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  1. kennedysherman

    Build Thread Kennedy’s 90 Gallon Build

    90 Gallon Pro-Star Rimless AIO Set-Up. Red Sea ReefLED 90w Lights. Reef-Power RP-M Power Heads. Marine DC Pump DCQ-6000. Delivery Date: 12/20/21 Rockscape Finished: 12/31/21 18 buckets of water from our local fish store! Water Added: 1/5/22. 1/6/22 After letting it filter through the night.
  2. Bryn

    RFG Nozzle, Jebao RW-8, and AIO Cube

    Hopefully this will help some people. This is a video of a tank I put together showing the flow through the tank using the above mentioned equipment. The Jebao Pump is set at W1, Speed 3, Knob turned all the way to slow, using a RFG nozzle off a Coralife S-1000 pump. Hopefully you can see the...
  3. O

    OHReef's 20 Gallon Long DIY AIO - Build Thread

    Let's get into the AIO DIY build Here is a link if you have not seen the Build Thread for the DIY stand - OHReef's DIY 20 Gallon Long Stand - Build Thread Current Equipment: Sicce Syncra Silent 1.0 - 251GPH Eheim 75W heater 2 - Current USA eFlux Wave Pumps 660GPH (only running 1 currently...
  4. N

    Sump overflow for AIO? (All In One)

    Hello I have a waterbox cube 20 right now everything is running great. In the future I wanted to double my water capacity with a sump (equipped w/ protein skimmer, refugium) and add a pair of dragonets. I know the options for overflow are drilling or hob. I wanted to ask here if anyone has tried...
  5. wesleyferrell94

    AIO Build Bringing my IM Fusion 25 Lagoon back to life... for the fourth time

    I have been in and out of the hobby since 2013. Currently keeping a 25gal IM Fusion lagoon that I originally bought to be a frag tank. not long after setting up the tank I got married and eventually moved the tank to my In-laws where it got basic maintenance for a few months, then a move to mine...
  6. akurt928

    24 Gallon AIO Aqua Top Tank for sale

    I have a 2 month old 24 gallon aqua top for sale comes with tank, stand, skimmer, heater, powerhead and thermometer for $400 obo. bought new for $650.00 from a LFS. live stock and AI Prime not included but the original LED light bar is included with the purchase as well as a glass top. great...
  7. O

    Aio tank water level

    Hello everyone, got this aio tank running, does the water level(the one with the arrow) here need to be lower than the water level in the display tank?
  8. N

    Update on Peninsula 38g AIO FIJI

    So this is my first tank on my own and wanted to hear any thoughts/advice from people. I have right now 3 hermits, 5 snails, 2 damsels, 1 green star polyp, small cluster of zoas and the chaos zoa. All my water parameters are awesome (i haven't tested alk, calc or magn yet tho waiting for test...
  9. S

    Return pump replacement

    Hello! I am a new aquascaper! I have a 20 gal AIO made by Tideline. My return pump quit working and I am having a hard time finding the same one to replace it. Help? I got one replacement and it won’t fit in the return pump compartment on the tank. I had to buy another (external) filter to have...
  10. O

    Hello Hello

    First attempt at saltwater tank. After spending months stalking forums, researching, contemplating whether i should or shouldn't, the wife finally had enough and told me i HAD to set one up. So off i went with my shopping list in hand, bought all of the equipment, acquired a tank and here it is...
  11. TekNick

    Build Thread My First Saltwater Aquarium

    So this is pretty new to me. Never have I really engaged much in forums, but here is goes... I have always wanted a Saltwater Aquarium after seeing my uncle's when I was 9 years old. While growing up my folks would only get me small freshwater tanks and fish just to get me into how to take care...
  12. Z

    Looking to setup/buy a silent tank. Is this possible and what equipment would I need?

