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  1. JoannaCora

    Build Thread First Build Thread - 20 AIO Reef, Then the Plot Thickened.

    After posting about my refugium over in the macroalgae forum I decided why not post up my whole build progression while I'm at it. First off, I suppose this would be considered a budget build by most standards, and/or DIY, nearly everything was repurposed from old builds during my last foray in...
  2. R

    Background Dilemma

    Hello all. I just recently joined but I have come across an issue with the design for a tank I am making. I want to have a black background, but I can't paint the outside becuase of its design. The black divider pictured will be made of glass, but that is what I want to be black. But how can I...
  3. Djalexchang

    Florida Aquariums Nuvo 40 gallon setup

    Located in Orlando Florida. Asking $375 and comes with tank, stand, intank media baskets, clear view screen, mighty jet return pump, and nuvo skim skimmer. *Tank with be dry, no livestock or lighting included*
  4. MRRBW

    AIO Build AIO sump cover?

    Good day to all. I have been slowly prepping my aquarium upgrade and am determined to find something to cover the AIO sump box section. I had a DAS 60g with internal filtration, old school AIO (got the tank in '98) and I used old crusty filter socks to cover that area to prevent algae growth and...
  5. Brewski262

    Nano Build Waterbox 10 Build!!!!

    Hey everyone! Here's a glimpse into my build so far! Will be updating more as time goes on. The tank has been up, scaped and cycled via fishless for a few weeks now. Will be ordering the clowns I want soon. I will get some pics for everyone soon. I'm pretty stoaked about my scape for this tank...
  6. Mr.Hawkfish

    AIO Build 14 Gallon Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Peninsula PRO AIO Aquarium Bundle

    I recently got a new Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Peninsula PRO AIO Aquarium Bundle for Christmas and here I will be posting my progress and issues that I encounter while building my tank! I am switching from a 10 Gallon NUVO AIO, which is simply too small for me to deal with any issues I...
  7. attiland

    Build Thread The heater failure build

    I have had aquarium since I can remember. Ok the very first one hardly can be called an aquarium as it was just a 3l jar with a 2-3 inch catfish in it my dad caught while we were fishing. And that fish didn’t last long with me as he had to go back to the river Danube. It was growing faster and...
  8. DownByTheReef


    This isn’t my first rodeo with saltwater. I left the hobby a few years ago. However, my love for saltwater aquariums has returned! I’m excited to begin a all new journey with new plans and goals. The hobby has grown quite a bit since my 29gal biocube In 2015. With all of the new gadgets coming...
  9. SLiszeski

    Build Thread Nuvo 30L

    I just started this tank up about 2 months ago after upgrading from my 13.5 evo after I saw a good deal on Facebook and couldn’t pass it up. Thought it was final time to make a build thread. Equipment: Stock innovative marine pump(467gph) Aquami Kps powerhead Autoaqua smart ato 5 gallon ato...
  10. Steve089

    Build Thread Steve’s IM 30L upgrade!

    going to be upgrading an IM20 to an IM30...since im currently documenting the IM20 progress in my waterbox20 build thread, I thought the new tank deserved it’s own thread!! IM20 is about 18 months old, I got it used off of CL as a full setup. goals of upgrade: more horizontal space for various...
  11. Stang67

    Nano Build And now for something completely different...

    So out of the blue I stumbled on a posting on FB for a 10g tank. I have been kicking around some ideas for my FW 55g and my old 29g and never thought of going smaller. I offered the guy 50$ thinking there is no way he would take it. Turns out not only did he take it but he lived about 5 doors...
  12. cLoWDy

    AIO Build First Reef Tank - Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Build

    Hello All! I’ve decided to start my first ever reef tank after spotting the AIO Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Tank Kit (Aka Fluval Flex 123L). Figured the all in on (AIO) was the way to go since I’m a first timer and the setup seemed pretty simple to grasp. However, after reading about this tank from...
  13. JakeMo

