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  1. jimmypencil

    Build Thread IM lagoon 50

    Just figured out how to get the sick build thread banner :cool: so this will be like the third time ive posted this. IM 50g Lagoon AIO EQUIPMENT: XR30 G6 Nero 3s x2 Stock Mighty Jet return pump Tunze 9004 dc skimmer intank media basket (filterfloss, chemipure blue, biomedia) intank fuge basket...
  2. D

    Introduction, My Setup, and pH/dKH Question

    Hey all... New to the reefing world. I wanted to post a brief intro, some photos of my setup, along with a question... I started my build in October and took it pretty slowly this has allowed me to tweak things and get them (mostly) just how I want them before adding livestock. I decided on...
  3. A

    Illinois Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine Abyss drop off 20

    New IM Abyss Panorama drop off tank. comes with return pump Socks Stand Heater Jebao dosing pump $400 obo 60505
  4. AfricanReefBoy

    AIO Build Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 AIO Build and Progression

    I've been out of the hobby for a couple years now. I kept a lot of my equipment and have finally decided it's time to jump back in. I started with the Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 AIO and have now upgraded it to the Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 AIO. Equipment: . 2 Radion XR15 Blue Gen5 . XHO Light...
  5. Tyler N

    Filter sock alternatives?

    Hey all, I have an IM 50gal AIO Lagoon right now, with a filter sock on one side of the rear filtration and a bio caddy on the other. I'm looking for replacements for the filter socks, as I have heard there are much more effective options and changing the socks every 3 days is a pain. What would...
  6. E

    Build Thread First Timer Innovative Marine Fusion 15

    So, I pulled the trigger on the Innovative Marine Fusion 15 back in October. The tank got delivered and naturally, life got crazy. Finally coming back around to it and getting things up and running. This is my first build from the ground up. I inherited a 55 gallon tank from a friend about 4...
  7. ShaunMc

    Nano Build Sp's IM Fusion 56.78L Build

    Intro: I've been away from reefing for a decade. With the fast pace of life, I have missed the patience and focus that this hobby required for success. I'm excited to get connected back into it. I have never done a build thread, but felt it would be a good practice to record the activity for...
  8. dabroli

    New build advice IM NUVO 200 INT

    Decided it was time I upgraded my 125 petsmart build, to something a bit more professional. After weeks of research on all major brands (Waterbox, redsea, Prostar, SCA etc) I finally settled on the innovative marine 200, I really loved the Eurobracing, aluminum stand, sump, and lets be honest...
  9. C

    Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Innovative Marine 170 EXT w/ Stand - NEW - KY/TN

    Hello, I have a brand new, in box but out of shipping crate Innovative Marine 170 EXT w/ Black APS Stand (never assembled, new in box). The tank was only moved into my house and is now sitting on furniture dollys. I ordered with intentions of upgrading from my IM 50 Lagoon AIO, but some other...
  10. fasterznu

    North Carolina Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Pro 2, 40L AIO Aquarium W/stand FS

    Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Pro 2 40L AIO aquarium with stand (white). Comes complete with Ecotech Radion XR30 Pro, Ecotech MP10, Helios 400W dual element heater, 15 gallon ATO kit from Innovative marine and 3 filter socks. Tank has been fully cycled and is ready to go. I will include a few...
  11. FjordReef

    Massachusetts Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 2 50G Lagoon AIO - Brand New - Boston, MA - $898

    I have decided to go another direction with my next build. I have a brand new 50G AIO IM Nuvo Fusion Pro 2 I want to sell. It was delivered in late Sept/early Oct and is in perfect condition. It has never seen water (still has sticker on acrylic wall), perfect silicone, perfect glass/no...
  12. A

    Illinois Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Innovative marine Nuvo 30L

    Hello, I have a Nuvo 30L for sale. comes with stand, wavemakers, ATO, intank media basket, socks, sicce 2.0 return pump and what ever other stuff I don’t need.
  13. B

    Michigan Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Innovative Marine 75 INT Tank + Stand + Refugium + Rock

