questions!

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