innovative marine

  1. Curryb15

    The beginning of the old new direction for my system

    Hello all! I am not new to reefing. I currently have a innovative marine drop off peninsula that I am revamping. It was a mixed reef with a few sps and tons of LPS. Over the summer I went on several vacations and maintenance got away from me. I developed a aptasia problem when one turned into...
  2. Rams

    New Jersey Innovative marine AIO 16g

    Selling 4 months old innovative marine 16g AIO,tank was bought new 4 months ago. comes with 2 media baskets,skimmer,heater,tropic Eden live sand and 2 live rock. just removed water and ready to go.local pick up only,asking 275$.
  3. Jterrell

    JTerrell 50 gallon lagoon aio build

    Starting a build thread for my 50 lagoon. Tank should arrive at LFS on Tuesday. Custom stand should be done Wednesday. I currently have a 53 gallon setup with sump. I will be adding new Marco rock and seeding it with some rock from the 53 gallon. Sand and livestock will transfer over to new...
  4. MarineDepot

    NEW year, NEW aquarium! Get 0% financing!

  5. CrazyEyes

    My nano peninsula

    Hey everyone, I'm just driving back into the hobby, a friend of mine was selling his innovative marine 14g peninsula for a deal I couldn't say no to. So here we go, -Innovate marine 14g peninsula w/aps stand. -AI prime -Sicce Syncra 1.0 return -Icecap gyre 1k -Innovative marine wavelink...
  6. spoonspider

    Florida 40G Innovative Marine Fusion/Nuvo AIO for Sale

    I have a 40G Innovative Marine Fusion/Nuvo AIO tank for sale. My build thread is the tank that I’m selling. It comes with the Tunze 9008 skimmer, upgraded Sicce 2.0 pump, inTank caddy, lid, SB Reeflights Extreme WiFi 16” LED light, and the Innovative Marine stand. The tank has been...
  7. @phokusonmi

    “Goliath” week 1 innovative marine sr60 pro saltwater aquarium

    “Goliath” week 1 innovative marine sr60 pro saltwater aquarium is a combination of my recent 14 Peninsula and 25 Lagoon tanks from the Nuvo fusion pro line of Innovative Marine. - #reefscape #innovativemarine #aquarium #Goliath60 #allmymoneygoestocoral #nanoreef #marineaquarium...
  8. N

    Nuuze's Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650 Adventure

    Update [12/01/2019] Hi Reef2Reef, After a 10 year hiatus from reefing I've decided to take another dive. I didn't normally post here back then although had an account, it was more at the "other" site. :) As always I want to start a tank thread to chat, share and log my experiences in...
  9. backdraft_reefer

    South Carolina Innovative Marine SR-80, stand, and equipment for sale

    USED TANK FOR SALE!!! GREAT EQUIPMENT INCLUDED!!! For the people who do not know me, I recently upgraded from my Innovative Marine SR-80 to a custom 180-gallon tank about two months ago. I have finally cleaned out my old tank (which ran successfully for three years) and want it to go to a good...
  10. M

    Idaho Innovative marine skimmer

    I have for sale the midsized nuvoskim DC protein skimmer. I used it for two weeks while I wanted for my skimmer to come in that I ordered. Unfortunately it was brand new but didn’t come with the silencer. Msrp is $160 I’ll let it go for $125 shipped.
  11. teckademics

    Opinions on tank desk build for 25G Lagoon

    I'm building a custom 10ft x 2ft x 2in butcher block desk for my office. Using a 10ft solid birch butcher block from lowes and 3 Ikea Alex Drawers. I plan to setup a 25 Gallon IM Lagoon centered above the middle Alex Drawer. The Lagoon will have an one of the ikea alex drawers which is 14in wide...
  12. Tigahboy

    Tigahboy's 20g (and sometimes pico)

    Hey reefers! I started this nano reef project back in May of this year and wanted to start my tank thread here on R2R. Latest FTS above (taken tonight). I'm going for a desert-inspired, minimalist, natural look... if that makes any sense. LOL. Here are the deets: Equipment Tank...
  13. SaltyGroves

