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  1. R

    50 lagoon APS stand

    Hello everyone, So, my 50 lagoon had a crack on the bottom and I decided not to risk it. Now I have a empty APS stand and was wondering. Would there be any issues putting my nuvo 20 on the stand that belongs to the 50 lagoon? I would love the extra room to build a control board for when I get...
  2. R

    AIO Build IM 50 lagoon

    Was cleaning my tank to get it back up and running. After inspecting the silicone, I notice this on one of the side panels. It's located in the middle of the panel. What do you guys think? Is the tank done for?
  3. Drew P. Wiener

    Nano Build Innovative Marine 30L

    Welp… it’s been just about a year since I’ve set up my first reef tank, and like many others, I found myself looking to upsize the tank. Through this past year, I’ve definitely made plenty of mistakes and certainly felt at times that this maybe wasn’t the hobby for me, but I seriously can’t...
  4. R

    Back wall

    I'm going to be starting my IM 50 lagoon soon. So far, I like the idea of stacking rocks on the back wall. I know this comes with some cons but I would still like to take this route. I haven't found many tanks with this structure so If you have one, please share them. I would love some...
  5. Rams

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Brand new Innovative Marine 50 EXT

    Selling brand new Innivative Marine 50EXT with white stand.Must pickup 08820. Asking 850$. I got sump and skimmer lightly used from Facebook market place where I can give for 150$ if you get tank.It’s eshopps RS-75 and eshopps axium 200 skimmer.
  6. Adrift

    Build Thread My new reef tank after nearly 20 year hiatus!

    Hello everyone! My lovely wife has blessed me with me with a wonderful tank! I’m a little late on starting this thread so I will add a bit in due time for timeline purposes. I got out of the hobby nearly twenty years ago while I was in the Navy. I told my now current lovely bride for the last 10...
  7. Rogued_Reefer

    Florida Innovative Marine 25g Lagoon + Hydra 26 HD and more…

    Hi Reefers!! I’m selling my whole lagoon setup since I’m upgrading to a 100g setup so need the space :) The tank has no scratches it comes with 4 Month old pump, skimmer, and light. Price: $450 What’s included: Innovative marine 25 fusion AIO Icecap k1 nano skimmer Jebao DCS-2000 3d printed...
  8. R

    AIO Build IM 50 Lagoon Sump

    I have an IM 50 lagoon AIO that I'm thinking of sumping. I found a red sea reefer 350 v3 sump for sale and was wondering if this would be a good fit under the APS stand? Also, what are some recommendations for an overflow box?
  9. rondon

    AIO Build Rondon’s IM 20 Peninsula Reef Build

    Hey Everybody, I just created my account. This is my first time posting on R2R, but I have been reading and lurking for quite a while now. I recently had to move from Utah to Wisconsin for my last year of college. I sold my fish and brought along my live rock/CUC in a decently-sized...
  10. GumDropDan


    After two years, I'm finally back in the hobby again but with a bigger tank. Yes, 75 isn't that grand but with limited space, this is my best option. As most have told me, I'll quickly grow out of this tank. This is also my first time starting a thread to follow my build. Follow me on the set-up...
  11. Drew P. Wiener

    Innovative Marine 30L Aquascape

    A few days ago I just picked up my new IM 30G Long tank and have been thinking about the aquascape. Ever since I’ve seen the NSA video from BRStv I’ve been seriously considering doing this. I figured with the dimensions and modern look of this tank, the NSA scape might suit it really well. If...
  12. C

    Build Thread New innovative marine 30L build

    Hey everybody! Just got my new 30L in and setup!! I would say I have slightly more than beginner experience but not much more than that. I plan on having “easier” or “lower maintenance” corals for now probably softies and Lps until I get that sps itch ‍♂️ I’ll be asking plenty of newbie...
  13. C

    Hello Start of my new innovative marine 30L!

