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Brand New in Box Cerebra Prima Controller


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Sep 19, 2016
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Tucson AZ
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As the title says brand new in box... never used Cerebra Prima controller. Comes with two temperature probes. I will also change the current credentials to whatever you want so you can access the Vertex Cerbra forums.

$275 shipped within USA (48).


This unit qualifies for the Vertex change out program. Below is the letter sent to all current Cerebra owners.

More info on the unit: http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/vertex-cerebra-prima-controller.html

Dear Cerebra Club Member,
While years in the making, it has only been a short few months since announcing the “Cerebra Open Beta Release”.
Designing a product presents multitude of challenges. The design team must conceptualize what the potential user entails as well as all other necessary features and functions while maintaining the brand’s vision of such device. This becomes more so difficult with an industry-first innovative platform where the said features and functions are non-existent at the time. With your help and dedication and through the “Cerebra Club Forum” we have gained invaluable insights into what a true Aquarium controller could be. One that operates flawlessly, stands the test of time and sets itself apart by becoming a source of much needed information in reef keeping. Not Just a controller but a Reef Keeper’s Assistant!
Our mandate with Cerebra has always been clear; as it should manage an Aquatic biotope’s tasks, integrate your hobby into your life style and bring all your Aquarium equipment and its components under one “virtual roof”. While we feel many of these objectives have been and can be further achieved; we also realize technological advancements of the past few years have brought about myriad of possibilities outside the realm of the current hardware’s compatibility.
So without further ado; we are happy to introduce to you the “New Cerebra”. We have employed the latest technologies with large existing user base that fits our mutual vision of Cerebra. With that said; not only we have retooled the Power/Sensor arrays (PowerBar/MultiBar) but also the Cerebra itself.
When designing the current Cerebra, utilizing earlier version of Android (2.0), we had many concerns with the platform that are no longer. Android with its current large user base has perfected itself in ways beyond our dreams when we started to walk on this path.
Considering all that the new “Cerebra” will be delivered with:

  • Android 7
  • extremely stable platform used by over 10,000,000
  • ability to download Android APPs without the need for modification by Vertex or other Manufactures
  • MultiBars and PowerBars reduced considerably in size
  • form/function of the head unit changed with aggrieve reduction is size
  • true USB communication allowing off the shelf devices as well as upwards compatibility
  • more emphasis on optional onboard wireless communication with Auxiliary devices (if desired)
  • even more onboard I/O, 0-10V and other Aquarium Control Capabilities out of the box
  • HDMI onboard and remote Camera Possibilities
  • Blue Tooth and Wi-Fi onboard with no need for Auxiliary Dongles
All this will remove the need for Custom Cerebra Specific APPs bringing us closer to realizing our objective; “All components under one Virtual roof”. The new Cerebra will allow most of the current native Android APPs from other Aquarium manufacturers to be directly uploaded for true seamless control with no need for intermediary Modules. In the weeks to come we will share with you more exciting news and events and continue to solicit you for your invaluable insights, ideas and recommendations to perfect Cerebra. Suffice it to say; without your dedication and help none of this would have been possible. Since its inception, Vertex adopted; “Realization of Modern Aquaria” as its motto and core DNA. Such motto has created an unparalleled bond to and made us humbled by our early adopter’s confidence in our vision. With that said, we are happy to announce that all current Cerebra Club members will receive the new Cerebra at no extra cost. An industry-first event to ensure we truly deserve your confidence enabling Vertex to continue to walk its path of; Realization of Modern Aquaria.

I'm no longer wait for the replacement final unit, rumored to be arriving Jan- Feb, I need a controller for my DT and cannot wait any longer.


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