    I'm looking to setup a silent reef tank since it will be in the same room as I work and can't focus which noise. I'm looking to put together a reef tank that's 40-50 gallons. I would prefer something affordable (Maybe up to $500ish or less?) that's complete if possible. I've been told to get...
  13. Brody’s Reef

    AIO Build Starting over with a Tideline 47.5 gallon AIO

    Hey everyone! It’s finally time to get the new build thread going. If you want to check out my previous build thread it can be found here: Long story short I spent about a year and a half building...
  14. Azurenoace

    water level AIO

    hi, i want to ask about water level on AIO aquarium, which is better from the picture below? the A or B?
  15. MrDeathKills

    AIO Build 40B AIO tank

    So we currently have a 32g biocube. The wife has gotten into corals that go on the sand bed. Such as Acanthos, Cynarias, ELegance, Lobo, Wellsos, and Trachys. To give us more sand bed i was thinking of going to a 40B with the AIO drop in as my wife dosen’t want to do a sump till we move. Has...
  16. JoannaCora

    Build Thread First Build Thread - 20 AIO Reef, Then the Plot Thickened.

    After posting about my refugium over in the macroalgae forum I decided why not post up my whole build progression while I'm at it. First off, I suppose this would be considered a budget build by most standards, and/or DIY, nearly everything was repurposed from old builds during my last foray in...
  17. R

    Background Dilemma

    Hello all. I just recently joined but I have come across an issue with the design for a tank I am making. I want to have a black background, but I can't paint the outside becuase of its design. The black divider pictured will be made of glass, but that is what I want to be black. But how can I...
  18. Djalexchang

    Florida Aquariums Nuvo 40 gallon setup

    Located in Orlando Florida. Asking $375 and comes with tank, stand, intank media baskets, clear view screen, mighty jet return pump, and nuvo skim skimmer. *Tank with be dry, no livestock or lighting included*
  19. MRRBW

    AIO Build AIO sump cover?

    Good day to all. I have been slowly prepping my aquarium upgrade and am determined to find something to cover the AIO sump box section. I had a DAS 60g with internal filtration, old school AIO (got the tank in '98) and I used old crusty filter socks to cover that area to prevent algae growth and...
  20. Brewski262

    Nano Build Waterbox 10 Build!!!!

    Hey everyone! Here's a glimpse into my build so far! Will be updating more as time goes on. The tank has been up, scaped and cycled via fishless for a few weeks now. Will be ordering the clowns I want soon. I will get some pics for everyone soon. I'm pretty stoaked about my scape for this tank...
  21. Mr.Hawkfish

    AIO Build 14 Gallon Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Peninsula PRO AIO Aquarium Bundle

    I recently got a new Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Peninsula PRO AIO Aquarium Bundle for Christmas and here I will be posting my progress and issues that I encounter while building my tank! I am switching from a 10 Gallon NUVO AIO, which is simply too small for me to deal with any issues I...
  22. attiland

    Build Thread The heater failure build

    I have had aquarium since I can remember. Ok the very first one hardly can be called an aquarium as it was just a 3l jar with a 2-3 inch catfish in it my dad caught while we were fishing. And that fish didn’t last long with me as he had to go back to the river Danube. It was growing faster and...
  23. DownByTheReef


    This isn’t my first rodeo with saltwater. I left the hobby a few years ago. However, my love for saltwater aquariums has returned! I’m excited to begin a all new journey with new plans and goals. The hobby has grown quite a bit since my 29gal biocube In 2015. With all of the new gadgets coming...
  24. SLiszeski

    Build Thread Nuvo 30L

    I just started this tank up about 2 months ago after upgrading from my 13.5 evo after I saw a good deal on Facebook and couldn’t pass it up. Thought it was final time to make a build thread. Equipment: Stock innovative marine pump(467gph) Aquami Kps powerhead Autoaqua smart ato 5 gallon ato...
  25. Steve089

    Build Thread Steve’s IM 30L upgrade!

    going to be upgrading an IM20 to an IM30...since im currently documenting the IM20 progress in my waterbox20 build thread, I thought the new tank deserved it’s own thread!! IM20 is about 18 months old, I got it used off of CL as a full setup. goals of upgrade: more horizontal space for various...
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