    Hey everybody! Just got my new 30L in and setup!! I would say I have slightly more than beginner experience but not much more than that. I plan on having “easier” or “lower maintenance” corals for now probably softies and Lps until I get that sps itch ‍♂️ I’ll be asking plenty of newbie...
  14. Drew P. Wiener

    Calling All AIO Dudes

    Hello everyone, It's been a hot minute since I've really been active on here but I come back today with a question, or rather, I'm seeking some advice. I've been in the hobby for a little while now and by no means consider myself anything but a beginner. I've had my Current setup since last...
  15. I

    New Jersey Innovative Marine INT 75 complete set up

    *SOLD- NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Thanks! * Hi all, Unfortunately I have an unexpected long distance move in the very near future and am hoping to sell my full set up to someone. Have well over $6000 into it and would also include all of my accessories and misc equipment. ( of course not looking...
  16. Coopdod50

    50g Lagoon- hybrid vs LED

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on getting an Innovative Marine 50g AIO lagoon to use as a frag system (display dimensions on it are 29"x 18"x 16" )I'll be doing it like a typical frag tank would be, sps up SPS, LPS in the middle, and softies down low. I'm debating on what lighting to use but I've...
  17. AshwinRavi

    Icecap 4k, Gyre XF350 or MP40 - 200G

    Fellow reefers, The tank is an Innovative Marine 200 INT (70.9"x30"x21.7"), I currently have an MP40, on one side and two jabeo pumps on the other side controlled by apex. What's a better upgrade, another MP40 to be run in sync or IceCap 4k. Tank is mostly lps, zoas and palys with a few sps on top.
  18. Lokipsl

    Build Thread Loki’s 25 gallon Lagoon

    Lighting ☀️ Ecotech Xr30 Gen5 blue Peak intensity 27% Flow 2 x Mp10, 2 x battery backups Stock return pump Filtration 2 x media baskets with poly filter pads to catch detritus ATO Reef Breeders Prism current tank shot
  19. W

    Texas [Updated Pictures] 25 lagoon, radion xr30 pro, ram, icecap skimmer, gyre, ato, and a lot more!

    reposting with pics Pick up is in COLLEGE STATION - Or I can ship at buyers expense 25 Lagoon Breakdown Sale! Trigger 5 gallon Reservoir Tank - 100 | CURRENT OFFER $80 Icecap ato - 100 | CURRENT OFFER $70 Icecap K1 nano skimmer, needs some cleaning - 70 Icecap 1k gyre, one side is new and has...
  20. NewFish

    Build Thread Just getting started 40g

    Getting started on this journey. I have been learning whatever I can retain over the past few months. Now I'm ready as ever to take my chance at my first reef tank. I've dreamed of a saltwater aquarium since I was just a little guy so here it goes. My plan is to build a minimal maintenance 40...
  21. BubbleFullOfStars

    Bubble Tip Anemone video

    Hope you night is going well! Check out my Anemone and clowns. Any Nano Anemone tanks out there?
  22. rlkilwil

    AIO Build Anyone ever used the nuvo skimmers???

    Hey everyone! I need some advice from anyone out there who has ever owned a nuvo tank! Who has tried the skimmer for the nuvo (you know, the square black one) and what are your experiences with it?? Does anyone use any other skimmer in their nuvo (specifically the 40)? Advice needed- I want a...
  23. c3h5

    Build Thread c3h5 Innovative Marine 100gal INT build

    Started a new tank this winter, wish I found this forum prior to starting for more ideas but any opinions or suggestions welcomed. Day 0 Stand assembled and placed next to my current nano tank.
  24. Neseem

    AIO Build Innovative Marine 30L Build

    Hello Reefers! I've been setting up an Innovative Marine 30L AIO for a few months now and wanted to share! I plan on mainly keeping LPS specifically Euphyllia. Equipment: 2 IM MightyJet Return Pumps 2 VCA RFG's (With the Slip Fit Drop connector) 2 AI Nero 3's 2 AI Prime16 HD Lights/Mounting...
  25. MRRBW

    AIO Build AIO sump cover?

    Good day to all. I have been slowly prepping my aquarium upgrade and am determined to find something to cover the AIO sump box section. I had a DAS 60g with internal filtration, old school AIO (got the tank in '98) and I used old crusty filter socks to cover that area to prevent algae growth and...