Brown algae diatoms


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Jan 11, 2018
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Brown algae diatoms
I’ve got a 150 with a good size sump and fuge it’s 2 + years old
I’ve got the brown algae, I’ve been reading watching videos etc etc
I’ve got 4 pretty good size fish
I just got probably 70 good size snails
Got lots crabs
Soft and hard coral
Lots of Chaeto
Auto water change all the bells and whistles
anyway … I’ve been blowing the algae off the corals etc
I DONT. Have a filter sock , just a pad … and I think the diatoms are going through the pad … Thru fuge back into tank .. vicious cycle (my Chaeto keeps getting the brown algae)
so I got a micron filter pad to go under the sponge pad and I think my theory is correct because it’s quickly picking up the brown algae
So I’ve removed my Chaeto and I’ve got it in a brute bucket with salt water I’ve got it covered in the dark
I’ve cleaned out my sump and I’m going to keep the tank lights out for a few days
Anyone know if brown algae will die without light ? Or is that not a thing ?

little twist … I’ve basically in the last 2.5 years never had a nitrate or phosphate reading above 0 ; obviously I’m a nubie and just recently learned that I need slight readings …. But I don’t want to feed the brown algae either…

well friends that’s my story ….

thoughts ? Advice !
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Dec 6, 2020
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Yes all plant matter will die with out light there may be a few exceptions, but none that I know of. I do not like chemicals but vibrant might help you get there a little faster.

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