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  1. bboystyle

    California Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Red Sea Max Nano 20 Gallon NEW IN BOX

    Selling a Red Sea Max Nano NEW IN BOX. I never got to set it up so it's just sitting in my garage. Comes with the white stand also new in the box. What's Included? MAX NANO G2 Cube Aquarium Black or White Cabinet (not included with tank only option) ReefLED 50 LED Light & Mounting Arm 250 GPH...
  2. R

    Cloudy water and snails acting strange

    Hello, For the past 2 days my water has been very cloudy out of no where. All my turbo snails have become very lethargic and are exposing themselves out there shells. I did water tests and have the following. NH3/NH4: .08ppm Nitrates: 0 Nitrites: 0 Alk: 9.1 Ph: 8.0 Temp: 78 Everything else in...
  3. jdivz87

    32 Gallon Fiji Cube AIO .. QUESTIONS PLEASE

    Hey fam! I have a 32 gallon aio Fiji cube…. It came with 2 media baskets. Do I use both? If not on one side I’ll do the media basket and suggestions on what to do on other chamber on the end. Also, chamber with return pump is huge. Obviously leave this empty right? Any suggestions on how...
  4. JcK03

    Waterbox AIO reviews

    Hello fellow reefers Here I'll share with you my short experience with Waterbox AIO 20g Cube. (WB owner for the first time, since 1½month) First of all, I'm from Canada, I have ordered my tank and the stand directly on the WB website, and for real the shipping was really really fast and well...
  5. JonnyTorch

    Free AIO tank. What is it?

    Hey all. I have been out of reefing for a couple of years. I just got a completely free AIO tank today. That sparked my interest back up. Anyway, has anyone ever seen a tank like this? It's rectangular but the width of the filter system is like 1/3 the tank size, it's huge lol. I take it the...
  6. jgg1133

    Ohio SOLD 34 gallon jbj all in one tank

    JBJ 34 gallon tank and stand. All in one. Has the curved front left and right corners. Holds water. Includes two cobalt mj1200 return pumps and two spin stream nozzles. Located in Pickerington Ohio, just east of Columbus.
  7. twhit030

    Waterbox 25 peninsula build from the ground up!

    Hello all! More so just doing this for fun feel free to follow along. Over the next few months I’m going to be actively working on building a dream mini tank in my apartment. My end goal is to make it a mostly sps tank with a few softies or hammers to fill in gaps. Eventually the long term...
  8. dangles

    Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 2 50g AIO

    I recently upgraded my tank and need to move this 50g out! It's actually still in my old house that I'm about to put on the market so I need it gone! :) SOLD Asking $850 ($1283 new, plus about $200 in upgrades/extras). No trades, please. Here's the link to the manufacturer's site with all the...
  9. tgrick

    Red Sea WHITE Nano Peninsula S. Florida NO SHIPPING!

    Have a WHITE Red Sea Nano that looks like new. Used for less than a year. Has an extra pump, extra power box and custom cover. Asking $750 Includes everything that came with tank PLUS EXTRAS listed above. Pictures on request.
  10. Cycleguy0623

    Fluval 32.5 saltwater

    Fluval 32.5 saltwater AIO with stand. This comes with the original pump, hood and light. I forgot to add the light to the photo but can provide additional photos if interested. I have upgraded to the Intank media baskets as well. Nothing wrong with it at all but we just moved everything from it...
  11. Coralogy_

    Build Thread Waterbox20 AIO

    Hello everyone! I've been an avid fish keeper for a long time, primarily on the freshwater side, but I'm excited to dive into the world of saltwater. I was inspired by a close friend who is in the hobby. Anytime I went to his place, I would stare at his tank the entire time, so I figured it's...
  12. Z

    Nutrient Export in Waterbox 20 Cube

    I have a waterbox 20 cube and I'm having some nutrient issues that weekly water changes aren't solving. I feed 1/4th of a frozen mysis cube per day and 1/4 teaspoon of reef roids per week, so the issue shouldn't be overfeeding. I do not have a skimmer, nutrient removing chemical media, or a...
  13. C

    Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Planet Aquariums Tideline 62g Lagoon - SOLD

    I have a brand new Planet Aquariums Tideline 62g AIO Lagoon for sale. It has never had water in it. I bought it new with intentions of setting up a second tank, but have not had the time. It comes with the tank and stand pictured, as well as 2 return pumps and custom media baskets made...
  14. ralquist

    ATO failure in AIO

    Herd something off this morning on my way out the door, water spilling out of my 45 AIO tank... I have a JBJ 45 using a AutoAqua smart ATO w/ 5gallon top off reservoir below in the stand ran into the return chamber along with the sensor. Last night about 10pm I topped off the reservoir, in...
  15. C

    AIO Build Innovative Marine AIO 15 Build

    Hi all! This is my first tank since being out of the hobby for around 5 years and I couldn’t be more excited to dive back in! As the title states, I have an Innovative Marine AIO 15 and I have loved it so far. My tank is only a month and a half old and is stocked (so far) with a Gold Nugget...
  16. Z

    Waterbox ATO Help

    Hey everyone. I've had my waterbox cube 20 for about a month now and I've gotten some new equipment, including an ATO from fzone and an automatic filter fleece roller from Reef Rolls. However, these two pieces of equipment do not seem to be interacting well. The fleece roller uses a water level...
  17. PSUolive

    How new is the DeskMate 9 Gallon Peninsula Aquarium? What is everyone's opinion on DeskMate tanks?

    I just saw this listed as a new product on the BRS website. Are these brand new or have they been out for a few months? I did not see anyone with photos of them when I searched the forums. These are more appealing to me because of the slightly larger size and layout but was hoping to see some...
  18. Z

    Waterbox 20 Cube Mandarin Dragonet

    I have a waterbox cube 20 that I've just added fish and coral to after 4 weeks of cycling. There are currently 2 clowns and a peppermint shrimp, along with some hermits and snails for CuC. My absolute favorite fish is the mandarin dragonet. I know they can be difficult fish to keep in a tank...
  19. navada718

    IM 80 aio Reefscape upgrade scape

    I impulsively purchased a IM 80 gal AIO at a steal of a deal. I implemented some frag shelves from west Muticulture (no longer in business) & coral frag plug holders (printed reef).
  20. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    New Pre-Configured Flow Kits for Every Aquarium Brand, Make and Model - The Random Flow Generator®

    It's never been easier to add the Random Flow Generator® to your aquarium Over the past few months we have updated and simplified our pre configured flow kit lineup. We took the guesswork out of adding an RFG Nozzle to your aquarium by pre-configuring and bundling these kits with the most...
  21. Max Rackstraw

    Help red sea desktop overflow not working right

    I have just setup a red sea desktop peninsula however it appears that the overflow drain is not working correctly. It seems to be... Well... Overflowing. It is meant to drain into a little hole in the far right of the plastic overflow grating peice but just fills up too fast and overflows into...
  22. zombie.reef

    Top down Tuesday

    Top down of my IM Nuvo 20 AIO. It's a softie/zoa dominant tank with the exception of a bubblegum digi and branching lepto. Tank has been running for about 2 years and corals are starting to take off. Also loved this shot because the storm is saying hi
  23. N

    90G Reef ready new or IM SR120 used

    Hello reefers! I have been in the hobby for 15 months now and I have finally decided I’m ready to upgrade to a larger tank. I currently have a 40G breeder reef tank with a tidal 75 HOB filter, Octo HOB skimmer, and two AIPRIME 16hd. My LFS is willing to sell me a 90g reef ready tank (drilled)...
  24. S

    New Jersey New York Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine fusion 20 peninsula tank BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED

    this is a brand new fusion 20 peninsula never opened pick up only in Poughkeepsie NY 12603. Sells for $399 online I will let it go for$325
  25. alexa08

    Landen 20g TANK

    Has anyone ever purchased this? I would love some reviews.