    Innovative Marine NUVO INT 75 GAL Aquarium + Black APS Stand + Refugium Tank Tank , stand and a trigger emerald 26 refugium that is plumb in with schedule 40 pvc and bulk head fitting. Paid $2,000 Bought New, used since March 2021 WILL ALSO INLCUDE - 70 lbs of live Fiji rock, straight from...
  14. R

    Hello Hey there reefers

    New on here been in the hobby for a couple years. I am from the Eastern shore (Delaware). Currently on my 5th build. Building a 100 IM INT should be getting wet soon. Excited to see how things turn out. I love the hobby and happy to be part of this group. Checkout my insta and yes I follow back...
  15. nothing_fancy

    AIO Build IM Nuvo Fusion 40 Revived!

    Greetings R2R Community! I am very excited to make my first post here as this forum has been invaluable to me especially during this build process. I am very grateful for the information everyone here has contributed. Thank you all for being so generous with your knowledge and experience. I...
  16. A

    Illinois Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Innovative marine drop off 20

    I have a Innovative Marine drop off 20 for sale Includes tank, stand, caddie basket, heater, wavemaker, skimmer. Tank is 5 months old. No scratches or damages to it. Located in Aurora IL
  17. fasterznu

    North Carolina Live Goods Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 FS W/Stand and accessories NC PRICE DROP

    Selling my Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 with stand. I've got two other tanks, so I am parting with this one. It's been running for about 3 years now, so it is well established. Comes with tank, stand, innovative marine helios 100w heater, innovative marine 5 gallon ATO kit, AI Nero 3 powerhead, AI...
  18. HonorableWhat

    New tank leake test

    So, recently bought a new innovative marine 100 ext, and I am saving to get the sump that I want. My question is, it's gonna take a few weeks to save the money. Should I just plug the overflow and go ahead and leak test the tank, or am I good to just wait till i have it plumbed and a sump? I...
  19. P

    IM wavelink wavemaker innovative marine not working

    My wavelink wavemaker stops working, its display 5 like an error code, but i cant find info about it, someone with same issue? And how can i fix it?
  20. C

    New Jersey Aquariums Drygoods Innovative marine 50 gallon int aquarium

    Selling innovative marine 50 INT tank only. Tank is a little over a year old. Broke it down due to a lack of time to take care of it. It's in great condition. May need new bulk heads depending on how you need to plumb the overflow. I cut the pipes as long as I could so you could put a coupling...
  21. galmase

    Build Thread IM 100 INT Peninsula free giveaway build

    So quick story… I participated in Innovative Marine’s free July 4th giveaway for a 100 INT Peninsula with white APS stand few weeks ago. I forgot about it and days and weeks went by. Well last week I found out I won! woot!woot! And today it finally arrived! Not sure yet on the build details but...
  22. HonorableWhat

    IM 100EXT what you wished you did

    So! I just ordered the I'm 100g ext after I'm had their summer sale. I'm upgrading from a 40g and was wondering. What's some things you wished you had done with the tank before it was filled and stocked? Basically just trying to pick brains for ideas takey life easier once I'm up and running
  23. Thizz

    California Aquariums Lighting Dry Rock innovative marine lagoon 25 with overflow box/IM 5 gal ATO/ATI 36" 39w 8 bulb/75lb dry rock

    all items are local pickup in Anaheim unless you want to pay for shipping 36" SunPower 8 x 39W Light Fixture----Probably needs some sockets cleaned or ballast fixed----$60 Innovative Marine 5 Gallon Hydrofill Reservoir----has a very small chip in the back corner----$70 SOLD---Innovative...
  24. B

    Michigan Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine NUVO INT 75 GAL Aquarium + Black APS Stand + Refugium Tank - Michigan

    Innovative Marine NUVO INT 75 GAL Aquarium + Black APS Stand + Refugium Tank Bought New, used since March 2021 $1,250 / OBO Yale, Michigan
  25. S

    Selling the setup MUST GO

    Selling my nuvo 40 with all equipment. Tank return pump and media basket: 300 (new it’s 660) kessil a160we with controller 115 tunze comdoc 9004 skimmer 90 IM powerhead 50 Message me for pics. I need to get rid of it all asap
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