Arabian angel in QT


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Nov 24, 2020
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Avon, NC
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Thanks for the info. I will start prazi right away.
I have watched this tank at length and no aggression has been ever observed. But I will set up a live camera.

I have read adding prazi might cause an algae bloom. Any recommendations?
That's more of a wait and see. During each round of the prazi treatment you will make a 20% water change which should help reduce the risk of algae. I've not experienced an algae problem when dosing prazi myself.

Jay Hemdal

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Jul 31, 2020
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Dundee, MI
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Photos are really important, but now that both eyes are cloudy, that points more to flukes, specifically Neobenedenia.
Prazipro is dissolved in a glycol, so using that is like carbon dosing, it does add nutrients.
Personally, I use hyposalinity to treat Neo - it is more of a sure treatment than prazi is. With prazi, you may need to dose 3 or more times, 8 days apart.

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