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  1. Brisc0

    Build Thread New NUVO 100-EXT

    Not actually "new". Setup on May 25th but its progressing nicely. I started getting signs of Coraline on the glass and plastic about a week and a half ago so I got a few Monti's and a Frogspawn to test things out. Taking everything as slow as possible. This isn't my first reef but its the first...
  2. Luckyduck

    CPR Refugium upgrade!

    First off I want to say to R2R I think we should make a specific category for Refugiums/Macro Tanks. Super excited to be upgrading today! Going from a small (13") hang on back CPR Aqua Fuge to a medium (19") CPR Aqua Fuge 2. Brightwell Aquatics was kind enough to send me some Mangrove Substrat...
  3. ReefDude716

    Build Thread Reefing cool tank

    Hello everyone here’s my Nuvo 30L build with a eshops rs100 sump Total 50 gallons Nuvo 30 L Eshops rs100 sump Aps stand Reef link Neptune Apex El Neptune Trident 2 echotech Radion gen 4 xr15 2rms mounts 2 VorTech wireless mp10s Echotech marine vectra s1 Echotech battery backup 2 spin stream...
  4. Innovative Marine

    $1000 GIVEAWAY! NUVO Fusion 50 with an APS White Stand!!

    We are doing another giveaway R2R! ONE NUVO Fusion 50 Gallon Aquarium with APS Stand in our newest color...WHITE! How to enter? Subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of our page and on this thread let us know who you are winning this tank for. If you have already...
  5. Wen

    Florida Aquariums 20 gal IM Fusion

    Have a gently used 20gal IM fusion for sale. Includes screen top and pump. $100 Located in Naples. Pm for more photos/details.
  6. O

    Looking for other nuvo fusion pro 50 lagoon owners

    I recently upgraded to a 50 lagoon and was wondering what everyone has equipment wise for their setup. Also what do you use in the bottom chambers that goes under chamber 1 and 2? Any tips on organizing the mess of wires in the cabinet? Thanks in advance
  7. SilverCityReef

    Build Thread IM Nuvo Fusion Pro 50 Lagoon AIO

    What's up fellow Reefers!?!? My name's Andrew, aka Silver City Reef, and I've been in the hobby for just over a year and a half now. I'd like to start this thread by thanking everyone who takes the time to check it out and follow along, as well as everyone on R2R who has helped me get this far...
  8. wet_rocks_reef

    Build Thread wet_rocks_reef IM 50g lagoon build!

    Hi All, I have been loving this forum and lurking for a long time. I finally figured it would be time to share my experiences with my upgrade to a new tank. Here is a pic of my Biocube 29 that I have been running since 2008. Wow! 12 years is a great run! The main reason I got the Biocube at...
  9. A

    Question about flow

    Hi all, I had a question about the amount of flow I have in my tank. I have a 20 gallon long tank (IM Nuvo 20g Peninsula) that is about 30in long. The tank came with a mighty jet that goes up to 325 gph and I have an aqamai kps that pumps Between 375-1050. So my question is if I have too much...
  10. squidisme

    AIO Build My First Salt Tank - Fusion Nuvo 20g

    Current Hardware: Innovative Marine Fusion Nuvo 20g Aqua Illumination Prime 16HD Innovative Marine NuvoSkim DC inTank Refuge Media Basket inTank Filter Floss Basket Innovative Marine Mighty Jet 8502 - 538gph Hygger Mini Wave Maker Magnetic DC Powerhead Eheim Jager 50w heater Tunze 3152.000 Nano...
  11. Architeuthis

    Lagoon 50 AIO Return Pump

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice/recommendations to upgrade the stock Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 AIO return pump. Something that's more powerful and will still fit in the back of the tank. Input from anyone who's upgraded the same tank or a similar AIO would be greatly appreciated!
  12. OrangeCountyReefer

    California Skimmers Protein Skimmers

    Innovative marine midsize ghost skimmer Top cap has chipped corner but it does not affect the skimmers performance $50 dollars Coralife nano skimmer $30 Innovative marine nano glass scrubber $10 Local pick up only SoCal 92656
  13. J

    Nano Build Suggestions for new nuvo 20 pro build!

    Hey everyone! im getting a build set up for a new nuvo 20 pro and I’m trying to see if I have the bestI can get to be as successful as I can be. Here’s the build list I have so far: Tank: nuvo fusion 20 pro Heater: cobalt 75w Light: either 2 ai prime hd or 1 radion xr15 pro g5 (any advice would...
  14. D

    Anyone know where to get extra corners with tabs for the innovative marine screen kit?