    Nano Build Fluval Evo 5 Build

    This is my first saltwater aquarium. Since around middle school, I've kept freshwater aquariums, and I just finally decided to try saltwater as I'm off on my second year of college. I would have rather of gone with a larger aquarium (15-25gal) but due to dorm restrictions, I'm limited to 5...
  14. cLoWDy

    Fluval Flex Owners - Experience, Mods, Advice

    Hello Reefers, Im a first time reefer but certainly not new to the aquarium lifestyle. I decided to start my journey with an AIO (all in one) Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon. I have had so many questions about the best way to go about setting up this tank as there are many ways to modify and improve...
  15. navada718

    Hello New Reefer from Brooklyn in the house

    Hello Reef2reef, I've recently started the build for my IM 50 Gallon lagoon aio. This is my 1st saltwater aquarium & this site gave me the confidence to actually pursue the challenges that come with keeping & maintaining a slice of the ocean in my room. I plan on keeping a fowlr system for the...
  16. navada718

    Build Thread IM 50 gal lagoon

    What's up Reef2reef, I've been lurking for a couple months & Finally got started on my build for a AIO Innovative marine 50 gallon lagoon. Just finished my aquascape & now need advice on what reurn pump to get, along with power heads or wave makers. My 1st options are the vectra s2...
  17. Manonfire0815

    AIO Build Wish I had gotten a bigger AIO

    Hi every one. I'm new to the marine tank experience and I have found myself wishing I would have purchased a much larger AIO. I'm thinking of selling my Waterbox Cube 20 and stand to purchase a bigger Waterbox or some other brand of AIO. If you have had the same thoughts post the AIO you...
  18. BaronReef

    Build Thread BaronReef's IM 25 Nuvo Fusion Lagoon Build

    Completely new to Reef2reef as of this morning and wanted to see how I could do with documenting my IM 25 Lagoon's progress thus far from build to present and also see what advice or thoughts other reefers might have. I'm a very verbose person...sorry in advance. For a little background, I've...
  19. J

    JMJ Aquarium

    Hey folks - so there is a 45 gallon JBJ aquarium up for sale. Right now the guy has freshwater stuff in it. Has anyone had any experience with this rimless tank? (This one does not have a sump in it but it does have that back stuff like you see with Red Sea I believe). So what are thoughts...
  20. mkane

    Waterbox or Redsea in 2020

    Now that I know 100% I cannot install an in wall tank my only choices come down to these two tanks. I’m getting confused when ordering , do lights come with these tanks? Are these lights actually good? Waterbox shows a bunch of additional items I need but what about Red Sea? Do I need a sump...
  21. Jim8o

    Let’s see your AIO mixed reefs

    As the title says... let’s see your All in one mixed reefs. I have just completed a DIY build (see build thread) and am now starting to look into some nice corals to fill the tank (over time, obviously).. I’m really interested in a mixed reef. G me some inspiration and ideas for corals. Jim
  22. jdav4

    Hello Hi Everyone, Had a Reef Tank Long Ago and Getting Back Into It

    Not up to date with the latest Tech do I do old school overflow with sump or something new, maybe an all in one system? Can I get some pointers. Thanks,
  23. Daveouthere

    Biocube 32 led light schedule?

    Hey guys any fellow Biocubers out there that can help me set up a schedule, I don’t think mine are correct even though to each is own but I need a better schedule. Please and thank you hopefully this was the correct place to post this thread, hope to hear from y’all
  24. Scott1071

    AIO Build BioCube 32 LED Build

    Hi All, Thought I would get a jump start on my Biocube 32 build thread. I just purchased it yesterday, it's still in the box, but soon it will be out and the fun will begin. I just placed an order for some things I will need for it which I will list, and also will list things that I still...
  25. Aqua Splendor

    (Video) Small All In One (AIO) aquarium

    Hello Reefers, I wanted to share how I built my aquarium3 years ago, I wasn't a Youtuber at that time but for some reasons I filmed most of the process and I wanted to share my experience with you. This built work flawlessly, can't complain much about the design, it works, but I'm always...