Aussie Live Rock

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Nov 23, 2006
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Los Angeles
We have decided to make this thread to answer any questions and form a discussion based on everyone's experience with our live rock. We just added more live rock available for purchase on to the website as well -

While this technically is a Non WYSIWYG item we are now offering a limited courtesy wysiwyg option. , After your purchase, if you would like to see pictures or a quick video call to select your rock please leave your best contact phone number on the checkout notes-

Weights and sizes will vary. Each piece ranges from approximately 4 to 11 inches across.

Aussie Live Rock Sustainably harvested with full CITES permits.

This is true fresh live rock, not maricultured. It is collected alongside corals and imported via air transport for a very quick chain of custody. Typically less than 5 days transpire between collection and placement in our systems here in LA.

Great for beginners and newer tanks too, get your biodiversity and beneficial bacteria right from the Ocean and jumpstart your tank!

Benefits of live rock: The role that live rock microfauna and biological diversity found in live rock play cannot be underestimated. Mature systems are shown to decline in the microbiome which can lead to old tank syndrome. Adding fresh ocean live rock periodically is thought to counteract this.


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