    Looking for Lighting Program Suggestions for Kessil A360X

    Looking for lighting program suggestions. Kessil suggests 8 to 12 inches above the water line. I have a Kessil A360x over a 20 gallon Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion with pro screen over the tank. I also have the Kessil Narrow Reflector attached which "increases the center light intensity by...
  14. AQUAM

    New York Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Gallon Complete Setup ($99)

    Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Gallon Complete Setup Including: 1. Nuvo 10 Tank with original pump and mesh lid 2. InTank(R) Fuge Basket 3. Innovative Marine SpinStream Nozzle 4. Two brand new filter socks Everything is in perfect condition. Used as backup tank for 3 month. Back film is partly...
  15. Ryushei

    Texas Selling IM Nuvo 20

    Comes with tank, stand, and pump, with everything you see inside and on top of the tank plus buckets and storage containers (salt included). Comes with a hydor koralia movement pump and upgraded filter caddys. Washed most of the junk out. Pick up only. My zip is 77840. Price negotiable
  16. Jud

    Nuvo 40 AIO Build Thread

    I’ve been slowly amassing the materials to start up a new 40-gallon reef tank. It’s been 6+ months in the making, and I’m now just getting around to posting photos. Needless to say, I’ve been taking my sweet time. My last tank was an Aqueon 150 - not the greatest tank for a third-floor...
  17. HairyGary

    Minnesota Bashsea PM 3 pellet reactor (DIY algae reactor) and new Mighty Jet pump

    I have a used but very good condition Bashsea PM 3 pellet reactor that was converted to DIY algae reactor. Comes with brand new Innovative Marine DC Mighty Jet pump. $180 shipped for the package deal.
  18. Austin Lee

    Innovative Marine - Filter Sock or Media Basket?

    Hey all, What are you using as filtration for your Innovative Marine tanks? Is there any benefit to the filter baskets? Right now I am just running two filter socks, but I get the feeling they might be raising my nitrates since I keep testing high. Anyone run the media baskets? If so, what's...
  19. Jrainey312

    New Jersey Nuvo20 Breakdown, Aquamaxx HOB 1.5, AI Prime HD.

    hello, i recently upgraded to a Reefer 170, selling off my old tank, id like to sell as a package for a while before parting out. Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 and Stand (not innovative marine) 2 - AI Prime HD 1 is about 3 years old, the other is under a year. 2 - AI Prime Tank Mount Aquamaxx HOB...
  20. MarineDepot

    Reefer Skimmer Video & Giveaway + Pro Aquarium Bundles + New Gear from Eshopps!

    Reefer Skimmer Video & Giveaway + Pro Aquarium Bundles + New Gear from Eshopps! PLUS: 15% off JBJ Chillers and our Product Review Drive End Soon!
  21. Cali-Saltwater-1st-Timer

    California Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 and Nuvo APS Stand

    Hello everyone, I am selling a Innovative Marine AIO Nuvo 20 and Nuvo APS stand both purchased from Marine Depot. Both are in perfect condition with no scratches or blemishes. The tank and stand are five months old, both purchased in October. The stand is built with anodized aluminum so no...
  22. Trueno22

    Florida Nuvo 30L Gallon

    Recently broke it down since I upgraded to the Nuvo 60. Comes with the media baskets, a few socks, 2 iNtank waterline adjusters, custom mesh lid and the stock lid as well, an upgraded return pump that's silent and twice as powerful as the stock, a PLS Elite 150 Skimmer or a Aquamaxx Hob 1.0...
  23. C

    IM Nuvo 40 New Build Thread !

    Hi All, After hanging out here for a few months, gathering info and data, and asking questions, I've finally decided to start a build thread! This is my 2nd salt water aquarium after a 6 year break. Currently i'm almost done collecting equipment, but I do have all the essentials and will be...
  24. Brian Goldstein

    California FOR SALE - Fully Loaded IM Lagoon Package !

    Hey Everyone- I’ll be selling my Innovative Marine 25g Lagoon set-up. (corals not included) Although I love the tank, I really need the funds to put towards my new grow-out system. The tank, stand, and all of the equipment was purchased at the same time only 7 months ago. (You can check my...