    Their customer service leaves much to be desired. I have a $50 screen kit that is of no use to me because I cant buy a matching set of corners to make two panels. Either I cough up $40 more to buy a whole other (smaller) kit for just the corners, I pay a 15% restocking fee, or I get a mismatched...
  15. Tristan

    Build Thread Concept Abyss Peninsula

    Hey everyone! Tank: This is my 20 Gallon Concept Abyss Peninsula from Innovative Marine. I got this tank last year at Reef-A-Palooza from SCMAS but haven't had the time to build a stand for it up until a month ago. The quarantine finally gave me time away from school to build a stand for it and...
  16. kyleinpdx

    Build Thread IM Lagoon 50 EXT build thread: why arent there more of these edition?

    Hello R2R, I've been putting off creating a build thread, mainly since I'm not much of blogger (best analog I can think of) and I'm social media averse, but I haven't seen many build threads/heard of people running this tank and I just don't understand why, they're awesome! So I'm hoping to...
  17. Tristan

    Small Quiet DC Return Pump?

    Alright, so I got a Innovative Marine Concept Abyss Peninsula tank last year from Reef-a-Palooza and was only able to set it up now. The stock return pump turned out to be pretty noisy no matter how much I fiddled with the impeller. I need a return pump that can fit in a 2.8” by 6” footprint...
  18. tescalante

    Nano Build First Time Reefer Build & Tank Cycle (NUVO Peninsula 14)

    My build so far. Hope to have everything in the next couple weeks and start my cycle soon after that. Still not sure on my ATO, leaning towards Duetto because of it's small size? If you have any recommendations that are must have's for a new reefer? Was also playing around with my scape...
  19. N

    Big shout out to Unique Coral!!!

    Woke up this morning super excited to get my coral from @joefishUC from the r2r sale this past weekend. Day started with a text from UPS saying that the package was going to be delayed, oh shoot here we go. The coral ended up coming at 10:30am on the dot and the packing was stellar. They really...
  20. F

    Innovative Marine Desktop Skimmer

    Hello all, I have a 20 gallons nano reef tank and I have an Innovative Marine Desktop Skimmer installed. I suppose the skimmer is working properly but every now and then the bubbles over flow the cup. Does anybody knows how can I control this? I've tried searching for answers online but very...
  21. MonoReef

    Build Thread IM Nuvo Fusion 40 Mixed Reef

    I introduce to you Monoreef 2 Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 40 Lighting: 14K 150w HQI + TWO AI Primes IM AUGA Gadget Chaeto Max LED Flow: AI Nero 5 + TWO IM AUGA Gadget Spinstream Nozzles Filteration: Filter Floss, Carbon Reactor, Chaeto Heater: Ehiem Jager 200w
  22. R33fedOut

    AIO Build UPDATED: R33fedOut's Innovative Marine Lagoon 25 Mini Frag Tank Build**

    The Innovative Marin Lagoon 25 AIO w/APS Stand is my Newest Build To address My itch for a mini Frag lagoon. This build has been a vision of mine for a while w/o going huge I decided against substrate and chose to go bare bottom with an elevated egg crate frag rack the entire footprint of the...
  23. Caleb M

    Hi! New to R2R but not new to saltwater fish (:

    Hows it going everyone as the title says just new to this online forum. I have been into keeping fish since my freshman year of high school. I have had a 75 g saltwater, 75 g freshwater, a 29 g freshwater along with a innovative marine 8 gallon nano fowlr setup and finally another 20 g...
  24. Reefer37

    Build Thread My IM Micro 30 Build

    So this is actually my second tank. I need to make a build thread for my main DT, which is a JBJ45, but my pictures are so scattered between time periods I wouldn't even know where to start on it. Anyway, I picked up this Innovative Marine Micro 30, Aqueon 100w heater, Aqueon Freshwater LED...
  25. nautical_nathaniel

    Build Thread Nautical Nathaniel's Innovative Marine 30 EXT

    It has been 6 years since I started reefkeeping, and in that time I have had two AIO aquariums: an 8 Gallon Cube and an Innovative Marine Nuvo 20. However, I have always wanted to have a sump and a refugium, and all of my equipment in one spot underneath the stand. I've seen hundreds of other...