Auto Water Change - Issues with Clogging?



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Jun 16, 2019
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Just a random though - thinking about implementing Auto water change (AWC) on an upcoming building using dosing pumps and 1/4” RODI tubing - pretty standard setup

That said I can’t find much in the way about people describing issues with clogging — anyone have any experience with this issue?

I would imagine a 1/4” line sucking out salt water might have issues with clogging over time due to salt or detritus, but maybe that’s not a common issue?

what about if I were to run a system without filter socks, anyone have success with a system like this and AWC?

Any general insight / tips / lesson a learned regarding AWC implementation is also welcome!
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Feb 2, 2021
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I tried it with dosing pumps on my Biocube. It didn’t move enough water. They had to run for to long. I ended up using these small pumps off of Amazon with
I have one mounted with the inlet up in the back chamber of the tank. I adjust the level to determine how much water I want to change. The other two are in buckets below the tank for fresh water ATO and New Saltwater. I have it all controlled with float switches and a timer sequence in my reefkeeper controller.
I have had it running for about 7 months and no clogs yet. I still do standard water changes every 2 weeks to remove detritus after blowing off rocks and out of the rear chambers.

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